Starting A Makeup Collection

Starting a makeup collection can make you feel overwhelmed sometimes. When I take a look at the makeup I have now I dread to think what the actual total cost of it all would be. Collecting makeup and building your collection can take years. I first started purchasing makeup when I was a pre-teen. I used to love buying lip balms and this turned into lipsticks followed by eyeshadows and mascaras etc. Today I own more than the average person needs and I probably don’t need all of it. But it’s my passion, it’s what makes me happy. Today I wanted to share with you a few tips about what to pick up when it comes to starting a makeup collection…

Start With Drugstore Makeup

No one needs to be all fancy and rush out and buy high end products just because you have seen it on Instagram or youtube. But this is what we do..sadly we all get roped in by pretty products on social media. I have to admit I do. We don’t NEED that product but something in our minds tells us we HAVE to have it. When I started buying makeup the most part were from places like superdrug, boots, bodycare, supermarkets and even amazon. I liked to search for bargains and I think my most favourite product THEN had to be a nude lipstick or even a lip gloss. I used to think it was so cool having a lipstick from Maybelline, Rimmel or even Loreal. Back in the day these brands were THE IT brand to buy from. Everyone owned something from at least one of them. When I look back at drugstore makeup and how it was then to now I can definitely say it’s improved. I remember buying products years ago and  thinking these products are so good yet if I was to compare them with somethign I own now I’d probably think “gees what was I thinking”.  What I’m trying to say is if I was a teen now I would feel comfortable with purchasing drugstore makeup and be happy with it. Some drugstore brands are better than high end ones in my opinion….

Buy Products Your Going To Use And Not Hoard

There is no point in buying something in store, get it home and place it in the back of a drawer. Using products is better than having something collecting dust. Years ago I used to buy products I thought looked pretty and come home with all these different shades especially lipsticks or shadows. I felt great standing in the queue with all these different items but admit-tingly never used the crazy colours.  They were way out of my league oh and long gone by now. You have to buy those products that suit YOU. Don’t go and buy a foundation shade you have seen on one of your friends, seen an influencer wear or seen on a model in a magazine. It has to suit you, you skin tone, your skin type and your complexion. Again the same with a concealer, you have to buy the shade that will match your skin tone. I always agree with “buy a concealer lighter than your foundation” as a concealer can not only conceal blemishes, spots, shadows or creases but can highlight areas of your face too. One of my favourite concealers is the Tarte shape tape and I have that concealer in light and light to medium. Find out what type of mascara you love, the powder that sits well on your face, the eyeshadows you feel blend perfectly and the lip colour that looks amazing on YOU. I love how makeup brands cater to all skin tones now. When I was growing up they was only so many shades you could choose from…let me say that wearing a foundation that didn’t match your neck was at least something we all did wrong..

Learn Application Tips And Tricks

If your like me (still learning) who loves to watch tutorials on youtube, browse makeup brands online, visit makeup counters and experiment with makeup it’s always best to know how to apply makeup. In my early teens I had no clue what was the right thing to do, how you applied it or what my shade was we all just went with the flow. It was a TREND to wear makeup and looking back at some of my photos I’m in shock. A lot of us used to do what was best for us and experiment a little. There were no rules in makeup whereas I find even though people still say that now I still do think makeup has to be applied in a certain way, a way that SUITS YOU!!. I remember applying my foundation with my hands because there was none of these fabulous makeup brushes or blending sponges you see now. That was THE WAY to do it, as long as my hands were clean. Your probably thinking omg why did you do that because that was the in thing at the time. Today I still use my hands to apply my foundation( that may seem gross to you…), it’s what works for me. My foundation applies just as good as it would using a brush or sponge. I have tried these ways and I still go back to using my hands. I suppose it’s what your used to.  What I’m saying is if your someone who’s learning to apply makeup NOW you will be taught or learn how it’s applied NOW not in the 90’s or the early 00’s. I feel a lot of people’s makeup today looks lovely and “perfect” yet when I try to do a certain look it looks a mess. I apply my makeup the way I know how. Yes I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way and yes my makeup application now is different to how it was as a teen. This is all thanks to youtube, makeup artists and the industry changing. Never agree with someone who says “That’s not the way to do it” or “You have to do it this way” because again it’s all down to the person, find what you enjoy doing and stick to it….

