Too Faced Christmas Cookie House Party Gift Set

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Cute Gingerbread and Cookies for Christmas 

One of my favourite gift sets from Too Faced this year is the Christmas Cookie House Party, with magical christmas trees, pink snowflakes and pretty wreaths decorated perfectly for christmas. This set features the most cutest gingerbread couple and of course clover says hello too….

This year’s limited edition makeup collection contains three breakaway palettes, a mini Better than sex mascara, a Deluxe shadow insurance and a Deluxe melted matte in the shade Gingerbread man. I absolutely love the idea of breakaway palette’s plus this year’s house design is so girly and cute, I love it! From the collection’s first glance the packaging is what drew me in, it has the most cutest gingerbread girl on the front holding a gift surrounded by mini christmas trees, sweets and of course the most gorgeous gingerbread house covered in snow!

Once you open up the collection you have the melted matte lipstick and the shadow insurance sitting up at the top. You then have the gingerbread house covered in cotton candy swirls, snow, the mini mascara, a mini palette and clover looking through the window, it’s just the cutest packaging ever! Enclosed in the plastic packaging you can clearly see how the palette’s breakaway from each other too.

This beautiful holiday themed collection has three palettes, one for the face and two for the eyes. When you take a look at them you’ll find that the packaging itself is slightly raised, you can also feel the glitter on the palettes too. The scenes on these palette’s are so adorable, perfect for the festive season. The gingerbread couple enjoying a glass of wine, champagne etc is just the cutest illustration I’ve seen from Too Faced…the palette’s are of course magnetised like last year’s collection!

Inside the three palette’s you have 24 gorgeous eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, a highlighter and 6 eyeshadows in the most cutest gingerbread man mini palette. The one I’m attracted to the most is the larger palette full of pretty pink’s, mauve tones and of course glittery gold’s. The mini palette also had 4 glitter shades which can be used on top of your festive eyeshadow look. I can’t wait to create an eye look with these palette’s. This year the name of the eyeshadows are printed on the palette too, last year’s it was on the plastic sleeve that came inside them, a lot of those get thrown away so this year it’s good to see them on the palettes themselves. I absolutely adore the names of the eyeshadows, they are all festive festive related and two of my favourite ones have puns ” Sled No One Ever” and “Drink up Grinches”, loving that..

Look how gorgeous the mini palette looks “Tis the season to sparkle”, it definitely is with those glitter shades. I am obsessed with mini palettes from Too Faced, all those shades look so beautiful and “Snow Pink” is the shade I really want to test out. These are glitter shades so you will probably need to use the Too Faced glitter clue to make sure they apply correctly…who else loves using glitters over the festive season?

The larger palette has some beautiful warm shades in it, these are some of my favourites from ” Santas’s Favourite”, to ” Easy Bake Lovin” they will definitely suit anyone wanting to create a super gorgeous festive eye look. I can’t wait to use these palette’s over the festive season, the glittery shades look perfect for christmas…


Have any of you picked up anything from the Too Faced Christmas collection yet?