What I Got For Christmas 2018

What I Got For Christmas 2018

Happy New Years Day loves! Can’t believe that today is January 1st of a brand new year. I wanted to start this year’s blog posts with what I received at christmas time. I absolutely love reading these types of posts and I also love writing them! Carry on reading to see what gifts I opened up for christmas of 2018 🙂

Everyone that knows me is quite aware of how much I love Lush Cosmetics especially at christmas time. Their gifts sets are absolutely amazing and for what you get in them you can’t go wrong. I was gifted the Christmas Candy Box with 4 lush treats inside! How stunning is the wrapping paper on it though, I love the swirls and the candy canes. Inside this christmas box I got a mini Snow Fairy, Luxury Lush Pud, Candy Cane and Butterbear. Snow Fairy is a must have over the festive season and so happy it came in this box as I am almost running out. Another favourite of mine is Butterbear, this was released for christmas 2017 and so happy they brought it back! 

One christmas gift I did ask for was something from Jo Malone! I have been dying to try this brand ever since I saw it on Instagram. Every time I see a store I always go in and try out some of their fragrances. One of my absolute favourites is Pomegranate Noir but I’ve never had the chance of picking one up myself. I was kindly gifted this gorgeous Pomegranate Noir Gift Set for christmas. How stunning is the packaging and of course the products! Inside you get a bath oil, a fragrance and a body creme. I am so made up with this gift, I could cry because one I now have something from Jo Malone and two it’s the start of an obsession….

Soap and Glory have always been one of my favourite brands for bath and body products. I can’t come out of Boots without something from them especially over the festive season. This christmas I received some gift sets from them, the Naughty But Spice Collection and the All Spa Cast Gift Set. These two gift sets are so lovely as one contains some of Soap and Glory’s classics and the other one has products with a new fragrance. I adore Clean On Me and the Righteous Butter, can’t be without those. I’m intrigued by the new fragrance in the Naughty But Spice Collection, baked plum and cinnamon sounds amazing right!!

A gift I was absolutely shocked by was the most gorgeous necklace I have ever seen! Every time I go past a jewellers or a store with Olivia Burton in I have to have a nosey! I had my eye on the Bow Coin Necklace in Rose Gold 🙂 Up close it is so stunning, I’m so happy with this jewellery piece. Definitely something I am going to wear, a lot! So grateful I was gifted this necklace…

Luxurious bath products are a must at christmas right! A brand I have always loved is Rituals and I am a huge fan of Ritual of Sakura, it is one of my favourite scents from them. I first tried Rituals when I got a mini product in a beauty box and since then I have adored their products! I’m so happy to have received the Ritual of Sakura Renewing Treat Gift Set! How flipping gorgeous is the packaging, of course I’m going to love it because it’s pink! Inside I got all my favourites, the shower gel, body scrub, hand wash and a body cream. If you have never tried Ritual of Sakura I highly recommend it as the fragrance is out of this world! If your a fan of the cherry scent you’ll love it! I am thrilled with this gift set because there mini’s too so I can use them or travel and to take to work on my super long shifts, bit of luxury at work eh!

Another gift set I got from Rituals was their The Ritual Of Advent Exclusive Calendar! This calendar is absolutely amazing and it’s shaped like a christmas tree. I was too excited to get into it so I’ve opened it up already! Inside there was 24 Ritual treats which I fell in love with straight away. I’ve only tried the Ritual of Sakura and the Ritual of Ayurveda so this calendar is great for trying out other scents from them! I also got 4 advent sized candles as well, a product I’ve never tried from Rituals! So can’t wait to add some full sized candles to my collection….

I am so thankful for all of the gifts I got for christmas 2018. As well as receiving all these luxurious treats I also got a Harry Potter Book, the updated Page to Screen! I had wanted the original one for such a long time so when I seen they had revised it I asked for the newer one. It’s so so heavy but definitely worth checking out. From the usual chocolates, fragrance, skincare, cosy wear and money my christmas was absolutely fab! 

How was your christmas, what did you get for christmas 2018??

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