I am in no means a make up artist or beauty expert. I am just a girl who has a huge passion for beauty so all reviews are wrote out by myself .  All products are purchased by me unless I have stated otherwise.  I am not creating these posts to show off or brag about the makeup I have I am purely showing my readers what I love to do, it’s my passion and it’s also what makes me happy. I enjoy the products I purchase so any item shown will have my genuine opinion attached to them. Please remember that everyone is different and will enjoy different products suited to their liking. I am happy to try out new products relevant to my blog..


This is a PR friendly blog and sometimes I receive products either for review or just as gifts. I am happy to collaborate with brands and create some amazing content for my readers!!  All reviews will be my own thoughts and opinions. If I receive PR items they will not always be reviewed on my blog but could pop up on my other social media platforms  so please feel free to take a look there too. If they do feature on my blog they will have a *  in the title, this means that it’s a GIFTED post and there has been no content requested from the brand! (I have chosen to share information about the product/s on my blog). All gifted items will be highlighted!

For products I receive where the brand has asked for content this will be highlighted in the title’s post with **. This will mean that it’s a AD GIFTED post. The brand will have asked for a review or social media coverage whether that’s on my blog or other social media platforms!

**Some post titles may have ** and that’s because I’ve wrote about products that have been sent for review purposes (alongside products I’ve bought myself) Product Names will have ** next to it so that the audience will know what was sent for review purposes. Those products with * are gifted by the brand and it’s myself that has chosen to share content not the brand requesting it! **

Any social media posts that contain discount codes are codes sent by the brand for my followers to use if they choose too. I do not use any affiliate links on my blog…

**Any posts I share on my social media platforms will have details of products that I have bought even if a brand has sent out products previously!  For brands that have sent me products previously this will be put in the post itself!**  

For example ****sent out a PR/Gifted parcel in the past but I have repurchased the product I was testing..

The above will only be shared if I have had contact with a brand in the last 12 months not for products bought from a brand I have never worked/or collaborated with! 





I am open to sponsored content as long as the brand and the content they are asking for relate to my aesthetic on social media. I will only accept sponsored content from brands that I would personally purchase from myself! If I do have the opportunity to create sponsored content it will clearly be disclosed at the beginning of a post!




All photos used in my posts and social media platforms are taken by me (unless stated otherwise, all credit will go to owners of photos I have used if not mine) . All videos I use in posts are clearly for advertising and all credit will be displayed in the post. Any photos you do use which are taken by me could you kindly credit me thank you..

If you  would like to get in touch or you have any questions email me at leighannesheila@outlook.com or you can contact me through my social links too.  It would be lovely to hear from you!!

Thank you so much xo