Zoella NEW Lifestyle Collection

Hello lovelies…..you guys should have seen my reaction to what arrived today!! I had lusted after some of Zoella’s new lifestyle range as soon as I saw it 🙂 This is such a pretty collection and right up my street. I love the pastel pink, polka dots, rose gold and grey together..such a cute combo right. I love how Zoella’s products are all affordable too so everyone can get their hands on the collections. This collection appealed to me so much as I love the colour pink and it matches my Instagram theme too. I couldn’t wait to snap some these products and get them up on the blog for you guys…

I think there are a total of 12 items in this collection. So far I have picked up 5 products and IM IN LOVE with all of them 🙂  This is Zoella’s second lifestyle release and I don’t think I have anything from that one. The best thing about this collection is that it’s going to be retailing all year around too. You can get your hands on this collection in stores such as superdrug, boots, whsmith, house of fraser and of course online at feel unique. I clicked onto superdrug to pick up some of the items and at the time they were not in stock so I managed to purchase them from house of fraser. 

Out of the 12 items Zoella is retailing I got the sweet dreams cushion, the stay on top of your your world book, the blooming marvellous storage pot, the blooming marvel gold storage pot and lastly the catching trinkets dish. I absolutely love the colours scheme of this collection too.  Zoella if you ever read this you have done extremely well with these products 🙂 

The zoella sweet dreams cushion is so so cute. The cushion retails for £18. When I seen this announced on her instagram I knew i had to have it. I’m such a cushion junkie my bedroom is full of them. It’s quite a small size for £18 but the design is just too cute to not pick it up. It’s so soft too and looks quite pretty in your home decor.

The stay on top of your world book is a diary/planner. Inside it has sticky notes, a things to do list and a weekly planner. Perfect for any student starting back in school/college. This book retails for £12.00. I absolutely love the pastel pink, grey and especially the polka dot design on this product. I absolutely love the quote on the front and how it has gold lettering. I actually picked this up to help me a little more with my blog planning and when I seen this I  thought fab it will help me jot my blog ideas down. This product is perfect for photos too…definitely a product made for instagram 🙂 

The storage pots have the same concept as last years just a different design. On superdrug they retail for £6 and on house of fraser they are £7. Either way they are both beautiful. Perfect for decor in the home. You can use these for pens, pencils and even makeup brushes. I had been looking for new storage pots for makeup brushes so these are going to be great to store them. I kinda have a obsession for makeup brushes right now so all the extras can go in these pots. I love both of the designs on these pots, the fluttering lashes, pink and polka dots go so well with this collection 🙂 

The product that attracted me the most to this collection was of course the catching trinkets dish. JUST HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS!! 🙂 I love the lashes on the dish and how it’s shaped like a cloud. It really is so so cute but girly at the same time. You can use this for jewellery, watches and any other trinkets you may have. I wanted this as soon as I saw it because I thought to myself “perfect blog photo prop”. Does anyone else buy products with your blog photos in mind?? Trust me I have started doing that more…

The trinket dish retails for £12..expect to see it more in my insta feed 🙂

 I am really happy with this new lifestyle range. I really want to pick up some more items from it so if I do i’ll probably post these on my instagram feed. Im in love with the other cushions in the collection, the desk accessory and the wonderful journal. If your interested in this collection you can take a look at the whole range here on superdrug 🙂  I have added Zoella’s youtube video where she talks about the NEW lifestyle range guys, so press play to hear more 🙂 xo

 Video credit to @morezoella youtube channel

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, hopefully you guys will pick up some of these items for yourself. If you have some already what do you think, let me know in the comments. Absolutely in love with this collection and praying for Zoella to release her own cosmetics line or is that just wishful thinking!! Don’t forget to follow my post on bloglovin guys xo