Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Hey lovelies…..I was super happy to receive this palette in the mail this week. I was gifted this product and  soon become so excited to try it out. I featured it in my Christmas Gift guide for the beauty lover post recently and I have seen it doing its rounds on Instagram. Urban Decay is a brand I have always loved and remember purchasing my first product all those years ago. Back then my love for eyeshadow palette’s was huge but even bigger now. I remember picking up the UD NYC eyeshadow palette on a flight, I seen it in the flight magazine and loved it instantly. If you can remember that palette your definitely a #udjunkie 🙂 Since then my love for Urban Decay as a brand is quite close to my heart. Urban Decay is what sparked my love for makeup. I absolutely love their eyeshadows and especially their lipsticks. I really want to give the mascaras and glitter liners ago too.  I decided to feature this palette in today’s post as I really wanted to get it up for you guys….enjoy xo

Urban Decay always go all out with their palette packaging. I mean this palette is limited edition for holiday 2017 and I absolutely love the metallic effect on the outer packaging. I absolutely love the purple colour scheme  and the design of the palette is pretty unique. I have never seen a palette with a mirror in the middle with the shades on opposite sides. Urban Decay describe it as a crushed metal case with 20 amped up metallic shades. The palette’s shades are all brand new and exclusive too. On the left hand side of the palette these shades are described as the brights and on the left hand side the shades are described as the neutrals. The colours in this palette are gorgeous, as soon as I saw this I knew I wanted to get my hands on it. I’m a huge fan of metallic shadows and have been stepping out of my comfort zone with brighter shades recently.  When I received this palette I knew I wanted to swatch it straight away. The formula of these shades are supposed to be different compared to the original UD formula. I couldn’t believe how creamy the shades feel. Yes there is fall out but like I always say shadows with incredible pigment are going to have fall out.  From palette’s I have seen recently especially with metallic or glitters in this palette’s concept has been second to none. Yes I’m still yet to try the shadows on my eyes but once I do I will let you guys know how I got on with them….just how beautiful is the NEW Urban Decay Heavy Metals…….retail price £43 guys…

Brights on the left hand side guys include from T-B the shades Ground, Aluminum, Spandex, Dive, Metalhead, Punkrock, Mullet, Amp, Twisted and Glamrock

I was so impressed by these swatches and that was applying the colour twice. I always swatch the shadows at least twice or more so you can see just how well a shadow’s pigment is. For swatches I never use a primer or spray on my arm all so swatches you see are done on dry skin. I absolutely love the shades in the brights shades. Ground has to be one of my favourites as I was not expecting such a gorgeous colour. I bet it’s so hard to create a shade like that. Another shade in this set that impressed me was Spandex, just how beautiful is that colour. I am in love with purple metallics and think there on trend right now. Mullet and AMP I thought were quite different to how they appear in the pan but maybe it’s just how I swatched them perhaps. Punkrock is an absolute gem, I know I want to try that out on my eyes…:)

Neutrals on the right hand side of the palette include from T-B the shades Bass, Glory, Demo, Starfire, Afterparty, Angelfire, Roadie, Maiden, Scream and Acoustic

Just how gorgeous are those first 5 shades. I almost died when I swatched these. They are my sort of colours and definitely my fail safe shades. I was a little disappointed by the shade Angelfire, I found it didn’t swatch how I wanted it too. I’m going to give it a go on my eyes though to see how it performs. Bass, Glory and Demo are so beautiful and can’t wait to have a play around with those. I love bronze and copper hues in the fall. Above all this row is absolutely gorgeous and if your a neutrals lover you will love this colour combination 🙂

Video credit to @Krystal Allen YT channel

Check out Krystal Allen on youtube guys, her video on the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette is Fab!! 🙂

I absolutely love this release from Urban Decay and already stoked for next years holiday collection 🙂 I really think Urban Decay as a brand have really stepped up. I am loving all their new products and can’t wait to try some more from the UD line. Do I recommend this palette, is it a must have in your collection? From the swatches I have done yes and I’m hoping the swatches pull it off even better on the eyes so it’s a big fat YES YES YES, I would get this palette just on the swatches alone. Treat yourself this year or gift it to a beauty lover you know for christmas… 

Thank you so much for reading xo

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