The Halloween Tag 2018

The Halloween Tag For 2018 

Hope your all having a fantastic Sunday. For today’s post I wanted to do a Halloween tag. I see these every year floating around social media so thought I would give it a go myself. I decided to answer 10 questions all about the Halloween season. I like to do these on the blog as I find them quite fun to answer. Take a look at my answers and maybe answer some yourselves in the comments…xo

1. What’s your first memory of halloween?

I remember halloween being all about “trick or treating”. I remember going to the shops with my mum and trying to find the cutest pumpkin bowl or bag to use when we went out trick or treating. We didn’t really get costumes when we were young and if you can remember the 90’s it was a bin bag with holes in to put your head, arms and legs through, class right! Our face paint was a cheap face palette from the pound shop or something and it was the best ever haha. Then out we went knocking on doors for an hour or so in the cold lol but I suppose the best bit was all the sweets at the end lol

2. What’s your favourite horror movie?

I am a huge fan of horror movies so I don’t think I could choose just one favourite as I love quite a few. One thing I will say is I love classic horrors not all these remakes you get nowadays! I much prefer the original 1978 Halloween with Michael Myers over a lot of horror movies

3. Have you ever played with a Ouija board?

You would think because I am a huge horror fanatic you would think I have! To tell you the truth I haven’t and don’t intend too. You see them a lot in the movies where people take the risk of using one and then something bad happens. I don’t think I’ve ever been interested in using one myself as I don’t think I could handle the consequences. Yes I think that something like this could have an effect on the spirit world and to only use with caution…

4. Have you ever played Bloody Mary?

Yes. We used to play this as kids in school. Obviously not during class but on breaks. There were always horror stories or “myths” floating around school so yes I did try it out with friends. To tell you the truth nothing happened and probably nothing ever will. You were led to believe that calling out bloody mary’s name three times in the dark would make her appear! We did have an urban legend in our old primary school where people used to say the ghost of one of the students would come out at night, it was because there was a really old gravestone in our school field and people used to say the spirit was connected to the school! 

5. If you got trapped in one scary movie, which one would it be?

Now this is hard. As you guys know I love horror, gore anything else related to that genre. This one I’ver had to think really hard on and I think I would choose Nightmare On Elm Street! I just love Freddy Krueger’s character and it would be amazing trying to fend him off, I mean another classic killer right! 

6. If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

Now this is an easy question. My answer to this would be a big huge yes! I am interested by anything like that and would love to spend a night in somewhere that was haunted. I am fascinated by how there could be an “afterlife” or another world. It’s just crazy to think how spirits can haunt somewhere they once lived/died or somewhere they had unfinished business with. You can tell I’ve watched too many horrors right?….

7. Would you ever go to a graveyard at night?

Yes I’ve walked through many graveyards at  night. The atmosphere doesn’t spook me in the slightest. I think the best time to walk through graveyards are on ghost tours especially ones in cities with history. The last ghost tour I went on was in Edinburgh and we also went on underground tours too, to areas of how the city used to look like as well as old prison cells etc 

8. How old were you when you saw your first scary movie?

Now this is a question I can answer without thinking about it for too long. As a kid maybe about 6 or 7 my mum sent me up to bed as it was a school night I think, not quite sure. All I remember was going up to bed and still being wide awake! I had my own little room as a kid, pretty much a box room with a single bed and one of those tv/video cassette combo’s (if your old as me you know the ones I’m talking about!). I popped on the tv and it was on channel 5 I think. I remember channel 5 used to put movies on later on in the evening. When the channel came on it happened to be original exorcist movie! If you have seen it it was on the scene where Reagan was long gone and she was being possessed! Her head was turning right round and she was stabbing herself…from that moment on I was corrupted I think….lol

9. Vampires or Zombies? If you had to be one which would it be?

I would choose being a vampire! I have dressed up as a vampire a few times over the years. I just love their story, their creation and how they all began. Obviously by watching different movies you see different perspectives on vampires I think. In todays world there are even stories of people claiming to be real lie “vampires” it’s just madness!..

10. Lastly, who is your favourite halloween movie director?

Now this is hard, just for the sake the question I’m going to go with John Carpenter because he directed the original Halloween movie and I can’t help that being one of the best! John Carpenter also directed the movie ‘Vampires” with one of my favourite actors in, James Woods! If you like a good vampire flick definitely check that one out..

Hope this is ok loves, I enjoy answering tag questions as it makes you think a little bit more and it’s always better when its related to a holiday or season. It’s almost halloween too….do you have your costume ready???….

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