Tanya Burr Beauty And The Feast Collection

 Hey lovelies….its FRIDAY!! For most of you that’s a good thing as it’s almost the weekend. Sadly I’m working this weekend and have few more shifts to do before my annual leave…SO EXCITED for next week as were going away next weekend to LONDON 🙂 Prepare for lots of photos on my Instagram…:)

This year’s christmas gifts have been so gorgeous especially from Tanya Burr’s gifting range. Tanya has released christmas gifts all with a chocolate shop theme. I absolutely love everything she has released this year and the colour scheme is gorgeous. I got my hands on the Beauty and the Feast collection which is one of Tanya’s more expensive gifts in the range. To me it is shaped like a carousel and the design of this product is amazing. The Beauty and the Feast gift has a chocolate shop inspired design all around the outside. The attention to detail is just so beautiful. This was one of the gifts I wanted straight away when I saw it announced from Tanya Burr Cosmetics on Instagram.  The contents of this box are so beautiful and on Superdrug the Beauty and the Feast collection retails for £40.00, such a good deal in my opinion. The actual gift should be £50.00 so if you want it £10 cheaper grab one now guys….

The Beauty and the Feast Collection has 2 palette’s, 2 cream eyeshadow sticks, a face and body illuminator and 2 matte lipsticks.  I believe the matte lipsticks in this box are her matte lipsticks which are not out until next year. I absolutely love Tanya’s lipsticks especially for the price too. You can’t argue with what you get at drugstore price. Inside you have a face palette and an eyeshadow palette. The face palette is called “Sweet Cheeks” and has a a Blusher, a Bronzer and a Highlighter. Tanya’s face palette’s are amazing, the quality and the pigmentation are just as good as higher end palette’s.  I love the design inside this palette too with the TB embossed inside. I didn’t want to spoil it but had to swatch it you know. Tanya’s eyeshadow palette is called “Too Tempting” and has 6 cream eyeshadows inside.  You also get 2 cream eyeshadow sticks which I believe are new in Tanya’s gifting range. I was the most excited about these as I love eyeshadow sticks, there so easy and quick to use especially for 5 minute makeup looks.  There is also a face and body illuminator which was part of Tanya’s gifting range last year and last but not least 2 matte lipsticks which are sneek peaks of Tanya’s range for 2018. I absolutely love the contents inside this box and think she has a done really well with this gift 🙂 

The “Sweet Cheeks” face palette shades are called Toffee Crunch(bronzer),  Cocoblush(Blusher) and Champagne Truffle(Highlighter). It reminds me of her other face palette’s she has which you can buy all year round. The “Too Tempting” eyeshadow palette shades are called Creme de la creme, Gold star, Hazelnut cocoa, Christmas mocha, Cookies and cream and Chocolate coin. I absolutely love how she has named the shades all inspired by a chocolate shop. The eyeshadow palette shades are so creamy to the touch, they feel amazing for drugstore eyeshadows. I really think this year’s range has been the best so far and can’t wait to give these a go on my eyes.  The 2 matte lipsticks inside are called Belgian Truffle and  and Winter. The colours look so beautiful and perfect for the holiday season. Lastly her eyeshadow sticks are called Sweet sugar and Melt my heart…

Swatches from T-B are the Cream eyeshadow sticks and the “Sweet Cheeks” face palette.  Shade names are Sweet sugar, Melt my heart, Toffee crunch, Cocoblush and Champagne Truffle..

I am so impressed with the swatches of these products. The swatches were after one swatch with no primer or setting spray. The face palette has really good pigmentation to it but the cream eyeshadow sticks really amazed me. I couldn’t believe how good they are and the colours are gorgeous. I can’t wait to use these as I love using eyeshadow sticks on the bottom lash line

Swatches from T-B are the “Too Tempting” eyeshadow palette and Tanya’s 2 matte lipsticks for the 2017 holiday season. Shade names are Creme de la creme, Gold star, Hazelnut cocoa, Christmas Mocha, Cookies and cream and lastly in the eyeshadow palette Chocolate coin. Tanya’s 2 matte lipsticks are Belgian Truffle and Winter…

How gorgeous are these shades. I am so happy with the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks. The lipsticks look stunning in real life and they may be shades we have seen before in the beauty community but they felt like butter on my arm. I have been looking for shades like this and can’t wait to start using them. I think you have to pick these up if your a huge lover of Tanya’s lipsticks…

SO there you have it there’s my thoughts on the NEW Tanya Burr Beauty and the Feast Collection for Holiday 2017.  This would be such a beautiful gift for the beauty lover in your life. I really am happy with my purchase and now that I have swatched it for you guys I can start using the products myself. What do you think about Tanya’s gifting range this year, will you be picking anything up???….

Thank you so much for reading xo

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