Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection | A Review

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection

Urban Decay was the first high end makeup brand I made a purchase from.  Urban Decay palettes have always been some of my favourites from the iconic Naked to the recent Naked Heat. I noticed that this year the trend has been mauve tones, pinks and berries. With a lot of my purchases I always take a look on youtube to see what some beauty influencers think. At first I wasn’t sure on this palette as there are so many out at the moment with similar colour scheme’s.  Even though I probably have similar eyeshadows in my collection I wanted to pick some of the products to review…

In the Urban Decay Naked Cherry collection there are 8 products, an eyeshadow palette, a travel size setting spray, a face palette, 2 eyeliners and 3 vice lipsticks. What drawn me to this collection actually was the setting spray! I had never tried any of their setting sprays and I believe the one in this collection has a cherry scent. The other product I really wanted to try out was the Vice lipstick in the shade Cherry. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I absolutely adore really warm, plumish burgundy lipsticks especially during the colder months! I wasn’t so keen on the palette at first, I don’t know why but eventually I decided to pick it up….

The Naked Cherry Palette has 12 shades just like all the other Naked palettes from Urban Decay. The palette has a mix of cream shadows to berry shadows, perfect for the autumn season. When you take a look at the shadows you can see the palette has some mattes and some stunning metallics in there. I am a huge fan of metallic shadows and so the swatches of these is what makes the palette for me. I’m not at all fussed about matte shadows, as long as you have a decent base for your look that’s all you need right! The palette retails for £42, comes with a mirror and a dual ended brush. Most of their palettes in the naked range come with brushes and I actually kinda like that. Some of the brushes I use with my everyday makeup, definitely worth it in my opinion..

What I adore about this palette is the packaging! How amazing is this design, of course they had to add cherries to the outer case and the palette itself. Another thing I loved about the packaging was how they designed each cherry on the outside to match the colour of the eyeshadow, how awesome is that!

What I did find with the shadows was that the mattes did have some fall out with them as does any shadow that’s incredibly pigmented. I would have liked to have seen some more darker mattes maybe to match the darker metallics. With the lighter mattes it just looks like more of a mauve/cool toned palette than a cherry palette. As for the metallics they win hands down, give me a palette with just metallics in and Im a happy gal!

When I swatched these for the first time I wasn’t that impressed to be honest even with the metallics. I decided to use the setting spray with the shadows as it does say online that you can use them wet too. I much prefer the metallics with the setting spray(which smells absolutely amazing by the way). I also packed the colour on rather than blending just to see it’s colour more. The metallics in this palette are absolutely gorgeous they just need that little bit of extra work to create a look with…

From T-B the shades are Hot Spot, Caution, Bang Bang, Feelz, Juicy and Turn On

You can see just from the first six shadows in the palette how light these are. I was expecting them to be much darker. I suppose you can see why they added lighter colours just so that your look has a base really. You see lots of shadows like this in many palettes. If I had to choose one that I loved working with from this row it would be the shade Bang Bang. Of course I’m going to choose that one has it has a bit of sparkle to it and perfect as a lid topper…

From T-B the shades are Ambitious, Bing, Devilish, Young Love, Drunk Dial and Privacy. Bottom shade is the Vice Cherry Lipstick!

Now this is what you call “Naked Cherry”. I absolutely adore the second six shades in this palette. Ambitious is probably my favourite shade in the palette as it works so well without a setting spray. The tones, pigment and just this row alone would make the perfect autumnal palette in my opinion. Drunk Dial is the perfect matte and all you need to create a look with these colours..

The Urban Decay Naked Cherry setting spray is just the cutest! It’s my first setting spray from Urban Decay and why I haven’t tried them sooner I’ll never know. It kinda has a subtle scent to it and the cherry is definitely there. What got me was why it was a mini one and not full size, anybody else think that too? I’m not complaining as such because the spray retails at £10 so its perfect for travel…

What didn’t excite me in this collection was the face palette. I took at look at it online and I wasn’t overly impressed. The palette contains a highlighter, a blush and a face topper. Don’t get me wrong I love highlighters but palette’s that come with blushes that I’m never going to sue are absolutely pointless to me. Unless it’s a blush I can use for my skin tone. The blush in this palette is more pink toned and that’s just not me at all!

The product that won hands down in this collection has to be the Vice Cherry lipstick. I absolutely love the vice formula and the shade “Cherry” was my definitely my cup of tea. I mean how gorgeous is this lipstick shade though, look above! The vice lipsticks in this collection retail for £16.50 which to me these days is pretty reasonable, well for high end anyway! I didn’t like the look of the other two lipsticks, I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks with a sparkle to them. Much prefer a matte lipstick with a gloss…

One influencer I watch so much of on you tube is That Girl Shae XO. I adore her bubbly personality, how real she is and her makeup skills are second to none! Go subbscribe to her channel, tell her I sent you if you do! Shae did one of the most gorgeous makeup looks using this palette and I wanted to include her video for all of you to take a look at, enjoy!

Video credit to Shae! 

What I really want to try out is the two eyeliners that came in this collection. I adore Urban Decays 24/7 liner formula, it has to be one the best formulas out there for eyeliner! Have you picked up anything from this collection? 

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