Tanya Burr Chasing The Sun Collection

2017 is going so so fast this year. Can’t believe were halfway through July already. Where is the time going??..However this year was the year I discovered Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I knew Tanya Burr had a cosmetic line but  to be honest I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of her products. I had speculated about Tanya’s products so much but due to social media I decided to give in and pick some up. My first haul can be seen here in this post and since then I’ve continued to watch Tanya on youtube and follow her on social platforms.

Tanya has a new collection out right now called the “chasing the sun collection” and its absolutely gorgeous. As soon as it was announced on her social media channels I knew I had to get this. I fell in love with the “my paradise” palette from the neutral ambience collection so much that I knew I needed to purchase this. You can pick up this collection from Feel Unique and Superdrug. I picked up most of this collection over at Superdrug where there is currently a 3 for 2 offer on.  The best thing about this offer is you can pick up items from Tanya’s other collections too not just the new one. I love the name of this collection and think it’s so relevant for summer. Tanya showed us a first glimpse of these products in a GRWM you tube video when she was over in LA.  The product I was most excited for was the highlighters. Tanya has highlighters in her collection especially when she does her christmas collections. I put all three highlighters into my basket straight away followed by the rest of the chasing the sun collection 🙂 

Tanya’s chasing the sun collection products

Illuminating powders in Warm Bronze, Peonies Please and Champagne Sorbet. All these powder product retail for £7.49 You can use these as highlighters, blushes or even eyeshadows. When I swatched these for the first time I was so surprised at the pigmentation, the colour really is true to the colour in the pan. The only thing I found with these is that there is fall out but overall fallout doesn’t affect me and I look for pigmentation and quality the most in a product. I really like the look of these products and think Tanya has done extremely well with these items. Looking forward to more highlighters in her collections 🙂 The packaging of these highlighters is plastic but looks so much more luxurious. The product is protected well and you get 12g of product, amazing 🙂 

The lip balms in Lime Pie, Blackberry Coulis and Strawberry Milkshake all retail for £4.99. I find the £4.99 price point on these are a bit expensive for what the product is. This is why I picked up all 3 on the 3 for 2 offer. You do get the product in a pot which I prefer than a tube. I have not swatched these products as I find lip balms are not that exciting to swatch however if you wish to see the swatches of the balms take a look at Tanya’s video which I have inserted in this post towards the bottom. I do find that lip balms are perfect for when your on vacation/holiday and are an alternative to a lipstick. I know Tanya did say she wanted to create a lip balm that you can use during the summer due to the hot weather. Tanya also created a pretty daytime look in her video when she used these. Sometimes when Im working I prefer a lip balm to a lipstick and so far I have been loving the strawberry milkshake balm. They are so so soft and make your lips feel moisturised rather than chapped and broken. 

Lastly in this collection Tanya created two contour sticks. The first one is light and the second is dark. They both retail for £6.99. I was going to pick up both however picked up the light shade to try these. I have never been a fan of contour sticks so wanted to try Tanya’s products first as they are an affordable price. I have used the light shade in a makeup look and applied this after my foundation and concealer. It blends really really well and you only need the slightest bit so the longevity of this product is amazing. I then apply a powder contour over the top and the effect is lovely, not over the top where your face can sometimes appear to be orange.  I remember Tanya did say that she will use the light contour stick when she is a lot more paler and when she has a tan she would use the dark contour stick. Just be aware that the lid can sometimes come off so keep it stored upright.  

Swatches of the illuminating powders from T-B are Warm Bronze, Peonies Please and Champagne Sorbet

Tanya’s real life GRWE video showing some products from her new chasing the sun collection 🙂

I absolutely love this collection and Tanya’s products have found a way into my makeup collection. Have you tried any of Tanya’s NEW collection or own anything from her cosmetic line. What do you think about her products…let me know in the comments 

Have a fabulous Friday, be happy, be you and smile 🙂

Thanks for reading guys xo

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