Pink Princess Glam Brushes*

Pink Princess Glam Brushes


Hello beauties, you can probably tell by now that I have taken a new direction with my blog and Instagram, mainly focusing it on all things pink and magical! (Hope your liking everything so far!!) I absolutely adore unicorns, magic, mermaids, Parisian vibes and anything with a romantic fairytale to it! As you know I love blush pink and recently decorated at home so when the most prettiest parcel arrived I felt like I was in my own fairytale…


I absolutely love makeup and makeup brushes of course! I have always adored makeup brushes with a girly vibe to them, anything pink that’s fit for a princess! I recently received the most dreamiest PR parcel from the lovely SL Miss Glam! 🙂 Stephanie has a youtube channel SL Miss Glam and SL Miss Glam Vlogs, of course I’m subscribed to both (you should be too if your not already!)  For the longest time I have been browsing Stephanie’s online store and become obsessed with how pretty and girly her products are, from makeup brushes to cosmetic bags her site is somewhere you can float away into a pink perfect dreamland!

You can go take a look at her website here loves, SL MISS GLAM BEAUTY

Stephanie loves pink too and has created her brand full of fairytale, unicorns, mermaids and glitter, kinda leaves you wondering what Stephanie will surprise us with next! I adore her glam brush books and had them on my wishlist for such a long time especially her pink glam brush book! I just can’t get over how beautiful they are, from the design to the packaging and even the shipping boxes are amazing!



This has to be the most prettiest and loveliest PR parcel I have received since blogging! It’s so me, just everything about the brand is stunning! The brushes came neatly packaged in the most cutest shipping box I have ever seen, from mermaids and unicorns to candy and donuts it really has my heart, Im in love with how girly and enchanted everything is! Even the thank you card it came with is just the cutest-

“Princess vibes have arrived beauty! I can’t wait to see you SPARKLE FAIRYTALES”

I had no clue what Stephanie was going to send over, keeping it a surprise was the best thing ever! I obviously knew she had some new brushes out which were released on Valentines Day this year and have since been restocked too! (Everyone is welcome in this pink fairytale) AS soon as I opened the box I was absolutely in shock at what was in there, Stephanie kindly sent over 5 pink pouches containing the most beautiful brushes I’ve ever seen! How can I use these, there just too gorgeous, but of course I’m going too just to feel like a real live princess! All of Stephanie’s brushes are synthetic too…

Inside the Unicorn Love magical box there was one makeup brush set and 4 single brushes! Im just in love with how feminine and girly these brushes are, with Stephanie’s signature gem on each brush handle it just makes them that much more special you know, I love how unique they all look, so so pretty 😉


The Pink Glam Brush is the most loveliest design I’ve ever seen, inspired by Barbie this makeup brush is of course white and pastel pink! Of course we all loved Barbie as a kid (personally I loved Sindy too!). Stephanie’s brushes are super soft and of course are cruelty free. This pink brush is the flat powder brush and perfect for setting translucent or pressed powders as well as applying bronzer to your cheekbones. How versatile is that, I love wearing both powder and bronzer so can see this brush is going to be well loved…


Marble, pink, white and rose gold! What more could a girl ask for! I absolutely love the rosegold ferrule, the silver gems match the marble brush design, now pretty is that! This brush can be used for applying blush. I’m not a huge lover of blush but now I have the perfect blush brush I think I need to invest in a pink blush to match the brush of course…



How gorgeous is this brush though! The baby pink and powder blue brush hairs are so gorgeous, the silver ferrule and glitter handle is the most loveliest combo ever! With a blue and pink crystal on the ferrule it makes the brush look so much more magical! Again this brush can be used for powders and all over the face application! I am so excited to use this one as I have been using the same powder brush for quite a while (eww I no) and I’ve definitely been wanting to switch up my brushes! You can also use to apply bronzer too beauties…

Stephanie released the glitter expert brush for the holidays and I can see why she designed this one the way she did. Glitter is perfect for the holidays, this would look so sparkly on your vanity over the festive season too!


Sparkle into the holiday season with this gorgeous glitter fan brush! Perfect for applying highlight along your cheekbones and down the nose. I absolutely love highlighter and use it on a daily so the perfect fan brush is ideal for magical application! Sparkle like a goddess with this gorgeous baby pink, blue and glittery brush for sparkle season! Im just in love with how the crystals match the brush hair and handles, so cute!



Saving the best until last the Pink Cotton Candy Face & Eye Set really had me by surprise! I did not expect Stephanie to put this set into the unicorn love box, I am so thrilled she did though as this had been on my wish list too! I absolutely pink and cotton candy so this brush set is perfect for me, I’m in love with how well rose gold, baby pink and blue go together, the crystals are so gorgeous and just channel my inner princess!

Inside the Pink Cotton Candy set there are brushes for blush, the face and eyeshadow. Inside the set there are x7 brushes, the PG05 Angled Blusher, the PG44 Tapered Face, PG42 Round Blusher, PG15 Eyeshadow, PG18 Fluffy Crease and the PG34 Blend Beauty Brush! I love eye brushes as I love applying eyeshadow so much, one of my favourite items in makeup!


Photo credit to SL MISS GLAM (Stephanie Lewis)*

I absolutely loved writing this post, it has been one of my most favourite posts so far since I’ve been bogging! I want to “THANK SL MISS GLAM” for sending over the most gorgeous parcel I have ever received in my entire life, I just can’t over how pretty her her brushes are, turns every girl into a real life princess I think! I have my eyes on some of glam brush books cos why the hell not! The Pink Glam Brush Book is at the top of my list followed by the Enchanted Princess Mini Brush Book because I’m in love with the design, the illustrations are so so cute!

Photo credit to SL MISS GLAM (Stephanie Lewis)*

I also want to congratulate Stephanie and Ryan on becoming mummy and daddy to Mia and Sophie too, those twins just have my heart! They so flipping cute and their little smiles are contagious just like Stephanie’s brushes! I highly recommend them if your looking to add some princess vibes to your makeup collection….

Have you tried these pink glam brushes yet?

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