Ways I’ve Improved My Instagram

When I started blogging I never really thought about what I was putting in my photos, how they looked on social media and if others would like my content.To be honest I just hoped for the best and posted it on Instagram. Instagram has to be one of my favourite platforms to share photos and how I used it then to what I do now has changed dramatically. I’m not an expert in blogging, I don’t have a huge following but it comes in handy when you know a little about the platform itself. I purely wanted to share with you some things I have learnt when it comes to growing your Instagram account….

Create a theme/style for your Instagram account

I have to admit I’m more drawn to accounts with a theme and a style than those accounts that have random photos all over their page.  When I started taking photos I didn’t really know what all this meant but over time I did a little research and managed to come up with a “theme” I’m happy with.  If you follow me on Instagram (@leighannesheila) you may notice I have a pink theme and most of my photos are all flatlays. This is because I feel confident with this photography style and thus a theme was born. I also like my lifestyle photos to match my theme so when it comes to editing them I use the same techniques..

Being consistent

Instagram can sometimes be like marketing. In the retail world if a product is not marketed well there may not be any custom. In my opinion this is how Instagram works. If your not consistent with content your posts may not be seen. When you post regularly your audience will notice this and look forward to your next posts/content even more.  Even though everyone seems to have been affected by this nasty “Algorithm” lately I don’t let it stop me from posting. They say there are peak times to post to get those “likes” and “comments”. To be honest as long as you feel comfortable with what your posting and when you post it does it matter how much engagement you get?  I believe more in quality over quantity. What I mean by this is would you feel better having engagement that’s real or engagement that’s robotic…ps I appreciate everyone that leaves comments and engages with me. It shows you can take a few minutes of your time to complement someone else’s efforts on a particular post..

Taking photos in bulk

This is something I have learnt to do throughout my time as a blogger. There’s nothing worse than opening the gram without a photo to post and nothing to put as it’s caption. I love to take photos in bulk so if I know what I’m going to write about I will take those photos for the “blog” and I may take a few shots with different angles for the gram. I sometimes take product shots for the gram that I may not necessarily talk about on the blog. It’s all about using natural light when you have got it. Take advantage and shoot as many photos as possible.  I feel that “cloudy” days are the best for me cos’ I can edit them better 😉


I love to use hashtags and at first I would always post hashtags in the caption of my photo. I then realised that by doing this it can make your caption look “messy” and not as personal. Some say to post hashtags in your comments too. I don’t what the right way is but I know that not all of your photos go into that hashtags gallery.  Has anyone used a hashtag and then clicked on it to see your photo not there. Thats the algorithm, it’s horrible. You can also kinda get comfortable when using hashtags, if you use one hashtag too much again your photo will not go into that gallery. I blame Instagram’s shadow ban as well, it’s silly. I have to admit I have used the same hashtags but I am trying to find new ones. I feel doing this will allow your photo to be seen by a different audience too..


Before I post a photo I try and think what to say in the caption space. Most of the time it would be related to whats in the photo for example “This product can be picked up at boots or this NEW mascara can be found at….”. I feel that you don’t have to talk primarily about the photo you could talk about your day, what you ate for tea or an event you went too. I have noticed my engagement increase when a caption is more personal. I also feel that the audience can get to know the person behind the Instagram account..

Being part of an Instagram Pod

I have recently joined a pod on the gram. I love being in one of these because you can discover new bloggers too. Everyone shares their latest posts, you can then interact with that person. These pods are great for engaging and growing your account too. I recommend joining one or two if your looking to improve your following….

Sharing your favourite accounts

Recently a lot of bloggers shared their favourite accounts via Insta stories. I absolutely loved this, there was so much positivity and I was so happy to receive a lot of NEW followers. On my Instagram I have shared some blogs you can all follow. All of these bloggers and accounts are amazing!! Sharing accounts in stories is not the only way to share the love on Instagram. You can comment on photos and when you do this that person will hopefully notice your comment and respond back. By doing this your leading them to your account and so on. You could also tag and complement a person in your caption. I have done this a few times. It’s lovely because they can also gain something from it too. It’s extremely important to practice what you preach….

How have you developed your Instagram account?