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WE ALL  love some inspiration no matter what the season!! Recently the weather has been fab and i’ve found my self scrolling through instagram(sat in the sun with a wine of course) more than i have any other social media platform. I have used instagram for quite a while now and since starting my blog i have come across some lovely feeds. I love finding new people to follow and i’m a sucker for pretty pictures especially with pink, lilac and neutral tones.  Instagram is worldwide i know and i could possibly list every single account i like but for today i’m going to highlight some accounts i’ve been loving recently. All of these accounts inspire me every day and all in different ways. I’m still learning with my blog and i’m really happy how everyone supports each other, this platform has been great for me so far and i really appreciate all of your continued love and support….

Amelia.Lottie has the most gorgeous feed ever. As soon as i came across her instagram i loved it instantly. Her pictures are beautiful and have a hint of pink and neutral tones. You can see that amelia really thinks about her set up in each picture. I can see a lot of charlotte tilbury in her photo’s, this got me hooked straight away as i’m a huge fan of charlotte’s products too. This account really inspires me to be more creative with my pictures. Go check out amelias blog here  I would definitely recommend taking a look at her account if your a beginner in blogging just like myself 🙂

Kasie.Beauty has a lovely account. I love that her pictures all have a theme to them and she also contains one brand photos in her feed. Kasie Beauty is so lovely, we have chatted on instagram too. Kasie then got me interested more in tarte cosmetics, i finally found some products and did a huge haul!! Thank you Kasie for introducing me to tarte cosmetics. Her instagram stories are great too as she will sometimes highlight products more in these and you get to take a closer look. Kasie really influences me a lot when it comes to layouts of my pictures and blog posts. Go check out her blog here 

Elleymae is an account i have discovered recently!! WOW i’m amazed by her layout, her set up, the colours and overall her incredible feed!! As i’m scrolling through her feed i’m instantly drawn to the bright colours in each photo. I love too faced and benefit products and her make up collection looks divine!! Elley Mae also created a group for bloggers on facebook so of course i had to hit JOIN!! Who wouldn’t right….i love this profile and had to take a look at her blog. She gives such amazing advice and tips when it comes to blogging and i love that..def an account i’ll be coming back too. Go check out elley mae’s blog here

Lauramillsmakeup has such a beautiful account!! Her pictures are perfection, with a hint of pink and beige tones with a marble background. You can see straight away that Laura has a pink theme with all of her photo’s. I have followed Laura’s account for a long time even before i started blogging, i just love her pictures! Her make up collection is gorgeous and her pictures also tempt me to try new products.  Laura is also very supportive and we have chatted on instagram too. Love being part of her community on this platform. I would definitely go look at her blog online, you can find it here.

Recently i came across another account on instagram and that is jodiemelissaxo. Her feed is a mixture of beauty and lifestyle posts. I love her feed and every single picture is just perfect. Jodie melissa really inspires me when it comes to creativity and layouts in pictures. I know i’m only a beginner and i could mention so many accounts out there but jodie’s really does inspire me to create a clean colourful feed. Her photography skills are great jodie if you see this send me some photography tips, much appreciated!! Go check out jodie’s blog here 

Now when it comes to bright and light pink shades you need to go take a look at jadeannloves instagram account. Jadeann is another instagram feed i found recently. I love how she interprets flowers into her photos and the photos look incredible. Jadeann is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from cornwall. Jadeann is now in Wales and i’m so happy to come across bloggers in the same region as myself.  Jadeann really does inspire me to think about my theme more when it comes to props and accessories. Jadeann’s profile is really girly and i love that about it. Go check out jadeann’s blog here.  

Elliesbitsofbeauty sure is an account you need to follow.  I love her how her feed has the marble background with a hint of beige, gold and pink tones. Ellie is  a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Lincolnshire. I love how her pictures contain a lot of drugstore products and you can see that her pictures really are effortless looking. She’s the first account i’ve seen that seen that uses confetti in her photo’s. I love that it puts a unique touch to it 🙂 Im in love with ellie’s profile, it really is the little things. Go take a look at ellie’s blog here.

Now this account really has me hooked. As soon as i found her profile i just kept scrolling, liking ,scrolling and liking. Bit extensive right but you know when you have found a great account this is the one!! Fridayfaye really has such a beautiful feed that i must go on her account daily to see if she has posted something new. Faye’s account is very neutral with a hint of pink and i love how the products in the pictures match her theme. Faye really has thought about her layout and set up of her feed. Accounts like this are winners in my eyes. I definitely recommend checking out her blog here.

This account is a recent discovery too. Spreadthesparkle is an account i really want to give some credit too. Kara really is a lovely blogger who shows her lifestyle, beauty and fashion loves all in one feed. Her pictures have a hint of beige, lilac and pink to them all with a marble background. The account is stunning and def one i would recommend taking a look at. Kara is at 806 followers currently and it would be lovely to get her up to 1,000 subscribers here on instagram. Go check out her blog here

Now you might think that this post has been a long one, it has I AGREE but i wanted to give some love to the accounts that have really inspired me recently. Im fairly new to blogging and love how there are so many accounts that you can take advice and tips from when it comes to writing your posts and creating a instagram feed. As most of you may realise my theme is purple/lilac and i use props and accessories from my home to enhance each photo. Again my instagram also contains some lifestyle photos as i don’t want to be generic and turn into a robot right..we’re all human and i love how every single one of our profiles shows that little bit more about each person..

LASTLY I wanted to give some credit to where credit is due. This account is by far one of the most lovely, genuine, honest and beautiful feeds i have ever seen. This profile just goes above and beyond and her love for fashion is like no other 🙂 Long before i started blogging i came across this profile and found myself liking her photos and commenting. I think she deserves more followers and is the reason i started blogging. 

Her energy, charisma and persona in all of her pictures is just magical. When you go onto her profile it just makes you want to SMILE!! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Marusjastyle for inspiring me more and more every single day!! 🙂 Maria has also started a youtube channel recently and i would definitely go check her blog out here and her youtube channel here

I want to thank  everyone who has got this far in this post..yes i know it was a long one but sometimes you just gotta chat away right. This will be the first blog post i  credited others for their amazing accounts and websites. These accounts really do amaze me every day and i want to thank all of the people mentioned above for their POPPIN’ feeds!! Keep posting and being you…:)

Thanks for reading…

Leighanne xoxo

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