The Versatile Blogger Award And My Favourite Bloggers of 2017

As I write this I’m listening to the storm outside tapping against my bedroom window, I can’t sleep so I decided to write out this post instead. I have so many ideas for posts right now and had to get this one published as soon as possible!! I’m literally so happy to hear that I have recently been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!! 🙂 I have never heard of this award before and never expected anything like this.  Can’t believe little old me is up for an award, this is crazy!! 🙂 The lovely Life With Bellan nominated me for this so thank you very much lovely. You can check out her blog on this link HERE 🙂

When I was nominated I searched for what this award was all about. I found the website and read the rules behind the award. Firstly you have to thank the person who nominated you and leave their link too, this is such a nice thing to do as you are not only promoting their socials but it can make that person feel so much better than they did seconds ago 😉 You then nominate 15 bloggers for the award too and also share 7 facts about yourself!! This is such a lovely thing to do, it’s amazing to see so much support across all social platforms 🙂

I have decided to have a go at sharing 7 facts about me, plus its after midnight now so my brain may not be working lol…..

1.  A lot of people always seem surprised by this but yes I am 30+ blogger, I have the genes of Benjamin Button….I seem to think I do anyways…

2.  I can speak a little Spanish, I loved languages in high school and studied Spanish in University

3. I love Art and Design. It was my favourite subject at school, fine art is my favourite..

4. Im a HUGE beauty lover, but then again you all know that just by reading my blog..x

5. This may sound weird and freak people out but I can bend my thumb right back so that it touches my wrist. I can do this on both hands, definitely double jointed…

6. I love love love watching horror movies, ever since I watched The Exorcist as a kid (when I should have been in bed sleeping!!) I’m drawn to that genre. They just make me laugh so much, I can’t help but have the giggles…

7. I am fascinated by history, different cultures, ruins, monuments, artefacts etc. Museums are some of my favourite places to visit. I could spend hours reading plaques on the wall and taking photographs…Egyptian history is amongst my faves….

Now that you have learnt a little about me I’m going to list some bloggers who I have followed for quite a while. They are all bloggers that inspire me A LOT and encourage me to grow my blog!! I did want to do a post writing all about my favourite bloggers of the past year but feel this post is perfect for that too!! They are not listed in any particular order though 🙂 No matter how big or small of a following they have they all deserve an award just for the time, the effort and quality they put into there social platforms and blogs. Hope you enjoy finding some new blogs to read and socials to follow (that’s if you aren’t already). Enjoy…..

Sophie | SophieInWonderlandXO

Sophie is an amazing blogger. Sophie has to be one of the first bloggers I started to follow on Instagram. When I started blogging I looked for inspiration and tips to start my blog and I came across Sophie’s. Her pictures are so lovely, I love the pink hue in her shots and she makes them look so effortless. She has similar likes to me when it comes to beauty products so make sure you check her blog out HERE 🙂 

Lauren | It’sLaurenVictoria

Again Lauren is another account I follow on Instagram for the longest time. I love clicking onto Lauren’s blog as her posts are very detailed. Lauren also gives advice on blogging, these are my favourite posts to read from her. Her pictures are so elegant, minimal but chic. You can check out Lauren’s blog HERE 🙂

Victoria Juliette | ToriiiToriii

I love Tori’s Instagram account. It has to be one of my favourites on the gram. I love her shots, how she makes everything look so cosy is unreal, Toriii how do you get your legs to look so perfect???lol…Her blog is also very detailed and the posts she creates are definitely ones I can read ten times over.  Give Toriii a follow, her blog is right over HERE 🙂

Daisy Green | WearDaisyWent

Daisy’s blog is one of the most loveliest eye catching blogs I have ever seen. Her photos are stunning and she has the most creative ideas for blog posts especially if your looking for tips yourself. Daisy is one of my inspirations, she definitely deserves a follow. Go check her blog out HERE 🙂

Gem EllisX | GemmaLouise

Now this wouldn’t be me listing some of my favourite bloggers without the lovely Gemma!! Gemma has been one of my inspirations from the word go. I found her account and blog when I started blogging. Gemma has definitely been one of my motivators to getting my blog up and running. Her photography is second to none, her photos are stunning and the love she has for little ru is too cute. Definitely check her blog out if you haven’t already, click HERE to go to her site 🙂

