Winter Date Night Ideas

Hey lovelies…. Welcome to Day 15 of #Blogmas 🙂 Were over halfway through this month’s posts and christmas is almost here. A lot of people always say christmas is for the kids but in my opinion I think christmas is for everyone, it’s for spending time with loved ones and friends and sharing those magical moments every year. We all love spending time with our husbands, our wives, our boyfriends and girlfriends…what better time than christmas to go on a winter/christmas date night out or even a day out together. Here’s some ideas if you both want to spend some more time together before the big day comes around…enjoy xo

Have a christmas city break or night away- I always love this idea the most during the winter season. As much as I love being at home with my boyfriend I also love spending time with him elsewhere too. Every year for the past few years we have headed to London. We do some shopping, go to the theatre, go to Hyde Park winter wonderland and also see the christmas lights. It’s the perfect time to visit as London go all out with their christmas decorations. Definitely get yourself there if you can….

Go to a restaurant for a meal out- I always love doing this throughout the year but christmas time can be even better. You can both book a meal at a country pub, a restaurant or even visit a hotel who allow visitors in their restaurants too. I live by the coast and the area were in is a tourist area. You can imagine how many hotels there is, they come in handy when they announce their christmas party nights…

Put on your dancing shoes and head to a wine bar/disco- Christmas time is always a time people dress to the nines and head out for the night. You could both head to the nearest wine bar and then on to a christmas disco. Whether it’s being hosted by friends, family or even in your local town there’s always the time to put on some sequins and those 5 inch heels….I would much prefer 3 inch these days lol…

Watch some christmas films at home and have a cosy night in- Now this I love a lot, I love grabbing some sweets and treats, putting them on the table and having a glass of wine to hand. The mince pies probably come out a bit later on. I always have Elf in my christmas movies list and definitely home alone 1 and 2. If you have a fire definitely switch it on, snuggle up and get cosy….

Visit the Cinema maybe?- You could also see what your local cinema is showing in regards to the latest christmas movies. Get your ticket, buy the largest popcorn, grab a coke and sit right at the back so you can see the whole film and not just someone’s arm or leg…I prefer to sit at the back that way you can actually see what’s happening rather than lifting your head the whole entire movie…how annoying 🙁 

Visit the Christmas Markets- If your planning a day out why not head to the nearest christmas markets or go further afield. Im sure there’s one by where you live. I love these type of markets, christmas crafts, mulled wine, waffles, hot chocolate and if were lucky most come with a fairground too. Im sure your partner will hold the cuddly toys whilst you get up on the rides yeah? lol…

Go Ice-Skating- At this time of the year Ice rinks seem to pop up more than ever. One of my favourites has to be the ice rink by the Natural History Museum in London. This looks so festive with the christmas tree and all the lights. It’s also a challenge if you have never been ice skating before and want to give it a shot. Im sure you can make fun of each other toppling over or surprise each other and be the best ice skater you can be…definitely reminds me of christmas 😉 

What do you guys love to do for date nights or days out? 

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