Winter Skincare Favourites**

Winter Skincare Favourites 

At the moment I have been trying out different skincare. Usually I only use what I know and love but this season my skin has been doing it’s own thing. One minute it’s it’s usual oily/combo self then the next minute it’s dry, I can’t cope haha. I wanted to talk you through what I’ve been enjoying not just as products for the face but for the body too, take a look below at some of my favourites this season…

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask** | Alya Skin kindly gifted this to me and what i love about this is how it brightens the skin. I am always looking for products that brighten the skin as my face can appear quite dull at times. I’m not one to go out in the sun much so underneath all my makeup my face looks pretty pale if I’m honest! I love using this when any blemishes start peeking through as I hate getting any form of spots or blackheads…

Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic* | I am a huge fan of rose infused products in general and the Rose Tonic from Pixi doesn’t disappoint. Pixi kindly sent this to me to try out and this has to be the second best in line to the classic Glow Tonic. If you get a lot of redness this toner would be perfect for you. Recently I had redness on my face but I didn’t know how it flared up, when I used rose tonic it refreshed my skin and calmed down all the redness. I just love how it gives you that instant refresh especially in the mornings!

Rituals Of Sakura | I have mentioned on my Instagram how much I love Rituals. It’s only been quite recently that I managed to get my hands on some of their products, finally! One of my favourite collections from them is the Rituals of Sakura, I adore the cherry scent! A product I have been loving from them recently is the Softening Rice Scrub. At first it’s a scrub and is fab for exfoliating the skin, it also turns into a foam when you use it in the bath or shower. I mush prefer to use products in the bath and soak in some cherry goodness!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath and Body Wash | This product is just heavenly! Pomegranate Noir is the first scent I fell in love with  from Jo Malone. I got this for christmas and only used a tiny bit so far. I popped it in the bath and OMG it smells divine! I don’t want to use too much of it, it made my skin so beautifully soft too. It’s something you can use use when you really want to pamper yourself!

Lush Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion | One thing I need to do more of is treat my feet (see what I did there lol!) I never really think to give my feet a pamper apart from when I’m in the bath and use scrubs etc. After a bath I sometimes pull out a foot lotion when I have the time too. One of my favourites over the winter has been this one from Lush. It has cocoa butter inside which of course softens the skin, there’s just something about this foot lotion that makes your feet like there reborn! It is definitely a product you need to try to see what i’m talking about. My feet rarely get pampered so this comes in handy! 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* | You have all heard me talk about this moisturiser before! I have bought so many of these over the years and I go through them like there’s no tomorrow. Yes it’s quite costly but if your looking for a moisturiser to brighten, refresh, replenish, hydrate and transform the skin it’s this one! It’s the QUEEN of all moisturisers in my opinion, as there’s nothing better! I was kindly sent the one I’m using now from the lovely team over at Charlotte Tilbury. I had no idea they would send this and I was so happy when I got it as I use it very sparingly! A tiny bit can be used all over the face too..

L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream | Over the winter my hands do get dry especially when it’s freezing cold! I’m not one to wear gloves as I just hate having to take them on and off all the time, petty I know lol. Having a hand cream really does come in handy if your not a fan of gloves too. The cold weather can really irritate my hands and I love using shea butter. L’occitane’s hand cream is perfect and smells amazing too! This one also has jasmine and ylang ylang in, two of my favourite ingredients in skin care. It also softens the hands and doesn’t leave a thick residue like some hand creams do…

What have been some of your skincare favourites this season?

**Posts with an asterisk in the title means its a ad gifted/gifted post.