Winter Skincare Favourites

Hello lovelies…I’ve never been one to fuss too much about skincare but as I’ve gotten older I stick to more of a routine now. When I was younger I use to use wet wipes and a cleanser that was it now there must be at least 5 items or more in my skincare regime.  I don’t stick to the same products all the time as I like to mix them up, it’s a bit like swopping your shampoo and conditioner after so many weeks.  It’s like your hair becomes immune to the products you use so you have to try something else. It’s the same with skincare you use the same products and your skin just doesn’t take to it as much as it did the first time. You guys know what I mean right. I wanted to share with you some items I have been using during these colder months…enjoy xo

When removing makeup I always start with a few baby wipes. I know a lot of people prefer to use micellar water these days with a cotton pad. I do that too but it always comes after using wet wipes. I have always done this, it’s what I’m used too. They do come in handy when you want to take makeup off from around your eyes unless you have a gentle eye makeup remover. I much prefer baby wipes then regular facial wipes, you get a lot more and the quality is better. I love using the Garnier Micellar Water for Sensitive skin, it does the job but I do find I have to use a few cotton pads though. Micellar water is amazing for me, it gets all the excess makeup off you thought you removed with the wet wipe. It’s crazy to think how much makeup can be left clogging up your pores….

An alternative to micellar water are cleansing lotions. You can actually apply a cleanser to a cotton pad or swirl the product around in your finger tips before massaging it over your face. I much prefer to apply it after I have patted my face dry from using the micellar water. Leave it on for a short time before washing it away with warm water. The one I have been absolutely loving recently is a cleanser by the brand Unani. I had never heard of this brand until I received this product in a monthly subscription box. It’s called the Illuminate Milk Cleanser. I have been quite surprised by this product, not only does it smell gorgeous but it leaves your skin so silky soft. The amount of product you get is pretty decent as you can see in the photo its a full sized Item. I would definitely recommend giving this a go if you can. I really want to pick up another one once it has run out….

After cleansing I always use a toner. A toner is great for doing exactly what it says on the bottle, it tones your skin. I have used toners for years and think they are a must in anyone’s skincare routine. They tighten the skin after cleansing and reduce the appearance of pores. A toner I am in love with right now is the Soothing Apricot Toner from the brand Elemis. This toner is for sensitive skin as it calms, soothes and refreshes the skin. I love the Apricot extract in it and it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients like alcohol etc . I am a contact lens wearer and this toner is perfect as I can use it to wipe across my eyes too, this way I don’t worry about getting any product in my eyes. Elemis have to be one of my most favourite skincare brands, I adore their range. If your looking for a gentle toner I highly recommend this one guys…

Usually in the morning before I apply my moisturiser I always apply a serum. Serums are good for locking moisture into your skin. I love this product, again I got it in a beauty box and it’s been so good for my skin. I have quite problematic skin and this has been a life savour in my opinion. It evens out my skin tone and brightens my complexion. Plus it smells so good, it smells very sweet too which is unusual for skincare. Either way it’s like applying candy to my face every morning, I can deal with that..take a look at the Skin Chemists Aqua Repair Facial Serum….

For my next step I moisturise. I moisturise before I apply makeup. If I’m home and having lazy day I don’t tend to moisturise as much as I normally would. The moisturiser I am using at the moment is The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors +HA. It sounds very fancy to me but it’s just a moisturiser at the end of the day. It does the job, for the price you pay you would think it would be more. It feels a bit like Celestial from Lush. It has a much thicker consistency to it and you don’t need to apply too much either..

Who doesn’t love a good hand cream during the winter months?? I have talked about so many products you can use on your face so thought I would just mention a product I have been using a hell of a lot recently. Zoella’s Winter Wonderhand in her new scent “Snowella’ smells divine. If you have smelt her new fragrance Snowella you will know that this smells exactly like the fragrance. It’s a mix of cranberry, mint and peony. It’s bloody gorgeous. If you have used Winter Wonderhand before it’s the exact same consistency just a different smell to it. It’s great to put in your handbag and not only softens the hands but protects them from the colder weather….

What are your winter skincare favourites?? I really want to try skincare from Glossier and Pixi Beauty, what your recommendations??

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