What Im Looking Forward To This Autumn

Hey lovelies…hows your September so far?? As you may have guessed this time of year is my favourite. I love it when all the retailers stock autumn stuff, you can toast marshmallows without feeling guilty, you can stick on a flick with some cosy pjs on and most importantly look forward to the winter season. For todays post I decided to write about what I’m looking forward to this autumn season…

Transitioning my wardrobe picks

I absolutely love feeling cosy and feeling comfortable in what I wear is a huge plus for me. Autumn is that time of year when you can stick on a oversized jumper and go straight out of the door. I love this time of year for knitwear. The jumpers, cardigans and coats are all so cosy. One weakness of mine at this time of the year is purchasing coats. I just love them and this stone fur trim parka from river island is currently on my autumn wishlist 🙂 I absolutely love over the knee boots and faux fur bags. I don’t know what it is about feeling so snuggly on bonfire night or getting cosy by a fire with your loved ones. Comfy socks, onesie’s and pyjamas are a must for an autumn lazy day 🙂 I also love scarves and gloves. Im slowly getting used to the idea of wearing a bobble hat because the new Zoella one is right up my street, you can see Zoella’s new christmas lifestyle range here 🙂 

Bringing some autumnal vibes into the home

There’s no doubt that Autumn brings with it a change to your home decor. I absolutely love adding new ornaments, candles, throws, cushions and any other autumnal props when it reaches September. I know autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22nd but in my eyes autumn has already started. I love decorating the home for each season and the sugared pumpkin swirl candle from yankee candle is on my home wishlist, perfect for halloween 🙂 

Picking up some cosy pyjamas 

If there’s something i’m guilty of buying its nightwear. I absolutely love pyjamas and if I could I would wear them all day every day. There just so comfy and very relaxing.  I love character pyjamas and I would love to get my hands on some harry potter pjs just like the ones primark are stocking now.  I absolutely it when pyjamas are designed with an owl on them. Im a huge fan of owls, I think there so mysterious and such wonderful creatures. They also remind me of the snowy owl from harry potter. These owl pjs from boux avenue are lovely for this time of year. The colours are very autumnal too 🙂 

Wearing more autumn toned makeup

I just love wearing more warm tones in autumn. Everyone digs out their bronze, reds, browns and copper shadows along with the staple red and berry lip. I’m a huge fan of a bronze smokey eye no matter what time of the year it is. I feel like autumn is the perfect season to go bold with your makeup looks. You may have seen this palette more than once on my instagram feed but it screams autumn to me. The shades in thetartlette in bloom palette blend so well together and firecracker is a gorgeous shade. I’d definitely recommend this palette if your looking for a new palette to add to your collection. Tarte cosmetics also ship to the uk now too, but if your looking at getting your hands on some tarte products in the uk try the QVC website. They sometimes have special offers and deals on there too. I absolutely love a berry lip in the autumn too. My favourite brand for lipsticks as you may have guessed is Charlotte Tilbury and this one in the shade Glastonberry has me hooked. Glastonberry is a very deep purple toned lipstick, goes so nicely with a bronze/gold smokey eye 🙂 

Visiting Warner Brothers Studios for The Making of Harry Potter tour

I have always been a bit of a “silent” Harry Potter fan. Is that even a thing? Lol. I have seen all of the Harry potter Films and must watch them on replay. The only things I have not done yet is read the books and visit the studios tour. I have decided to add some of JK Rowlings novels to my book collection as I have been so intrigued by them lately. Are the books exactly the same as the movies or not? This autumn myself and my partner are going to the Making of Harry Potter studios in London. I have pushed myself to book the tour and enjoy what the magic has to offer…you can take a look at the details for the tour here 🙂 

Head out for Bonfire Night and a Fireworks Display

As a kid we always went to Bonfire Night and having sparklers in the garden was tradition. Growing up it never really wowed me. Just the thought of feeling cold, walking in muddy fields and ending up loosing your hearing from fireworks was a total put off. Until quite recently I must admit that over the last two years or so we have made the effort to step out and attend a local bonfire and fireworks display. Unfortunately we lost my grandad on bonfire night almost three years ago now and when it’s time to see the firework display we always believe “he lit up the sky the night he passed”. So it’s now a must in my calendar, no matter what!! 

Purchasing some Lush Goodies

I always used to walk straight past a Lush store and never been drawn to them before. Now that I have seen Lush all over social media platforms I’m intrigued. Yes I have to admit I have never tried anything from Lush before. Recently I have found myself drooling over their new halloween and christmas stock. I am really liking the look of the pumpkin bath bomb and the goth fairy shimmer bar. It all looks so gimmicky but it’s won me over. I shall be popping along to my nearest lush store really soon to take a look at the christmas collection too. The iconic snow fairy scent looks interesting 🙂 

Binge watch a tv series

Autumn screams cosy nights to me with hot chocolate, marshmallows and treats. I absolutely love relaxing after a day at work or a day out(most probably shopping lol). Usually around this time of the year I have my head buried in Fear the Walking dead and The Walking dead(back in October guys!). Recently I have seen all about American Horror Story and it’s new season, season 7 I believe. I started watching this back in 2011 when it started and all of a sudden stopped watching it. The hype around it has got me hooked again and so I have decided to start watching AHS right from the beginning. I think I have lot to catch up on so season one is on my playlist right now..

Visit winter wonderland and christmas markets

I absolutely love everything about christmas. We visited Winter wonderland in Hyde park last year for the very first time. Let me tell you I was in my element there. We always try to get to London in the autumn and winter as it all looks spectacular with its christmas decorations and lights. Harrods blows me away every time with its window displays. Winter wonderland is perfect for all the family, with its christmas markets, german beer, fair, magic ice kingdom, circus and shows there’s something for everyone. I do agree that this is a little far to go just for christmas markets and once you have been there you will want to keep going back. We usually visit here when we have a few days in London. For somewhere a little closer we usually head to Chester or Manchester markets. It’s lovely sipping on mulled wine and eating christmas snacks..

Visit the theatre

This is by one of my favourite interests. I always love going to the theatre on my days off from work. I love stage productions and the theatre around autumn and winter time is spectacular. Last year we went to see Matilda the musical in the Cambridge theatre in London. It was a really good performance followed by Nutcracker on Ice in the winter wonderland. It truly was magical. I have always wanted to see the Lion King the musical and seen trailer after trailer. So this year we decided to surprise my mum for her birthday(yes it’s a big one) and take her to London to see it. Her face was a picture when I told her. You may be thinking now it’s not a surprise but I wanted to give her something to look forward too and to tell you the truth I’m excited too….:)  I’ve added a little snippet of the musical here, so happy we are finally getting to go…

There’s so much to look forward to this season. What have you got planned this autumn? 🙂 

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