Throwback Thursday “Tartlette in Bloom” Palette

Hey lovelies…can’t believe its Thursday again and todays throwback Thursday post is about the Tarte Cosmetics “Tartlette In Bloom” palette 🙂  This palette has been out quite a while and I managed to pick it up from QVC UK when they had it in stock. I was drawn to the colours in this palette. They are pretty neutral colours to me and on the Tarte website this palette is described as having warm toned colours in it. With the upcoming release of “Tartelette Toasted” I believe that one is more warm toned and perfect for the autumn and fall season. However I still like this one for this time of year too. I am absolutely in love with this palette guys. It’s definitely one you MUST have in your makeup collection..xo

Tarte Cosmetics are known to have very good eyeshadows and palette’s in their line. I always wanted to try Tarte Cosmetics once I seen it all over social media. Tarte can be quite tricky to get hold of especially if your in the UK. Tarte’s website supply a lot of their products and if you ordered from there you would have to pay shipping and possibly customs too. I was so so happy to see some of their products on QVC’s website here in the UK. QVC offer monthly instalment payment plans too so if the product you want has this offer its definitely worth a shot. QVC also get some of the newer items in but you have to be quick as they sell out pretty fast.  I’m an absolute palette junkie and love nude eyeshadow palette’s. I honestly didn’t need more but when I saw the “Tartlette In Bloom” I knew I had to get my hands on it. I was drawn to the shade “Firecracker”. It’s absolutely stunning and did I need another gold shadow in my life….absolutely 🙂

The Tartlette In Bloom  shades are stunning guys. I love how this palette as a mix of mattes and shimmer shades. As much as I love shimmer shades you have to have a matte eyeshadow to blend it with right.  There are 9 mattes and 3 shimmer shades in this palette. This palette is perfect for everyday wear and is infused with Amazonian Clay. Tarte are known for their famous Amazonian Clay foundation too 🙂  I love how Tarte have included a lot of transition matte shades too and each row of shades are designed to create 3 makeup looks. Tarte are also a cruelty free makeup brand guys. I think this palette is perfect for travel and on the go makeup looks. You have all the shades you need in one palette..

Tarte always have the nicest design for their products. The packaging of the “Tartelette In Bloom” is gorgeous. I love the outer packaging, it’s a hard plastic and what I love about this is the fact the palette is protected so for anyone who travels a lot you won’t have any worries about it breaking. I love how Tarte’s palettes have mirrors in too. They are a decent size and the quality is amazing. I don’t really use mirrors in palettes but if you do this one is fab. The purple floral colours on the lid are stunning.  This palette is the sister palette to Tarte’s Tartlette Palette. The Tartlette palette was an all matte palette and both palette’s retail for £41 on the Tarte website. When I decided to have a play around with this I found the shadows blend really well although there is fallout on some shades. You only need to go in lightly and your brush will pick up the colour.  If your a beginner in makeup this palette is perfect. All shades blend so well together, there’s no need to spend so much time blending. You have your mattes to start off with and a shimmer to make the eyelook pop a little. I also like to use a fixing spray to any shimmer shade now, this is what happens when your addicted to watching Jaclyn Hill on youtube. I can’t not use a fixing spray to any shimmer now..

Swatches of the palette are without any base on my arm. I wanted to show you guys the shades true to colour.  Obviously when I use them on my eyes I apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand. I feel like an eyeshadow primer is essential in any makeup look. It allows your shadow to sit better and last longer too. Of course you can use concealer and use a setting or loose powder over the top.  From T-B the shades are Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, Smokeshow, Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker and Activist 🙂 Out of those 8 shades 6 are mattes and 2 are shimmer shades. I absolutely love how  Tarte have added the shade Charmer to the palette. It’s not often you see a matte off white shade in a palette. This shade is prefect as a base for your eyelook, I’m in love.  Some shades did swatch better than others and yes there is fallout but again it’s how they look on the eyes in my opinion. I love shimmer shades and of course Rocker and Firecracker are some of my favourite Tarte shades…

Swatches of the last four shades from T-B are Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel and Leader. I love the shade Funny Girl, it’s definitely buildable. It looks gorgeous with some fixing srpay too. I love the last two shades in this palette, they are extremely pigmented and described as  a chestnut brown and aubergine shade.  These would look perfect on the outer v and even on the bottom lashline buffed out…

The Tarlette In Bloom is one of my favourite palette’s in my collection. The colours are so me and I am debating whether to pick up the new palette the “Tarlette Toasted”.  Have you guys tried this palette, what are your favourite shades??…

One of my favourite tutorials on this palette is from You Tuber Allana Davison. The tutorial was posted on her channel in October last year but I wanted to add it into this post because she shows you how to create 3 looks with just one palette. I like these kind of videos and Allana is so lovely too..def check out the video below guys!!   Video credit to @AllanaDavidson You Tube Channel…xo

Thanks for reading guys…xo

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