The Magic Of Christmas

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The Magic Of Christmas

Hi lovelies, I absolutely love this time of year, presents are wrapped, the tree is up and everyone is that much happier…must be Christmas?? 💕 This month has been so so busy for me, mainly work and of course a lot of christmas shopping! So sorry for the lack of my posts from me this month, I’ve just not had chance to write as much as I’d hoped too🎄 In saying that I wanted to share the magic of christmas in a blog post and there’s no better time than right before the big day itself! I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s gift guides this year and all the festive photos on Instagram…one that has always been my favourite on Instagram is the lovely Cliona Hill…her feed is absolutely gorgeous and I just love her blog as well! 💕 

I contacted Cliona and asked her a while ago if she wanted to collaborate on a blog post with me over the festive season (she said yes, thanks hunni!) and we both decided to share what we love the most about Christmas! Here are 12 questions we have both answered so hope you all love our answers..

Your Favourite Christmas Films?

I absolutely love christmas films, some of my favourites include Home Alone, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street (a childhood classic), Home Alone 2, Jack Frost and of course Love Actually, it’s not christmas without these movies is it…

Whats’s your favourite Christmas candle?

I love candles all year round and when christmas arrives the thought of a christmas scented candle makes it that much more festive! For me Yankee Candle is THE absolute candle brand! Snowflake Cookie is one of the prettiest scents, I have this in my bedroom to match my pink decor! In our lounge we have Frosty Gingerbread burning, it literally makes the house smell heavenly and feels like you’ve walked into your very own gingerbread house…

What’s your Christmas tree colour scheme/theme this year?

We have two christmas trees in our home this year! I feel like this is becoming more of a trend here in the UK now! Who say’s you can’t have more than one tree at christmas. In my bedroom which is also my beauty room I wanted a pink tree to match my pink decor. I picked up a white tree and decorated it with all pink baubles, ballerina’s unicorns and of course fairies, this is my fairytale inspired tree..

In our lounge I have Scandi inspired decor so wanted to pick up a christmas tree that again matched the interior! I had always wanted a snowy flocked tree and I was so happy I found THE perfect one. You guys would have seen my lounge tree on my Instagram already, I just love how it turned out! Scandi vibes but in festive form from gonks, reindeers and ice skates it definitely puts a nordic feel in our lounge this christmas..

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

This one I have no problems with answering! It must be from when I was about 6 years old. My mum said I had woke up super early on christmas day and opened up all the christmas presents under the tree! (I must have been excited). I don’t remember what happened after that (in terms of being in trouble lol!) all I know is I had received one of those Girls World’s heads, the one that came with a makeup compact cos’ I had painted my mum’s face and gave her big red rosy cheeks! (Even at a young age I was obsessed with makeup). Having one of those gifts as a child kinda gives my age away doesn’t it haha!

Have you any special Christmas traditions?

I wouldn’t say we have any “special” traditions as such but waking up early christmas day whether your 5 years old or 25 says a lot about the holidays for us! Christmas as I’ve said is my favourite time of year and I like to enjoy a full day of festivities form unwrapping the presents, cooking the turkey and sitting down to the Mrs Brown Boys christmas special is what Christmas is for us, of course this year Gavin and Stacey is back on and that’s a must right!…

Do you prefer real or fake Christmas trees?

Growing up we have always had fake christmas trees. The thought of a “real” christmas tree sounds absolutely lovely yet finding the perfect tree and putting it up is a task I like to get done quickly. Having a tree as easy as 1,2,3 is for me! (Excuse the pun lol). I think I would stick to what I’m used to so a fake tree is the best option for us…

Your favourite Christmas food and desserts?

A roast dinner is so lovely on a sunday right! But when it’s a Christmas roast dinner it’s even better! For me it’s got to be the roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and of course the yorkshire puddings! Having mint and apple sauce is also a must as well! For desert it has to be christmas pudding and brandy sauce, I bloody love brandy sauce it has a nice kick to it, followed by some prosecco it’s a winner for me! You’ve also got to have some mince pies at the ready and of course chocolates…

If you could visit anywhere at Christmas time, where would you go?

I watched Miracle on 34th Street as a child, it was set in New York and I remember I always used to say “Im going to go there”, “I’m going to go there”. I dreamt of visiting New York or as some say The Big Apple for years! I had always wanted to visit NYC over christmas as it looked so beautiful. A few years or so ago i was able to visit New York with some friends and I absolutely loved it! We only went for a few days but it had to be the best few days of my life! New York is absolutely gorgeous, as a brit it seems so surreal especially when you see it in a movie but until you’ve actually set foot int he city you wouldn’t believe it actually exists! I would love to go again this time with the OH so I can show him how fabulous it is..

Are you an early riser or do you sleep in on Christmas morning? 

Definitely an early riser, I love to enjoy Christmas day even as an adult, who says it’s just for kids?..

What are you most looking forward to during the festive period?

I wanted to head to some christmas markets this year but we didn’t have enough time to visit any! We did visit some during our short time in Manchester but we weren’t there for festive purposes so just wasn’t as markets are a must in December there perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit! I also love to use holiday makeup sets especially on christmas day, there’s just something about using christmas collections on christmas morning..and of course spending time with family is the best too…

What’s your favourite beauty product for the festive period?

There’s no guessing when it comes to beauty especially at Christmas time. Ya’ll know I love Charlotte Tilbury so for me this year’s festive makeup is going to be all CT! I love gold eyes and berry lips, it’s my go to look for christmas day. My second favourite brand is of course Too Faced, their holiday collection this year is just the cutest, I’m in love with everything..

Do you like to stay in your pyjamas or dress up on Christmas day?

Pyjamas in the morning, dress up during the day! Once the presents are opened I’ve always got ready for christmas day, even if were staying home I’ve always worn a lovely outfit to complement the festive day, something sparkly and sequin is my perfect outfit for the big day…what’s yours?


What do you love the most about Christmas?


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