Throwback Thursday “Gold Eyes and Berry Lips”

Hey lovelies….It’s almost the weekend and what I love about the weekend is you can get a little more bold with your makeup look 🙂 I have decided to do a series of “Throwback Thursday” posts where I will post content with products that I currently have or have owned in the past. Those we still love and those that we might rediscover. Through the week I tend to stick to neutrals for my eyeshadow and lip colour. When it reaches Friday and I have time off from work I like to wear a bold lip and a gold eye. Take a look through todays pieces and why I love them….xo

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette

This will come as no surprise to those that know how much I love Charlotte Tilbury products. For my eye make up look I love a gold eye. For my base I like to use Charlotte Tilbury’s cream eyeshadow in the shade Bette. Bette is described as an amber gold. I absolutely love this shade, it’s perfect when you want to create a bronze gold smoky look. Bette as been part of Charlotte’s line for quite some time and I always seem to reach for this over any other cream shadow. I love using a shimmer or metallic over the bette shade as it really gives your eyes that pop and the look looks gorgeous too guys 🙂

Illamasqua Beyond Highlighter In Epic

I don’t own many Illamasqua products besides some highlighters, maybe a lipstick and a lipliner. I picked up their highlighter in the shade Epic after seeing Tanya Burr use it in one of her videos. Tanya actually used this as a pop of colour on the lid. I believe Epic has been released for a long time although it only became part of my collection earlier on in the year. I love this highlighter it looks stunning on the cheekbones. I decided to use the trick Tanya did and applied the bette cream eyeshadow as a base and then epic over bette. It looks so beautiful and I have started using other highlighters on the eyelid too. They make stunning eyeshadows guys so I would definitely give it a go if your curious..

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick In Glastonberry

Charlotte’s lipstick formula is one of the best in my opinion. Charlotte’s lipsticks feel so comfortable on the lips and are really creamy too. Glastonberry is part of Charlotte’s matte revolution line. I like this shade in the autumn and winter season the most. The colour and longevity is incredible. I love wearing Glastonberry with a bronze or gold eye. I picked up Glastonberry after seeing Zoella use it one of her older videos. I believe Glastonberry is also a past release but its such a popular shade. I absolutely love this shade more than I did when I bought it. It was actually an impulse buy but now I have tried it out more it’s a shade I have to have in my collection….go grab one guys..

Mac Matte Lipstick In Diva

I seen Diva being used on some youtube videos I watched a while ago. I wasn’t too keen on the shade at first as it was way out of my league. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pick it up. I was so fussy when I picked this shade up and just thought what the hell I’ll get it anyway. The shade diva is a burgundy red shade in the matte formula. I picked up diva last autumn and to be honest it just sat in my collection for a long time. I decided to rediscover diva and I actually love it more now than I did when I bought it. I love wearing diva on a night out and sometimes during the day if I want to wear a bold makeup look. Don’t be afraid to wear a darker lip guys..

Forever living Sonya Lipstick In Chocolate

This product and this shade are absolutely beautiful. You can only pick up this lipstick online or from a forever living distributor. I’m sure most of you heard about the company Forever Living. Forever living are the world’s leading supplier of Aloe Vera products. I have this product due to being a part of the business a couple of years ago. I actually own a few of the Flawless by Sonya lipsticks. They are infused with Aloe Vera and make your lips feel so soft and hydrated. Aloe Vera is very good for the skin and I currently use some of their skincare products too. The shade Chocolate is the closest lip colour I own in comparison to Mac’s Antique Velvet. I seen Tanya Burr use Mac’s Antique Velvet in one of  her autumn makeup looks and really want to get my hands on it. I took a look through my lipsticks and barely own any chocolate shades except this one. Even though this isn’t a berry shade it’s quite close to being a bold lip. have rediscovered this product this autumn and can’t wait to use it more…

That’s my round of up how to achieve a gold eye and a berry lip. Hope you enjoyed this post guys. What are your current favourite eye looks? Do you love wearing a bold lip at this time of year?..

I really wanted to talk about this topic on one of my next blog posts but decided to add it in this one. I am going to touch on recent events that happened in Vegas. It is truly heartbreaking to see what is going on in this world recently. Now I know that talking about makeup and beauty items is totally irrelevant to this but sometimes most of us can get so sucked into the world of beauty and forget what is more important.  A human being just like me and you decided to attack concert goes at a show in Las Vegas. Being over 320 feet up in the Mandalay Bay Hotel the shooter took out over 50 people killing them and injuring hundreds more. What makes me angry and totally bewildered by this is what makes an individual carry out this kind of terror on others. It is really shocking to see so many people lost their lives whilst attending an open air festival and now hundreds are being treated after the attack. What I am trying to say is that us as a community all need to stand together and protect each other. More importantly respect each other and be thankful for being alive, be thankful for having each other, be thankful for being able to experience all the good in your life and most importantly be thankful for being able to LOVE one another because without LOVE nobody has anything…no matter what their status, class or worth is!!

In reference to being a blogger there is no need to feel pressured by what others are doing, enjoy your life and write about what you want to write about. Don’t get knocked back by what others think. Just do you because you are learning every single day. This market for blogging may look saturated but everyone in this world has a place in this world. A phrase I heard recently “She won’t live, but then again WHO DOES”. A bit of advice for the person reading this, you may not be a blogger you could be a teacher or a nurse etc live your life the most fun and enjoyable way you can….

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