Top 10 Eyeshadows Palettes for 2018

Top Ten Eyeshadow Palettes for 2018

I can’t believe we’re now in the second month of 2019, in a way i’m glad because the last week of January just dragged! I’ve also been planning today’s post for the longest time. It literally has took me forever to decide which palette’s I wanted to talk about too. I wanted to get this up in January but also wanted to stick to the posts I had planned before this one. I have been asking some of you if you want to see collection posts on my blog and a lot of you asked for eyeshadow palettes. I decided to go with the top 10 palette’s I used in 2018 for Februarys 1st post cos why the hell not, I’m an eyeshadow palette junkie! I’m pretty sure all of these were released in 2018 too. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the palette’s I enjoyed through the last year….in no particular order, I like them all the same! I’ve also added swatches of two shades from each palette that I absolutely love….xo

Dominique Cosmetics- The Latte Palette | This release was a highly anticipated one in the beauty community! I think it released in early 2018 and I was so excited to get my hands on it! The Latte palette is a palette by you tuber Christien Dominique, one of my favourites on youtube. Christien started her own brand Dominique Cosmetics and this was her first release. I was so happy she released an eyeshadow palette first. From the packaging, shade selection and quality this palette is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure you have all seen this palette by now on social media just to see how beautiful it is. The pigmentation and blend-ability are second to none. Two of my favourite shades in this palette are Creme Brulee and Double Shot. Creme Brulee looks gorgeous all over the lid as does Double Shot. Double Shot also looks lovely on the bottom lash line smudged out…

Too Faced-  Gingerbread Spice Palette | I remember seeing a sneak peak of this back in the autumn of 2018 and I freaked over it! As soon as I saw those metallics this palette had me sold! I was a huge fan of the Chocolate Gold palette that released for holiday 2017 so there would 

be no doubt that I would love 2018’s release! Gingerbread Spice has a mix of matte’s and shimmers, shimmers being some of my favourites. I love the colour scheme in this, neutrals, berries and mauve’s are definitely shades I reach for the most! I tend to put more shimmer’s on my eyes than mattes and adored the shades Hot Toddy and Bake It ‘Til You Make It from this palette! 

Huda Beauty- New Nude Palette | There has been a lot of mixed reviews about Huda’s shadows from the word go however I didn’t try her shadows until the Desert Dusk palette was released! (I absolutely love that palette). I actually love the shadows in her palettes especially the mini ones! Huda released the New Nude palette in 2018 and omg this has to be the most talked about palette of the year! All for good reasons too, it’s so beautiful and the shades are amazing! For someone that isn’t a huge fan of matte’s I actually like Huda’s. The shades Fantasy and Teddy are two of my favourites in her latest release! The packaging is absolutely stunning, the lace detail is just perfect! 

Colourpop and Kathleen Lights- The Zodiac Palette | I am a huge fan of Colourpop eyeshadows and when it’s a Kathleen Lights Collab i’m here for it! I’m pretty sure this released in the autumn too and I fell in love with the whole theme for the Zodiac Collection. Kathleen is a huge fan of zodiacs and I’m quite how much she actually knows about each sign too! I watched her reveal video for this collection too and loved the swatches for this palette. When I received this palette I fell in love with it’s pretty packaging and of course the shades, mainly the shimmers again lol. I did indeed swatch it and have a little play with it. The matte’s blended really well and the shimmers look great on the lid. Only disappointment I had with this palette was the blue shade called Aquarius, it looks so gorgeous in the pan but when swatched it was really chalky. I went to apply it and it just looked really patchy on the lid so I had to wipe it off again, maybe I just got a dud I’m not sure. Two shades I did enjoy were The Cancer and The Leo, such a pretty gold and fiery orange..

From T-B the shades are Creme Brulee and Double Shot (Latte palette), Hot Toddy and Bake It ‘Til You Make It (Gingerbread Spice), Fantasy and Teddy (Huda Beauty Palette) and lastly The Cancer and The Leo (Zodiac Palette)

Anastasia Beverly Hills- The Soft Glam Palette | ABH has always been one of my favourite brands for eyeshadows. My first purchase from ABH was the modern renaissance palette, one of my favourites in my makeup collection! Soft Glam was released in spring 2018 and has the most nicest neutrals and shimmers I’ve seen in a palette yet. It has a selection of pink, peach and brown toned shadows and I fell in love with it instantly. Of course I’m going to say the shimmers are gorgeous cos why wouldn’t I! I could have swatched the whole palette and say I love all the shades but there are two that stand out the most to me. Bronze is the most gorgeous antique gold and Sienna is the perfect autumn brown…

