The Latte Palette | Dominique Cosmetics

Introduction to Dominique Cosmetics….

Dominique Cosmetics is a NEW brand to have entered the beauty world recently. I get so excited when a new brand is revealed and look forward to seeing their releases. Over the last few months one of the brands I had been most excited for was “Dominique Cosmetics” by Youtuber and Influencer Christien Dominique. Christien is also a freelance make-up artist and is of Guyanese-Portuguese, Mexican and Arabian descent. Christien also has a husband and son called Jaden. I have followed Christien on youtube for the longest time. I adore her channel and her personality shines through in all of her videos. Currently Christien is at 3.6 million subscribers on Youtube, 1.3 million on Instagram and 393k on Twitter. Christien started her channel back in 2009 and since then has become one of the most watched influencers on youtube, well in my opinion she definitely makes the top 10….

Recently Christien announced to her subscribers that she would be creating her own cosmetics line. Christien named her brand “Dominique Cosmetics” after her surname. As soon as she announced it I wanted to know more. Of course there were sneak peaks online and other social platforms we all knew what Christien was working on. Her first product in the range is an eyeshadow palette. I literally love eyeshadow palette’s. If you have been a follower of my blog for a while you will of course know that already. Christien posted a reveal video for the palette on her channel. Her first product is called “The Latte Palette”. Christien is a huge lover of coffee and I’m going to assume that’s what inspired her to make this palette. I have inserted Christien’s reveal video towards the end of the post. I highly recommend following Christien if your not already….

The Latte Palette is Christien’s first release. The eyeshadow palette has 10 pans which consist of 7 mattes and 3 foils. Christien did say in her reveal video that she wanted to create a palette that was easy to use by everyone and also a palette that could be multi-use. So whether your a beginner or an expert in makeup this palette would be perfect. I’m not necessarily a beginner but I’m no way a makeup expert. I create looks with the skills I have. I learn a lot from watching youtube and pick tips up along the way from counters and stores.  I really like the packaging of this palette too. I believe Christien did say the shade “Macchiato” inspired her choice of colour for the exterior packaging. I believe all the shade names are inspired by her love for coffee too. They all have a name relating to coffee. Incredible to think of 10 shade names in that area. I think I’m more drawn to the shade name “Macchiato” it has quite a ring to it. The packaging is crisp, clean and sleek. I also love the rose gold and white on the palette itself. Plus the pan size’s are huge which is nice to see…

The Latte Palette shade descriptions are of follows. These are not my descriptions of the shades. All credit goes to Dominique Cosmetics Website….

Hazelnut- Matte Warm Brown with a red undertone

Caramel- Matte Light Taupe with a cool undertone

Vanilla Creme- Matte muted yellow

Mocha- Matte chocolate brown

Pumpkin Spice- Matte rustic melted orange with with red undertones

Espresso- Foil brown with gold flecks

Macchiato- Foil Champagne with gold flecks

Creme Brulee- Foil copper rose gold

Cold Brew- Matte deep teal

Double Shot- Matte purple with red undertones

Christien announced that she was going to do a pre-order of the palette on January 24th of this year.  Sadly I missed the pre-order and thought I wouldn’t get my hands on it. Luckily there was an actual release date for the palette and I ordered one. From putting the palette into my basket and getting it on my doorstep the service was fantastic. At the moment the palette costs £30.07 in GBP. Due to the exchange rates between the dollar and the pound it will reduce or increase at times. I then paid shipping for the palette and got it within a matter of days. I have to say that when I made a mistake on my delivery address I contacted customer services. They responded very quickly and sorted the “glitch” out for me. So impressed with the service already…

As soon as I got the palette I needed to take it out of the box and do some swatches for you. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a sneak peek of the palette on my stories. I swatched it almost instantly specifically for today’s post. I’m super impressed with how the shadows swatched on my arm. I tend to swatch shades at least two to three times so that you can see some colour pay off. I always find most shadows when swatched once only show a little bit of colour. Since swatching the shadows I have to admit that I love this palette, the shades, the packaging, their names and how well they blend together has got me thinking what’s next for Dominique Cosmetics?? I have included the swatches for you below loves….

Row 1 from T-B Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla Creme, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice

Row 2 from T-B Espresso, Macchiato, Creme Brulee, Cold Brew and Doubleshot

I’m so impressed with the foils in this palette too. Everyone knows how much I love shimmers/metallics and foil shadows. They feel like butter when you swatch them and the foils are such gorgeous shades too. I really hope Christien creates some more eyeshadow palette’s, excited to see what’s next in her brand….p.s. her reveal video is below!

Do you follow Christien on Youtube? If not you can subscribe to her channel here HERE loves. Also if your interested in picking up the palette you can purchase form Christiens brand HERE