What I Have Learnt So Far About Blogging

It’s amazing to think that I have been blogging for around 10 months now, it may be such a small amount of time to those “big” bloggers in the blogging world but to me I have learnt so much already.  I know most bloggers write this kind of post once they have been blogging for a year or so but I wanted to get this post up now to give any of you that are looking to blog some pointers or two.  I think I have certainly found my “niche” in the blogging world and I absolutely love how far I have come already. Without any of you following me on my socials, reading my blog and interacting on my accounts I wouldn’t be where I am today so THANK YOU!!  I wanted to share with you some tips  I have learnt during my journey so far xo

To find your style

This is so important to me. I follow so many bloggers on Instagram, read so many blogs and feel inspired by every single one of them. Everyone has to start somewhere whether that’s feeling inspired by a blogger with over 10k followers or scrolling through Pinterest for photography tips. I have to say at this point I have found my own way of styling my photos.  I decided to think of a colour scheme that I would enjoy on my blog and most importantly the topic you wish to write about.  For me that’s Beauty and Lifestyle posts. My chosen colour represents me, the things I love and enjoy.  Most of my beauty products all have a pink, nude and rose gold exterior so these all contribute to “girly” photos…

Practise your photography skills

When I started blogging last year I remember taking photos of beauty products on the top of my bed. At the time I did a little research and found that using items around the home can add a little something extra to a photo. I loved the bed linen I had on at the time. It was a purple colour with sequins running through it. To me that was the “perfect” background. I actually posted these photos on my Instagram too. When I look back I think to myself “That’s where my love for blogging began”. I’d comment on products in the caption of an Instagram photo and soon realised I wanted to write about it and have my own blog. NOW I love to use natural light, have the right background/backdrop and think more about what it is you want to capture.  You don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive camera to get a good quality photo. I started with my phone and I still do. Just have a fiddle with your camera setting’s I’m sure you can take HD or DSLR photos on newer phones too…

Engage with others in the Blogging Community

I absolutely love it when bloggers support other bloggers no matter how little or big of a following they have. You can comment on their photos, share tips and tricks, share your favourite blogs to read, share your favourite accounts on Instagram. This is such a winner on Instagram lately. Most of us have been sharing our favourite accounts using Instagram stories. It’s the perfect way to beat that nasty algorithm!!  Best bit about engaging is that you can find some friends in this community too, friends you never thought you would have if you hadn’t took that plunge into the Blogging world…

Create your own content

What I mean by this is to plan your own blog content, write your own posts and take your own photos. There’s nothing worse when looking for inspiration to copy another blogger’s content word for word and “steal” their photos. I see a lot of Instagram accounts that post photos and say their there own when in fact you recognise the photo and know that’s its clearly not theirs. I’m sure we’ve all commented and tagged the person that own’s the photo.  I love to create my own content. Planning can be hard but it can also be fun. You can think of ideas when you least expect it. It shows more about you as a person, what your interests are and you also find your “style” of writing. I do look for inspiration from other bloggers but I always make my content my own….

Numbers are not the bee all and end all

Do you ever look through blogs and accounts and think holy moly how the hell do they have 10k followers, 15 k or even more!! That’s because they have put so much hard work into creating content they love, being consistent and possibly engaging with others too.  When I write my posts I write about what I want to write about regardless of how many page views, likes or comments that post may get. When I’m happy with that post I’ll publish it. I never think now it’s time to be all spammy and tell others THEY HAVE GOT TO READ IT!! I post on Instagram and ask for appreciation of the post and also say if you fancy a read give it a go. This way your not forcing your audience to engage, they will engage on their own accord. I am so surprised at how many followers I have and your continued support makes me happy. No matter how small or large your following is you have those people that go to your blog or accounts wanting more so you know your doing something right….

You know when your a Blogger when you have Blogger “prop” items

At first I had no clue what this meant. I would get my products and take photos that was it. Then I started researching more and read about layout, backgrounds, composition etc. I started thinking to myself I had to add a bit more to my photos something to balance it out a bit and make it more appealing to the eye. When I would be out shopping I would find products and immediately think “this will be good for photos or this will help me with my content”. We all have done it where we have  bought an item  just to take pretty photos of it but how many of us actually use those products. This is something I wish I had learnt at the beginning. Yes I have bought items just to take photos but NOW one of my Blogging goals is to actually use those products you buy. Otherwise they sit at at the back of your collection collecting dust…

You can have “fun” with it

When you think of everything that comes into play about Blogging, there’s the planning, the photography process, the editing, the writing, the publishing and the promoting you can feel overwhelmed a little. I did media studies in high school and I have used the skills I learnt then to help me with “behind the scenes” of Blogging. Don’t make it a chore, don’t blog because you feel you have too, don’t create content when your not motivated and most importantly don’t publish something your not happy with your self.

 I enjoy taking photo’s and planning content when I feel inspired and motivated to do it. I have always wanted to create a post about what inspires me to write, I may do this at a later date. Who would love to read something like that??

Invest in a Blogger template

This is something I have done recently on the blog. At first I used a website where you could create your own website. Yes they had templates and then you would insert your content and text yourself. When I started blogging I didn’t realise that having a template could tidy up your blog and make it look a lot more professional. I wasn’t ready to invest in blogging so I created a site by myself. Added content, played around with the layout, created a header and added widgets to make it feel more personal. As I scrolled through other blogs I could see how well their sites looked. I did compare myself and think why does my blog not look like that. It did put me down, were all human and have emotions. 10 months down the line that’s when I decided to change my blog and already I can see an improvement. I think that my website looks more appealing now and also has potential to grow too. If only I had started to do this in the beginning….

What have you learnt so far from blogging??