Tanya Burr Christmas Collection 2017

Hey lovelies….I know were only in September but I wanted to show you guys what arrived in the mail from the new Tanya Burr Cosmetics Christmas collection for 2017. I absolutely love the design, packaging and creativity in this year’s collection. The berry red, white and rose gold theme is beautiful, there definitely the colours I gravitate towards at christmas time. I unfortunately didn’t get hold of much of the collection from christmas last year so knew I wanted to get my hands on this year’s. There is a total of eleven products in this year’s range and there available at both superdrug and feeluniqueguys 🙂 I have added some photos and brief descriptions of the products I picked up myself…xo

Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar

Tanya has released another beauty advent calendar for 2017. It retails for £30 but at the moment superdrug have it on offer for just £20, definitely pick it up if you want to get your hands on this. I have decided not to open the calendar yet as I want to save it for December. However I did take a sneak peek on the superdrug website and the products inside include 2 glitter pots, 2 glitter liners, 3 lip glosses, 3 nail polishes, a nail file and a mirror. The products look fab too especially the nail polishes. The shades look perfect for christmas, this calendar would be an ideal gift for the beauty lover of any age…

Tanya Burr Jingle and Mingle Night Palette

Now last year Tanya released palette’s into her cosmetic line. I got my hands on the “Beautifully Defined” palette from last year and loved it that much that I wanted to give her new palette’s a try too. I love the concept of these, there just so easy to use and you can take them with you when you travel too. The night palette is called Jingle and Mingle and retails for £18.00, currently it is on offer in superdrug for £16.00. The packaging of this palette is lovely. I love the dark purple theme and glitter on it .This palette has three eyeshadows, a bronzer, a lip gloss, an eye liner and a eye shimmer pot. The eye shimmer pot looks gorgeous, it looks like a sliver glitter and would look lovely as a lid topper :). You also get an eyeliner in this product now I’m not sure if Tanya released eyeliners in last year’s palette’s so I’m excited to see how it applies 🙂

Tanya Burr  Season To Sparkle Day Palette

Tanya’s day palette comes in rose gold packaging with a purple/berry red embossed ribbon on it. The packaging looks so luxurious too and it also has glitter on the top. I really like what Tanya has does with the packaging on these, it’s so pretty and girly. Tanya’s day palette retails for £16.00 but is currently on offer for £14.00. The palette includes a liquid illuminator, a cream eyeshadow, 3 eyeshadows and a lip gloss. The cream eyeshadow in this palette is in pencil form and if i’m right is a new release from Tanya this christmas. I can’t wait to start using this more, it looks like it’s going to be a popular release as I only managed to get it on the restock guys…

Tanya Burr Beauty And The Feast 

Tanya has released a really exciting product in this year’s collection. When I saw this on the superdrug website I was really intrigued by it. The product is called “Indulgent Beauty and the Feast, A Box of Beauty Delights”. The packaging of this is beautiful, I love the berry red and rose gold theme to it. It has pictures of a snow theme with shops, street lights and TANYA’S TREATS. The design of this item had me hooked from the moment I saw it. The Beauty and the feast retails for £50 again this is on offer too on the superdrug website for £40.00. These offers are ideal if you want to start getting gifts for christmas 🙂 The product includes 6 eyeshadows, a highlighter, one liquid illuminator, 2 matte lipsticks and 2 cream eyeshadow pencils. The lipsticks inside this product are 2 of Tanya’s new matte lipsticks which will not be released until next year. I love this bundle ,if your prepared to splurge I’d definitely recommend it 🙂

Tanya Burr Tip Top Treats

Tanya has released two mini gifts sets that include a double ended nail polish with a nail file. I got the  purple nail polish/ purple glitter one. It looks stunning especially for this time of the year. The other one looks like it’s a light pink with a white glitter top coat. These are perfect for stocking fillers and retail for £9.00. There currently on offer for £7 each on superdrug. Again the packaging they come in is superb I like the pun in the product name too “tip top treats” as they actually remind me of treats in a chocolate box like quality street or roses..

Tanya Burr Sweet Lip Creams

Tanya has released two matte liquid lipsticks in this year’s christmas collection. I absolutely love liquid lipsticks and when I seen these shades online I knew I had to get them. One is called Santa’s little helper and the other is called Blackberry Fudge. I love the names Tanya comes up with when she’s designing her products. The packaging for the sweet lip creams is berry red just like the night palette. I love how there’s tiny snowflakes on the box too, it’s just so cute. The product also comes with a ribbon keeping them nice and secure especially if your buying them as a gift for someone 🙂 The sweet lip creams retail for £9 but are currently on offer for £7 on the superdrug website..

Tanya Burr Lucky Penny

I love the lip balms Tanya released in the Catching the Sun collection during the summer. There were 3 lip balms in that collection. When I saw this online I knew I wanted to try it out, the silver packaging is beautiful and when it arrived I was so shocked at how big it actually is. I thought it would be the same size as the ones she released previously. You actually get 13g of product and the lip balm is peppermint scented too. The lip balm retails for £5 but is currently on offer for £4.00 guys. Again perfect little stocking filler for christmas..

Tanya Burr Glow Du Coco

This year Tanya has released a similar palette to one she had released last christmas. This year’s is called Glow Du Coco and it retails for £10.00. Again it’s currently on offer for £8.00. In this palette you get a bronzer, a highlighter and a lip gloss. For the price I think it’s totally worth it for 3 products too. The packaging is just gorgeous, the rose gold and berry red outer packaging also has a chocolate bar design embossed in it. Inside there is a mirror too, a lot of products like this you don’t always get mirrors in so in my opinion I would definitely pick this up….how can you not..x

The other products I have not yet picked up include the Tanya Burr A little Pick Me Up priced at £14.00 (currently on offer for £12.00)and the Tanya Burr Velvet Vanille Eau De Toilette. Yes that is Tanya’s first perfume release. I can’t wait to get my hands on that apparently it smells just like vanilla and perfect for the christmas season 🙂 The perfume is retailed at £18.00 and is currently on offer for £14.00 (out of stock at the moment though guys). The pick me up gift set includes a lip gloss and a makeup mirror in a cosmetics bag.I’m not too sure if I’m going to pick up this little set as the mirror comes in the advent calendar and I have so many makeup bags do I really need another?? I would have loved to have seen Tanya release the makeup bag on it’s own maybe…

Now I am still to swatch all the makeup in this haul and I will post about those products on a future post. I was just too excited to get some of this collection together and wanted to show you what they actually look like. I am so so happy to finally have some of this collection in my hands because If I remember rightly on one of Tanya’s vlogs from last year’s vlogmas she had been sitting in her kitchen having a meeting. Tanya had held up a paint colour chart and you could see berry and red tones on it and I think this is where she chose her colours for this collection (I maybe wrong but you’ll know what i mean if you have seen that vlog or is just me..) Hopefully Tanya will post a reveal video on her you tube channel soon(if she does I will add it into this post). If your keen to see those videos search for Tanya Burr Christmas collection 2017 on you tube there are a few videos up already *SPOILER ALERT*

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I managed to pick up, now to try it out and have some fun with it…

Thanks for reading guys xo

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