Products You Need In Your Makeup Collection

I have been collecting and applying makeup for as long as I can remember. I can be one of those people that applies my base differently to my best friend or applies my highlighter differently to the THAT influencer on social media. I always find every single one of us use the same products but in a different way. To us applying our foundation may be right but to another person it may appear to be wrong. I want to share some products I think are must have’s when it comes to starting your makeup collection….

1) Definitely pick up a primer whether thats a pore filler, dewy or mattifying, a decent primer will lock your foundation in place

2) A foundation for your skin tone and type. There are so many foundations on the market these days and you can feel slightly overwhelmed. I would do some research on what foundations would work best for you whether you like light, light to medium or full coverage. Maybe go to a counter and ask for a colour match…

3) A concealer that does what you want it too. You can buy different types of concealers now whether that’s anti aging, covers blemishes, covers dark circles or even brightens. I love a full coverage concealer and of course one with brightening properties…

4) Buy a powder that’s going to set your foundation (a very important step!). You can buy compact powders and loose ones. I vary between what powder I use. It’s only in the last few years I started to use loose setting powders..

5) Prior to setting your foundation with powder you can also use cream products. In the last couple of years everyone went crazy for the sculpt and highlight trend. Yes I do contour but more so with powder than cream based products. If you do wish to contour with cream products always do this before setting your powder as cream on top of powder looks so muddy (trust me I accidental step lol). When it comes to contouring with cream products you would contour the exact same way with powder but you definitely need to blend it in more…

6) Besides cream contour you can always apply liquid highlighter too before setting your makeup

7) Once you have applied your base I always find adding a brightening or banana powder under my eyes. This is what works well for me as I have terrible under eye circles. I have done this step for years and I can definitely see a difference..

8) Now when it comes to my brows I used to use brow pencils all the time. I then went onto brow powders then pomades etc. I guess following the trends. Now I use a brow powder that isn’t too expensive and it does the job. I picked up a brow tint recently which I love. I feel brow trends come and go you just gotta find what works best for you..

9) Applying eyeshadow can be so daunting sometimes. You want to try and recreate a look you seen your favourite youtuber did but then when you try and do it it’s a utter mess. I find with eyeshadow there are no rules. You can apply your shadow after you have set your makeup or you can apply your eyeshadow before your base. I always like to use an eyeshadow primer and some like to use concealer and then set it with an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. I always like to stick to neutral colours for my shadow but quite recently I have been mixing it up with a bit of colour. You can always apply shadow under your waterline too but always blend it out…

10) For mascara I love one that gives my lashes a bit more length and added volume. I have quite long lashes anyway so a mascara with a thick wand are some of my favourites. Bottom lash mascaras are so hard to find but I do have one I love and can’t finish my makeup off without it. Bottom lash mascaras have a much smaller wand and cling onto those tiny lashes the way you want it too…

11) I absolutely love a powder highlight. I own so many highlighters and like to rotate them on a daily. As always you highlight down the t zone, tops of your cheek bones and your inner corner highlight. I like a blinging highlight and sometimes use a setting spray or my mac fix plus to intensify it a little..if you like to glow then glow..:)

12) I love to powder contour and use Charlotte’s filmstar bronze and glow. I contour my cheekbones, my forehead, my jaw line and sometimes my nose. Always make sure you blend your contour in though. Over my powder contour I sometimes use a bronzer if I want a bit more of a healthy glow. Again use the bronzer in the same places you would to contour..

13) I’m not a huge fan of blush and don’t own a lot of blushers. If you love to pick up blushers then do..

14)Lastly when it comes to your lips you can use lip balms to prepare your lips for lip products. I love to use lip liners, lipsticks, matte liquid lips, satin liquid lips, velvet liquid lips, lip gloss you get my drift. Choose a colour for your look, you can choose a nude to a bold red or even pink….do you 🙂

I hope some of these can be useful for you, this is just some advice and tips I’ve learnt along the way. It may not be the right way but it works and it does the job. Are there any tips you can give me that I may have missed out or have no clue about? Hope you enjoyed todays post…if you like posts like this let me know in the comments….xo