Tanya Burr Inspired “Autumn Makeup”

Hey lovelies…I absolutely love this time of the year for makeup especially when you can wear a dark lip. I love watching makeup tutorials on youtube and feel so inspired by them. Tanya Burr is one of my favourite people on you tube to watch and one of her videos from last year inspired me with today’s post 😉 I’ve done a little round up of some makeup you can wear this Autumn season 🙂 Some of the items Tanya has listed in her product description are also in this picture but only the ones I have currently 🙂 The makeup look Tanya created is in the video at the end of the post guys.. Enjoy xo

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

This is one of my favourite high end foundations. I prefer to use this for occasions or on off duty days. I couldn’t bear wearing this for work especially at the £30 price tag. Its described as a full coverage foundation but to me it’s more medium coverage. I do find I have to apply two layers of foundation for an even look. The variety of shades in this foundation is amazing and I would recommend this if your looking for a demi matte finish. Tanya uses the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, I still need to try this have any of you guys tried the all nighter yet?..

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Eye

I had seen this concealer all over social media and never gave into the hype until quite recently. A friend recommended this to me as I was looking for a full coverage concealer but one that still brightens your eye area. This one is a perfect find and covers my eye bags, not extremely but enough for me to feel confident. It retails for £8.99 and I got mine in the shade light 🙂 

Illamasqua Highlighter 

Tanya used this product in her video not as a highlighter but as a lid topper. I absolutely loved this little trick she used and I gave it a go myself. Using the same shade “Epic” I applied it over the same base she uses. It’s absolutely gorgeous on the eyes you guys you have to try it. I never thought to use it like that until I seen Tanya’s video. This looks amazing for Autumn but it would also look lovely throughout the rest of the year too. I am obsessed at the moment with using highlighter shades on my eyes. I picked up this highlighter from the Illamasqua website, it retails for £34.00..

Tanya Burr Selfie Lash

I wanted to include this in this little round up as Tanya loves a good mascara. I am so happy she has released her own now. In the video she uses a Rimmel mascara, I don’t have that one so selfie lash is making an appearance in today’s post. This mascara is amazing, I can’t believe how gorgeous it makes your lashes look. I like to apply at least two coats of mascara too and one thing I did notice with this product is that it didn’t leave mascara marks around my eyes. That’s what I hate the most when you look like you have panda eyes. I actually won this mascara in the Instagram competition on TanyaBurrCosmetics page. I was so shocked when I received it in the mail 🙂 Tanya Burr’s selfielash retails for £7.99 affordable and better than some high end Masacra’s, def a MUST HAVE!! 🙂 

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise

When I watched Tanya’s video and seen this product I was so happy she chose the shade “Bette” in her video. This shade is one of my favourites from Charlotte’s eyes to mesmerise cream shadow pots. Bette is described as an amber gold and it truly is a stunning colour. It’s perfect all year round in my opinion and when you use this as a base and then apply Illamasqua’s epic it looks even more gorgeous. Your eyes stand out so much. I adore Charlotte’s cream eyeshadows. The eyes to mesmerise pots retail for £22.00 and if your undecided on this product watch Tanya’s video below or go take a look at Charlotte’s youtube channel too 🙂  There are videos on there all about the cream shadow pots…

Tanya Burr Lip Balms

Tanya released some lip balms in her summer collection this year. I like applying lip balms as bases for my lipsticks. It softens and nourishes your lips before application. I love the two she released as they have a scent but also have a tint to them too. I picked up the shades Strawberry Milkshake and Blackberry Coulis. They both retail for £4.99 too. Tanya said she wanted to have lip balms in her summer collection as she doesn’t always wear a lipstick in the warmer months. Definitely ideal as bases for the next two lipsticks I’m going to talk about…

Tanya Burr Sunday Walk And Mac Diva

I have talked about both of these lipsticks on my blog before. I watched Tanya’s autumn makeup look and started searching through my lipsticks to match she one she used. Tanya used Mac Antique Velvet, it is a darker brown lip and she paired it with chestnut lip liner. Unfortunately I don’t own a really dark brown lipstick except one and I don’t think it’s for sale anymore. I think Mac Diva would look gorgeous with this look and if your looking for a more nude shade I would recommend Tanya Burr’s lipstick in Sunday Walk.  Sunday Walk retails for £6.99 and Mac Diva retails for £16.50..

Mac MSF In Soft And Gentle

This is an oldie but a goodie. A highlighter from Mac that everyone and their mum must own 🙂 I didn’t pick this up when it was first released I got it last year I think. Soft and gentle is described as a gilded peach bronze and yes I have tried it as an eyeshadow too. This highlighter retails for £24.50 and looks stunning on the cheekbones. To me it’s a very subtle highlight compared to ones that are out now. Back then Mac soft and gentle was the highlighter to have. I recommend this even if you have a million highlighters to use mac soft and gentle is a collector’s item…

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze And Glow

My trustworthy CT scuplt and highlighter kit is almost out hence why I don’t have it open in this photo. It has ben well and truly loved. I got this last summer and the longevity of it has been incredible. For £49.00 I would recommend this if your looking for the perfect contour and highlight. I absolutely love both shades in this and feel they complement my skin tone very well. I got the product in light to medium and the highlighter is gorgeous, it’s a very subtle shade yet it still gives your skin a nice glow, nothing too intense though. In the video Tanya uses the Kevin Aucoin contouring powder which i still want to try however I feel i’m going to be loyal to CT and pick up another Filmstar bronze and glow 🙂 

Video credit to @TanyaBurr youtube channel

Hope you enjoyed this post, I had fun creating it. I feel inspired by makeup tutorials on youtube quite a lot and love looking through my makeup collection to see what I have that’s similar to products they use. I must own 75% of makeup solely based on youtube reviews or first impression videos.  Tanya is one person I can trust when talking about makeup, don’t forget to watch, like and subscribe to Tanya if your not ready….

Thank you so much for reading xo

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