October 2017 Makeup Bag

Hey lovelies…hope your all well 😉 I decided to put together some products I have been loving in the month of October. I love reading these kind of posts as everyones likes and dislikes are so different 🙂 I decided to try out a couple of new products this month so here’s my makeup bag contents throughout October….enjoy xo

Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Foundation

I like to use full coverage foundations and have always used Maybelline for my go to foundation. I love their better skin foundation but sadly you can’t buy it anymore. I get mine online however this month decided to go for one of their newer releases. I picked up the Superstay foundation in the shade nude beige. I absolutely love a nude shade I tend to go between light beige, nude and nude beige depending on what the brand is. When I applied this I noticed straight away that it was going to be full coverage you can almost tell when you squeeze that first pump out of the bottle. It sat nicely on my skin, covered blemishes really well and looked so nice with my concealer and powder. I like matte foundations and you will definitely love this if you prefer a matte look. I also have oily to combo skin and I love how it matched my skin type too. The foundation is for all skin types though so don’t let that worry you. It just goes to show that you don’t have to splurge on a foundation for it to look good on your skin. The foundation retails for £9.99 at superdrug guys…

Stila One Step Correct Primer

I absolutely love Stila as a brand. Their liquid eyeshadows are amazing and by far one of the best products in the beauty industry. I decided to splurge a little and spend above the average £10 plus on a primer. I read so many good reviews on this primer that I decided to pick one up and try it out myself.  This product is actually  a primer, a colour corrector and a brightener in one. I was so amazed by its packaging and the contents inside. It is designed to even out the complexion using 3 pigments. I hate eye bags and have always suffered with purple and blue undertones in my skin so when I used this the area under my eyes appeared brighter almost. It also helped to cover scars where spots and blemishes had been. I fell in love with this product straight away and for £24.00 it’s definitely worth it in my opinion..

Tanya Burr Chasing The Sun Contour Stick

I had always been quite nervous to use cream products whether they came in a pan or stick form. I was so used to using powder contour products. When Tanya Burr announced her summer collection a few months ago there were contour sticks. I knew I wanted to give it a go but thought to myself it can’t be that bad. I watched a few videos as you do on how to cream contour and decided that Tanya’s would be the perfect product to try without spending too much cash. I got the light to medium shade for £6.99 at superdrug guys. When I tried it I felt like I was doing something wrong in my makeup routine but when I blended it in it actually looked quite nice. It didn’t give that orangey look like most contour shades do it blended so nicely in with my foundation. I also feel that the packaging looks so luxurious too for the price however just be careful with the lid it comes off quite easy…

Colourpop Supershock Shadows

I love Colourpop’s eyeshadows especially the super shock ones. I just can’t believe the pigment, the quality and of course the variety of shades for just $5.00. I am so impressed with Colourpop as a brand I just wish they had a UK stockist too. It’s so cheap to purchase from them and you get free shipping over a certain amount. It’s just the customs you get when they arrive. In my opinion customs is neither here nor there when your getting good quality products. Im an eyeshadow junkie as some of you may already know. My weakness is definitely eyeshadows and when I discovered Colourpop’s super shock shadows I couldn’t not try them. I added two shades to my makeup bag this month. The shades “Coconut” and “Liberty” are two of my favourites. You can wear these shadows as lid toppers or on their own. When you swatch them the pigment is mind blowing. You do not need a fixing or setting spray with these either. Liberty is the most silver looking metallic I have seen and Coconut looks blue in the pan but it almost has a teal effect to it. I absolutely can’t wait to wear the shade Liberty for the holidays..

Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow Highlighters

This has been a summer staple for me and I am still using it now. I picked up one of the Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glows from her summer collection in the shade “Fiji”.  The product is a loose powder highlighter and retails for $14.00. The highlighter was introduced in the vacation collection and had been recently repackaged for her fall collection. I am in love with this shade. You only need to use the tiniest amount and the pigment is insane.  Just go in lightly with your brush and you can see the pigment it picks up before application. I am so impressed with this product from Kylie and when you use mac fix plus to your brush it gives so much more of a glow to your look. I have also used this as lid toppers too and it looks beautiful. This is a gold shade guys so if you love your gold highlighters this would be perfect. I believe these were very popular when her summer collection was released too…

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise

It can’t be a complete makeup bag without a little tilbury right. I am in love with her brand and the eyes to mesmerise pots are by far some of my favourite products from her line. The shade “Marie Antoniette” is gorgeous. I recently picked up another one of these because I love the shade of this one. It’s described as an oyster gold and to me looks like it has a little bit of a purple sheen to it too. I love applying these all over the lid alone or over a matte shadow for a bit of oomph. I own all of Charlotte’s eyes to mesmerise pots and love how quick and easy they are to use.  You only need to use the smallest amount as it goes quite a long way. They are perfect for travel to when you don’t want to carry a palette around. I would highly recommend these if your looking for a new cream shadow to try…btw they retail for £22.00 guys 🙂

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks

I decided to save the best ’til last. Of course it has to be one of Charlotte’s matte revolution lipsticks in the shade” Bond Girl”. You know when your looking for that perfect berry red lipstick this is it. I didn’t think I would like it because I’m not really a red lippie girl I tend to go for more nudes, browns and berries. When I tried Bond Girl I fell in love. It looks more mahogany terracota based to me and looks so lovely with her Dolce Vita palette or any red toned eyeshadows. I love wearing this in the fall season and it’s so creamy too. What I tend to do a lot is layer on lipstick like there’s no tomorrow. You seriously don’t need to it that it’s just a habit I have. Only one coat will do guys, its nowhere near drying either and for £24.00 it ought not to be…

Besides the usual Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in tow I have absolutely been loving Spectrum Brushes. The bristles of these brushes are so soft and their design is stunning. I have got a fair few of spectrum brushes in beauty boxes too and I can’t believe how good they are. I absolutely love the look of the mean girls set and would love to have that in my collection. So there you have it that’s my October makeup bag, what products have you been loving recently??

Thank you so much for reading xo

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