Sunday Pamper and Beauty Loves

Who doesn’t love sundays right???I love it when you can rest and have a lazy day 🙂 I find these “lazy days” are perfect to have a bit of a beauty pamper. Personally myself I try to fit these sort of days in whenever I can, by far the best in my opinion.  For those working 9 to 5 shifts(so jealous btw…) a sunday is something I bet you look forward too whereas in my working life I probably have every other sunday off so I try to make the most of it 🙂 For today’s post I have chosen four items I have been loving recently….

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Charlotte Tilbury has a skincare product that I would recommend anyone to try.  I bought this product last summer and it has been a product that lasts. I say I would use this product one to two times a week and you only need the smallest amount. I grab this face mask when I feel my skin needs that bit more of a GLOW!! Charlotte Tilbury products are perfect for this and as described on her website the goddess skin clay mask features ingredients to tighten pores, moisturise your skin and clear any imperfections. This product is ideal for dry and problem skin. I think I would fall into problem skin as I’m quite prone to breakouts and blemishes and when I have applied this it just makes my skin feel so soft, I’m in love. You can pick up the face mask on her website here and it retails for £38…

Zoella Double creme sweet inspirations collection 

This is a fairly new product to my bath and body collection. I have been watching Zoella on youtube for many years now but never got round to trying any of her products. I see so many videos where she’s talking about her new releases as well as other youtube channels talking about them. I had  A LOT of her products on my wishlist so finally decided to order some. I took a look on feel unique which is a site I’m absolutely loving right now 🙂 I was so happy to see zoella products on a 3 for 2 offer so if you can imagine I put a lot into my cart…

The double creme body lotion I think was part of the sweet inspirations collection. The one thing that attracted me to Zoella’s products was the packaging, it’s just so sweet and adorable. Zoella is known to have a younger based audience especially when it comes to her bath, beauty and lifestyle products. I don’t think I would fit into the “teenage” category any more but what the heck if I like the look of something I’m going to buy it, there are no laws when it comes to shopping and what you shouldn’t/should buy. Zoella makes me laugh so much, I could sit and watch her videos all day 🙂 The double creme is described as a macaron scented product with nourishing sweet almond oil, caco and honey to leave your skin feeling silky soft. It’s retailing for £3.50 at the moment on feel unique so you should definitely pick it up. I think you can also pick up Zoella products from superdrugand Boots too..

Tanya Burr cosmetics matte nail polish in sweet chapter

Tanya Burr cosmetics is another brand I have been loving recently. Again just like Zoella I have watched Tanya Burr on youtube in the past. Recently I have caught up with Tanya’s channel too and decided to give some of her cosmetics line a go 🙂 I see so many pictures of her products over on twitter and instagram and they looked so beautiful.  The collection that caught my eye recently was the neutral ambience collection, the packaging and the shades were right up my street. I did a mini haul/first impressions on some of that collection,  take a look here to have a read 🙂  The nail chapter nail polish is so so beautiful and is like a cool toned grey perfect for spring and summer. This nail polish is part of the soft luxe collection. I picked this up from feel unique for £4.00 🙂 I believe you can also pick this up from superdrug too. I couldn’t find it on the superdrug website but you may be able to get it in a store near you..

Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Cream

I have always loved Imperial Leather bath and shower products. As a child I loved the smell of running bath water with imperial leather bath bubbles. My nanna used to work in the factory where they created their products and it was like christmas when nanna used to give us lots of their new products to try 🙂 I love anything to do with bath, body and skincare products and when I seen this line of shower creams I instantly fell in love. The colour of the packaging is just so so summery and I love marshmallows(especially in the autumn over a fire). I love the pastel inspired colour of the product and it sure does smell like marshmallow. Imperial leather products are so so cheap these days and most of the time their products are on offer too. I picked this one up from superdrugfor £1.80 and I think you can get the bath cream version too…ENJOY smelling like a marshmallow…lol 🙂 

So thats my sunday beauty and pamper loves, what products do you love to pamper yourself with, let me know in the comments???….have a happy sunday 🙂 Here’s a track I’m loving this week…..your welcome…:)

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