Cliona | ClionaHill

Another firm favourite, I’m drawn to the most gorgeous photos I have seen on the gram. Her blog is one of my favourites to read as she has similar likes too so I’m always drawn to posts with products I enjoy too. Cliona’s blog is lovely, simple and straight to the point. I babble too much on mine…lol. Go take a look at Cliona’s blog HERE guys…

Maria | Marusjastyle

Maria was of the first Instagram accounts I started to follow when I became interested in blogging.  Maria is a fashion blogger and is originally from Russia. Maria lives here in the UK and she encouraged me to start my blog. Maria is one of the loveliest girls I speak to on Instagram…you can read her blog HERE 🙂

Kathryn | CherriesInTheSnow

Kathryn is another blog I love to read and she has recently changed her blog design too it’s gorgeous!! Kathryn is from the North West  and we share some similar interests too. I love her theme too, most of her photos are all blush pink, so so pretty too. Kathryn is the blogger I need to become real life friends with too….take a look at her blog HERE 🙂 

Kasie | Kasiebeauty

Kasie has one of the most loveliest Blogs and she has recently had a change up with her layout too. Kasie is so inspiring and her reviews are very thorough.  Kasie is very good at responding to comments and engages with her audience so well. I love it when bloggers interact with others too.  Kasie’s beauty room is INSANE!! So make sure you give her a follow too. Click onto her blog HERE..

Ambar | Herlittleloves

Ambar is another blog I have read since I started writing 🙂 Ambar is from the UK and recently moved over to Canada. I love how Ambar shares her life in posts too as well as sharing love for the beauty world. I loved Ambar’s christmas photos and posts, they are so beautiful. Ambar’s style is gorgeous!! Click onto her blog HERE

Laura | LauraMillsMakeup

I am a HUGE lover of pink when it comes to makeup products and showing them on socials. Laura has one of the most gorgeous Instagram accounts I have ever seen. Laura has been another inspiration from the start of my journey. Laura has also changed her blog design too and it looks amazing!! Laura also works as a makeup artist, she gives tips and advice in her posts too so if your unsure how to apply shadow or do a base Laura is your gal!!  Laura is also very friendly and we chat on Instagram too. Go take a look at her blog HERE

Taylor | Taylorjane

Taylor is a blogger I had discovered recently. I discovered Taylor’s Instagram account and fell in love with her feed. Taylor’s photos are so clean and crisp, definitely makes me want to buy one of everything she owns. Taylor also has makeup looks on her gram too something I need to do more of. Taylor has also changed her blog design. I love Taylor’s content, it’s a mix of beauty, skincare and lifestyle. I love her lifestyle content so much. Taylor’s blog can be found HERE..

Lily | Pintsizedphoto

Now of course Lily is going to make this list. Lily has been of my BIGGEST motivational bloggers since I started almost one year ago. Lily has the most inventive way of creating content for her blog. Lily also daily blogs which I believe is a very hard thing to do. I took part in Blogmas last year and it was very challenging yet fun too. I applaud Lily for giving us content frequently. I absolutely love her content and definitely click onto Lily’s blog daily. Find Lily’s blog HERE

Charlotte | Styleandsplurging

Charlotte is one of the most loveliest bloggers I know. I love her photos and content so so much 🙂 Her style is so simple but looks so so nice!! I love her photography style. Charlotte also blogs about fashion too and her outd’s are gorgeous!! Charlotte’s blog is one I have loved a lot from 2017!! 🙂 Take a look at Charlotte’s blog HERE 🙂

Lastly the account I am about to mention I have loved throughout 2017…she is one of the most inspiring bloggers I have come across. She definitely knows what she wants and just goes and grabs it. Her style, quality of photos, content, her engagement and her journey inspires me to grow my blog even more. Plus we all know wedding bells will be ringing for her soon and that’s 

Jodie | Jodiemelissa

Can’t wait to see your blog continue to grow and of course wedding photo’s!! Take a look at Jodie’s BLOG HERE

I have enjoyed writing out this post, It was the perfect opportunity for me to talk about some of my favourite bloggers right now. Definitely nominate some blogs you have been loving so far and lets spread positivity in the blogging world. All of these bloggers are so so lovely and deserve recognition no matter what…..

Which blogs have you loved recently????