Anastasia Beverly Hills- The Norvina Palette | ABH really knocked it out of the park with this one! As soon as I saw the swatches, packaging and colours I knew I would love it! This palette has to be one of my favourites from ABH and Norvina. The palette curated by Anastasia’s daughter( if you don’t know who Norvina is have you been living under a rock lol!) is a must have, trust me! It’s the perfect pink and mauve palette in my opinion, if you love those types of shades you definitely need to try this. The top row are all shimmers and the bottom row are all matte’s, I just love the design for this one. Alongside the pinks and mauve’s you’ve also got some neutrals in there. Of course the top row appeals to me the most and the shades Rose Gold and Celestial are two of my favourites in the palette..

Urban Decay- The Naked Cherry Palette | Another palette that had everyone obsessing over it was the UD Naked Cherry. Again I’m a huge sucker for neutrals and mauve tones so when this was announced I knew I had to try it out. At first I wasn’t going to get it as so many of my palette’s all have mauve shadows but I knew I just NEEDED it! You get what I mean. Once I got it I wasn’t disappointed, I love this one. I’m more drawn to the right hand side of the palette especially for these two shades, Ambitious and Young Love. These shadows on the lids are absolutely stunning without a setting spray and with a spray, try it out! When I took the photos for this palette and shared them on my Instagram Urban Decay also shared my photo and I was gobsmacked! I still am, to this day that photo has over 32,000 likes on Urban Decay’s Instagram page, WOW! 🙂 

Anastasia Beverly Hills- The Sultry Palette | Of course when ABH released her holiday palette I had to pick it up! I got last year’s Prism palette and was obsessed with that! I love how this palette combines pinks, with neutrals and cool tones! Such an unusual combo because you either get cool tones or brights so this selection caught my eye! I took this palette away with me to London too and have to admit it’s a firm favourite for me! I have used this several times since I got it and it has it’s place on my vanity! The quality of this palette is absolutely amazing too, the packaging is a dream too! So festive, the glitter is gorgeous 🙂 Cyborg is a blinding silver and Teak is a gorgeous winter bronze, perfection in a palette…

From T-B the shades are Bronze and Sienna (Soft Glam Palette), Rose Gold and Celestial (Norvina Palette), Ambitious and Young Love (UD Naked Cherry Palette) and lastly Cyborg and Teak (Sultry Palette) 

Kylie Cosmetics- The Sipping Pretty Palette | This has to be in my top 3 palette’s for 2018 I think! I was absolutely blown away by this palette. Kylie’s palette’s are a bit hit and miss really, you’ve just got to take that chance and risk it I think. With me I just get them anyway as I love to support Kylie (And the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner Clan). Makeup has it’s advantages and disadvantages I suppose in all brands but this one she really did well on! From the promotion of the collection, it’s packaging and shade selection I am amazed by it! Kylie turned 21 in to18 and released her birthday collection and the colours in this are stunning. It’s such a pretty palette and one I would definitely recommend to someone just starting out with makeup or being a first time buyer with Kylie Cosmetics! Three of the shades in the palette are shown in the swatches, not sure on their names though…

Urban Decay- Born To Run Palette | Another one of my favourites from the past year is the Urban Decay Born To Run Palette. I think this palette released in the summer and I absolutely loved it’s packaging with all the destinations on there! Such a unique idea especially for a palette as I’ve never seen that before! Now there was some talk about Kylie’s Sipping Pretty palette being similar to Born to Run and I must admit I think the two are very different! The Born to Run has more brighter shades than Kylie’s I think. None the less Born to Run is a gorgeous palette and I highly recommend this one if your starting out in makeup. From neutrals to brights you have every shade you’ll need in one palette! Three of my favourite shades in this palette include Wild Child, Ignite and Double Life!

From T-B are the Kylie Sipping Pretty eyeshadows (Not sure on the names!) and from Born To Run the shadows are Wild Child, Ignite and Double Shot!

I could talk about eyeshadows and eyeshadows palette’s all day long if you let me! Although I did want to narrow this post down to just 10 palette’s as I think that’s pretty reasonable. I’ve talked about some palette’s that have been quite popular in the last year and I’m so excited to see the releases for 2019! What have been some of your favourite eyeshadow palette’s recently?

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