Zoella Beauty “Jelly and Gelato” Collection

Hey lovelies.….how are you all?? My collection on the “jelly and gelato” range from Zoella Beauty arrived today and couldn’t wait to photograph it all(think i’ve caught the blogger bug lol) OMG the collection is beautiful and perfect for summer. I love the coral and pastel colours in this collection(VERY ZOE!!). When Zoella announced this collection was coming out over on her instagram I was instantly drawn to the photo she had posted with a clue and many of  you guys commented saying it may be body icing or body pudding. I love anything like body lotions, scrubs and creams so knew I had to get this collection plus it was ice cream and jelly themed, how cute…

This collection contains 2 shower gels, 1 body scrub, 1 body cream, 1 “gelateau” body mist, 1 set of bath fizzers, 1 set of bath milk powders and also in stores you can pick up the makeup bag too. I didn’t pick up the makeup bag as I have so many and like Zoella says there is always a makeup bag in her collections. I purchased this collection from superdrug here, you can also get this collection on feel unique. What I love the most about being able to purchase this is that other countries in the world can now purchase her products without worrying about getting their hands on them. Zoella promoted her NEW collection in Brighton Park with an ice cream van and a huge deck chair with some stand up products. Zoella and her friends also gave out free ice cream to those that came to see her new products 🙂 It looked so exciting to see the new collection however i just resorted to seeing Zoella’s instagram posts as I’m nowhere near Brighton…

Absolutely loved the promo event she did for this collection!! Her ice cream shirt was so cute and the way the ice cream van was all done in pastel tones to match the collection was so nice too!! You can take a look at Zoe’s vlog at the end of my post guys!! I will insert it just for you to take a look 🙂

Just how cute is this packaging really!! I had to open it straight away so I could see if it smells as good as everyone has been saying. You can definitely smell the jelly and ice cream smell but it also smells like “tuti frooties” you know the sweets!! That’s the first thing I thought of when I smelt these products. I did not expect the body scrub to be an orange colour or the body cream to have those pink particles in it. It kind of looks like hundreds and thousands sprinkled over ice cream. I love that touch, Zoella has nailed this collection!! The body scrub retails for £8.00 and the body cream also retails for £8.00.

 The NEW fragrance mist in this collection is called “gelat’eau”. I absolutely love the rose gold and white packaging on this product. plus its 45 ml most perfumes start at 30ml and to pick this up for £8.00 is a bargain. Again I get a sweets smell from it but it’s still a lovely scent.  You can definitely  smell the elderflower and pomegranate smell too 🙂 It kind of smells like fruits mixed with flowers, a very fresh scent that’s perfect for summer too 🙂

The shower shake and shower sauce are the TWO products I have been most excited for. I know there only shower gel’s but the packaging won me over straight away. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging on the shower shake, how it looks like a milkshake is so inventive and so unique. I have never seen anything like that before.  Once it’s empty I don’t think I could part with the packaging, it’s just too pretty to toss in a bin. Definitely blogger material….:) The shower shake retails for £6.00 and the shower sauce retails for £5.00. The names on these products are fab too love how Zoella used shake and sauce relating to the ice cream theme 🙂

The moisturising bath fizzers are shaped like wafers as in a wafer in your ice cream. I did open this package but didn’t want to rip it completely (needed for photos guys). Zoella said in her vlog that these wafers are her first moisturising product, something her brand has never done before. The wafers retail for £5.00 🙂 

The Zoella Bath milk powders are in a tube. You get four sachets for £7.00. When run under running water they are meant to turn your bath milky white. I love anything like bath fizzers and powders (can you tell i’m a bath girl lol) 

I can’t wait to start using these products more, I’ve already sprayed the fragrance mist and used the body cream too!! I would definitely recommend this collection if your a fan of Zoe and her brand or just love bath and body products. No matter what age you are Zoella’s beauty line is for YOU!! I only started buying Zoe’s products early this year as I thought they were more targeted to a  teenage audience but thanks to social platforms I caved in and picked up a lot of her products(see my last Zoella haul here)  and you know what there great, they smell great and feel amazing on the skin so no matter who you are you will love Zoe’s creativity with her line and of course the products themselves, have fun, be happy and go grab an ice cream ITS SUMMER GUYS!! 🙂 

🙂 Photo and video credit’s to Zoella herself xo Product Images taken by MYSELF 🙂


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