Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Collection 2017

Hey lovelies.…todays post has been such a highly anticipated one…As soon as I saw that Zoella had announced her lifestyle christmas range I was eager to see what it was going to look like. At first I have to admit that I wasn’t keen on the colours and the design of this range. It just didn’t WOW me. I thought the palm tree design was lacking in “christmas vibes”. I’m not the only one right….However the more I seen it pop up on social media it started growing on me. Zoella announced her winter wonderland where influencers, bloggers and vloggers were invited to a location in London to see the products for the first time….I sat and watched Zoella’s vlog where she went along to the winter wonderlandevent and I was so impressed with the variety of products she has chosen for this range. I decided to pick up some products for you guys to see how stunning they are (I have inserted Zoella’s vlog at the end of the post for you guys to watch 🙂 

In this NEW range there are 15 products that cost from  as little as £6 to a huge £50.  The items I picked up were in a 3 for 2 offer on the Boots website(click the website for prices of all items). Around this time of year Boots always offer new collections on 3 for 2 so I actually got an extra two products for the price of four.  First of all now that I have some of the collection in my hands I can see just how much I’m going to love them. The festive green, silver and gold look really nice together and I can’t wait to light my candles in winter time (as you may have guessed I’m a candle junkie too!).

The products I picked up were the cosy vibes mug, the this is your yearcalendar, the cosy christmas sock and candle gift set, the festive cookie candles and her NEW lifestyle advent calendar :)..

I literally can’t wait to have a hot chocolate with marshmallows in the mug. I know it’s just a mug but there’s always something exciting about drinking from a new mug right lol. I wanted to add a new calendar in my bedroom for next year and I’m not a huge fan of hanging them up on the wall so when I seen the desktop calendar I knew I had to get it. The 12 cards it comes with all have a quote on them and think that’s the cutest thing for Zoe to do. I also picked up two of the festive cookie candles as I loved the gingerbread one from last year. The scent of this year’s is so similar to that one. I love the design on the packaging, it has gold gingerbread men embossed in it. A lot of Zoella’s candle boxes also have a picture inside when you open it up (I have seen videos where bloggers have opened up the boxes and there are pictures in this years). I just don’t want to use mine yet..I’m waiting for the christmas festivities to start!! 😉 I also picked up the cosy christmas candle and socks gifts set. I wanted to try the cosy socks as I love things like that especially for this time of year and BONUS you get a candle too. You can also buy the cosy christmas candle separately too 🙂 

The most exciting product in this range for me is the ZOELLA LIFESTYLE ADVENT CALENDAR!! 🙂 I absolutely love the idea of a lifestyle calendar for christmas. This is the most expensive product in this collection(for £50.00) but that didn’t stop me from picking it up. I’m a sucker for advent calendars no matter what the cost. If I like the look of it I will try to get my hands on it. Again it was in the 3 for 2 offer in boots so I thought that was pretty reasonable however if there was no offer on I’m not sure if I would have picked it up. There have been some mixed reviews on this advent calendar. A lot I’ve read have complained about the variety of products there are for the cost but if you think about it some of the items you get will probably cost £10 or more so in my opinion I think it’s worth it. I have not opened my calendar yet as I already know what’s in it and two I want to save it for December so I have lots of christmas themed photos for you guys….

The products I would recommend to you guys would definitely include the mug and candles. You can’t go wrong with those but if your uncertain about this range try watching some videos/vlogs on youtube for a better insight 🙂

 I can’t wait for christmas this year….I will have a post up soon on Zoella’s new beauty christmas collection too….THANKS FOR READING GUYS….let me know if you will be picking anything up from this new collection, what are your thoughts?…xo

Video credit @morezoella yt channel

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