Pink And Nude Charlotte Tilbury Picks

With Valentines day just around the corner and spring coming up I  had an idea to start talking about products that I love all with pink and nude hues. When I think of these colours the brand that screams out to me the most has to be Charlotte Tilbury. I love soft and natural makeup so I took a look through my CT collection to see what I have. Today I wanted to share with you some CT loves….

For anyone that knows me well CT has to be one of my favourite brands. You can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing a product in her collection. There’s something for everyone whether your on the hunt for a new eyeshadow palette or a lipstick CT has you covered!!  I have an obsession with eyeshadow palettes and one of my favourites is The Legendary Muse palette. I believe this was a 2016 holiday release so I don’t think you can purchase it anymore. All of CT’s palette’s come with a prime, enhance, pop and smoke shade. This palette is gorgeous and can take you from day to night. What I love the most about these palette’s is that all the pop shades in them are stunning!! To me this palette has an array of pink, gold and nude shades, it’s so beautiful. If I remember rightly this palette also came in the “Look In A Clutch’ gift set that was released in 2016 and briefly last year too.  If I was to recommend palette’s similar to The Legendary Muse it would have to be a mix of The Golden Goddess quad and The Uptown Girl quad….

Another favourite of mine are Charlotte’s face palette’s. Charlotte has released three altogether, The Natural Beauty, The Seductive Beauty and The Beauty Glow palettes. I own two of them and my favourite has to be The Seductive Beauty palette. It’s such a stunning face palette, so easy to use, compact and perfect for travelling with. Inside each palette you get three eyeshadows, a bronze/sculpt shade, 2 blush shades and a highlighter. You’ve basically got everything you need in one palette 🙂 These palette’s retail for £49.00 too. I love The Seductive Beauty one, you can see the pink and nude tones in the palette. It has a hint of taupe and chocolate brown to it as well. Another interesting fact is that I plan to use this up more because my trusty Filmstar Bronze and Glow is running out. These palette’s come up with the sculpt and highlight shades from that palette too so it’s win win really 🙂 

I have also inserted two of Charlotte’s youtube videos using The Seductive Beauty palette and the Hollywood Liquid lipsticks (I do not own these videos nor were they made from myself)

I love wearing nude and pink lipsticks at this time of the year but then again nude lipsticks are some of my favourites all year round too.  Everyone must own CT’s iconic lipliner in Pillowtalk!! When CT announced the release of a lipstick in the  matte revolution formula I died when she said it was called Pillowtalk. I knew I had to pick one up. This shade is so beautiful, I’m actually wearing Pillowtalk lipstick today!! This would make a lovely gift for a girlfriend/friend/wife on valentines day too. Another favourite lipstick has to be one from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range called Penelope Pink. It is a nude lipstick with a pink undertone. Charlotte named this after the screen siren Penelope Cruz. I reach for this on a daily and love to wear it with a nude or gold shadow. Definitely one I recommend if your on the hunt for an everyday nude…

A product that was fairly new to my collection was one of Charlotte’s Hollywood liquid lipsticks. When these were released everyone went crazy for them. I can understand why. There so creamy and comfortable to wear. I picked up three shades from the range. However one of my favourites has been the shade “Rising Star”.  Rising Star is described as a warm pink but in my opinion it has a peach hue to it as well. The only thing I found was if your eating and drinking it can come off quite easily but what lipstick doesn’t these days. Charlotte’s liquid lipsticks retail for £24.00..

What products have you been loving recently?