Tanya Burr Neutral Ambience plus mini haul

Just how beautiful are these products from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I picked all of these haul items up from feel unique an online website. You can also purchase Tanya’s products from Superdrug.

For first impressions the colours and packaging are so so adorable, very girly and i love baby pink, peach, gold and lilac colours. I have always watched Tanya Burr on her you tube channel and you can find her channel here 🙂

Tanya uses her own products in her make up videos too and I always love the looks she creates using them so finally i picked up some items i had been wanting to get my hands on for quite some time. Tanya Burr has just released her newest collection the neutral ambience collection 🙂 In this collection there are two eyeshadow palettes and two lipsticks. I picked up the my paradise eyeshadow palette and bear hug lipstick. The eyeshadow palette retails for £5.99 on the superdrug website and £6.00 on feel unique.  The lipsticks are £6.99 on feel unique and superdrug. As soon as Tanya released her newest collection it looked so so lovely and i was instantly attracted to it. The colours are right up my street, the packaging just everything really. I have heard of Tanya Burr’s cosmetic line before however had heard mixed reviews about her products over time. I decided to go online and check out her channel as well as her blog post about her newest collection. The colours in her swatches were incredible and for the price i was shocked, you can’t go wrong with these palettes. I also browsed other youtube channels and instagram posts about her products before i made my mind up. I caved in and knew from the moment her new products came out i just had to TRY SOME!! 🙂 You can read Tanya’s blog post here 

My Paradise eyeshadow palette from the Neutral Ambience Collection 

Swatch of Bear Hug from the Neutral Ambience Collection  

Bear Hug lipstick from Tanya’s Neutral Ambience collection

I had also took a look at some of her previous releases in her cosmetics line. I was in love with some of her soft luxe collection and christmas releases from last year. I couldn’t believe you can still get some of the christmas releases on the feel unique website. So glad I managed to get my hands on them. I loved the look of the Beautifully Defined palette especially when Meg Says tried it on her youtube channel. I absolutely love Meg and her channel, she is like a breath of fresh air and truly support her journey 🙂 You can find Meg’s channel here 

In the Beautifully Defined Palette you get three eyeshadows, a powder highlighter, a bronzer and a liquid highlighter. This is absolutely stunning and so compact, i have been loving sets like this where you get multiple products in one package.  I cannot wait to try all of these shades, it looks simply beautiful and perfect for any beginner in make up..

 Palettes above are My Paradise (Neutral Ambience collection), Birthday Suit and Enchanted Dream(Both Soft Luxe Collection…

The other two products I picked up were the Birthday Suit and Enchanted Dream Palettes. I loved the colours in both, I didn’t want to swatch these just yet so I could get pretty photo’s for you guys. But trust me Im tempted to have a play with these on my next make up look.  The Enchanted Dream and Birthday Suit palettes are a spring collection that adds soft, neutral and pastel shades to Tanya’s cosmetics line. You can create natural everyday looks with some champagne, peach, brown and pink pastel tones. When i see tones like this it reminds me of summer time, palm trees and the beach. Instantly i thought of liquid eyeshadows and how you could use them on top of these shadows to enhance the look. Why not try Stila’s liquid magnificent metals over top of these for instant POP of colour to your look..i recommend kitten Karma if your have not tried any of those…

The Birthday Palette from the Soft Luxe collection

The Enchanted Dream Palette form the Soft luxe Collection 

Absolutely loved all the items I picked up, they are so so girly and can’t wait to purchase some more products from Tanya’s line. For now I shall try these and see how they last on my eyes, face and lips. Love love love neutral and pastel shades especially for spring and summer 🙂

Tried anything from Tanya’s collection???? let me know in the comments…..

Thanks for reading 

Leighanne xoxo

Photo credit to @Tanya Burr

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