Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Palette

Hey lovelies.….hows your tuesday going guys?? I am so so EXCITEDto talk about the new Violet Voss palette in collaboration with beauty influencer Nicol Concilio. I have watched Nicol’s channel for such a long time, she has a huge following on youtube, creates the most gorgeous makeup looks and her personality shines through!! Her and Nick(powers) are relationship #goals, they really are…So when Nicol announced her collaboration with Violet Voss I Knew I had to get my hands on this palette. This is my first palette from Violet Voss and I am SHOOK by this palette…just everything about it is beautiful!! I got this palette as a gift from my boyfriend, he purchased this for me from Cult Beauty for £43.00 🙂 I was so so happy when I received the palette in the mail, as I opened the parcel it was packaged well with bubble wrap and everything yet when I opened the palette the mirror was broken. I was so gutted as I had been wanting to swatch this palette badly!! So I didn’t use this palette and put it back in the parcel. I knew I had to do something about this so I emailed Cult Beauty who dealt with my request very quickly.!! I sent the palette back and received a new palette..I wish to thank ANA at cult beauty customer services for her help…I’m in love with this palette guys!! 🙂 

Absolutely in love with the packaging on this palette!! I remember watching Nicol’s reveal video and she says she loves rose gold and pink polka dots thats why she designed it this way. The holographic effect is beautiful as well. The way it captures the light in photos is just gorgeous. There is a photo of Nicol on the back with a message from her too. “Makeup has no rules” is definitely true in my opinion!! It really gives the palette a nice finishing touch and you can tell just how much hard work has gone into this palette. Nicol’s work ethic is just something else, finding the time to put your heart and soul into a product you want your subscribers to love is amazing!! I must say that along with the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette this one is at the top of my favourite products this year so far!! 

The Nicol Concilio palette has 20 shades guys all containing matte, metallic and holographic finishes. This palette is perfect for summer and has those bronze, nude and rose gold shades just like the sunset. This palette would also be beautiful in the fall too as it has some gorgeous warmer toned eyeshadows too. The palette is infused with jojoba oil as well. When I swatched these shades I was so so IMPRESSED guys!! They feel super creamy and buttery. They glided onto my skin beautifully and the swatch photos I have inserted were all one swipe only. I have not used any setting sprays or primers, just swatched the shades onto bare skin. I am so in love with all these shades there’s not one I don’t like. The mattes even swatched well too, I had never been a fan of matte eyeshadows until quite recently. I started to experiment more with my makeup and realised YOU have to have good matte shades to create a beautiful eyelook. Im a sucker for metallic, shimmer and holographic eyes!! 🙂 

This palette has four rows of eyeshadows guys, all embossed in white packaging with the names of the shadows underneath the pan. I much prefer the names of shadows on the palette itself though. All the shade names were named by Nicol herself. Nicol named these shades all influenced by things in her life for example her dog, food she likes, her partner’s nickname, her star sign etc: I feel that it gives much more of a personal touch to it when a brand allows you to name the shades yourself, that’s super important in my eyes (here’s me sat here thinking If only I could collab with a brand one day…a girl can dream right!! lol) 

I am so so happy for Nicol collaborating with Violet Voss!! It really is an accomplishment to do this type of thing in the beauty world and I CONGRATULATE her on this release!! (Hope to see more collabs or possibly your own cosmetic line Nicol….xoxo) You can see what palette I’m going to be using NOW, Im in love so much, the packaging and the colours in this palette is me right down to a T. I love warm tones especially the oranges and golds. I love anything with colour on my eyelids. Love to have an eyelook that’s poppin”. I have linked the cult beauty website for this product earlier in the post if your interested in picking this up…you can also take a look at the Violet Voss website here for the palette 🙂 On the Violet Voss website you can also purchase a beach towel with Nicol’s name on too. The pigmentation of these shades are so so beautiful, yes there is fall out but only on some shades and it is NOT A LOT!! It’s very little actually nothing you can’t dust away. I find those shades with pigmentation tend to have fall out and this happens in every palette so don’t let that stop you from picking it up. Im so so excited to try these shades on my eyes and can’t wait to have a little play with it…..swatches are below guys…xo

 Row one- from T-B are NYC, Zo-Zo, Bruh, Pizza and Mars

Row two- from T-B  are Daisy, Hangry, Blou, Hey girl and Chawwcolate

Row three- from T-B are Glorious, Nicol, Sagittarius, Gigi and Palm Tree

 Row four-from T-B are LA, Victoria, Boop-bop, Pingy and Retrograde 

My favourite row/rows has to be rows three and four!! O M G you guys the colours are just magical!! I was super impressed with the quality when I swatched these, I didn’t want to wipe them off my arm. They truly are beautiful shades and I really want to see what more of the Violet Voss palettes are like. Has anyone tried anything from Violet Voss, what did you think?? Let me know in the comments if your going to pick up the Nicol Concilio palette???….it’s a must have product trust me…you will love it!! I have put Nicol’s reveal video below for you guys to see more on this palette…enjoy and have fun with it…xo

Hope you enjoyed reading lovelies..

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