New Autumn and Holiday Palettes 2017-Pick Up Or Leave On The Shelf

Hey lovelies…. this has to be one of my most anticipated posts to write so far this year.  Were almost halfway through October and brands start releasing their autumn and holiday products 🙂 I absolutely love the autumn and winter season especially all of the holiday makeup that is released for christmas!! For holiday 2016 I picked up a few palette’s and my favourite ones has to be these four. I was so impressed with Too Faced’s holiday palette’s that I picked up the Hotel Grande Cafe and Merry Macarons palettes from Debenhams. I believe these palette’s were similar to the holiday 2015 christmas in Paris palette’s. I also loved Kylie’s holiday 2016 palette, the silver shade in that was amazing. My favourite palette from last year has to be the ABH Master Palette by Mario. This came out before the holiday season and unfortunately it was limited edition.  I do believe there is a second palette in the making with ABH and Mario. Keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂 So you guys I decided to do a post about all those brands I’ve seen so far announcing their holiday palette’s, do I pick those up or leave them on the shelf?? I’ve done a round up of palette’s being released this year and I’ll give you my opinion on each one…enjoy xo  (PHOTO CREDITS TO @GOOGLEIMAGES)

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette

Am I one of the only ones that’s not give into the HYPE that is Fenty Beauty. Rihanna Fenty created her makeup line and released products from foundations to highlighters. I am an absolute makeup junkie although I’m just not as excited over her first releases than I am her upcoming holiday collection. The holiday collection is RELEASED TODAY guys on her website. I am absolutely loving the look of her new holiday range especially the galaxy palette. The shades look stunning and from what I’ve seen on trendmood and in Desi Perkins first look video I’m in love. I absolutely love metallic and shimmer shades too. The colours look so lovely.  I really want to pick this up but i’m waiting to see how much it’s going to be first.  It is released October 13th YAY . Here in the UK you can pick up her cosmetics at Harvey Nichols 🙂 

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Urban Decay are a brand I used to buy a lot from. Urban decay sparked my love for makeup so many years ago. My first palette from Urban Decay was the UD NYC palette. If you can remember that palette your definitely an Urban Decay fan. Recently I picked up the naked heat palette which I absolutely love. As soon as I seen the announcement of the heavy metals palette I loved it straight away. Shimmer and metallic shades are my favourite and the colours in this palette are beautiful. I seen the first swatches on trend mood and was drawn to the neutral colours in this palette. On the left hand side are the brights and on the right the neutrals. I usually try to find swatch videos on youtube but as of yet I’ve not seen any. I really want to get this palette too but waiting to see more reviews on it first . Luckily the urban decay UK site is stocking the heavy metals palette NOW for £43 🙂 

Tarte Cosmetics Tartlette Toasted Palette

Again Tarte are releasing another nude/warm toned eyeshadow palette. Tarte are a brand I’ve recently aded to my makeup collection. I recently did a post on the tartlette in bloom palette which is also a neutral palette. The NEW tartlette toasted has more warm tones to it. I absolutely love the look of this palette. It also reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. From watching videos on youtube some said they weren’t sure on the UD naked heat palette and wanted to wait for this release. I ended up picking up the urban decay palette and really want to get this too. There are the standard 12 shades in this palette just like the tartelette and the tartelette in bloom palettes. In this one it has 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. I am loving the shimmer shades and can’t wait for it’s release on October 15th. It will be on the Tarte website guys. I’m hoping QVC UK may stock it as they sometimes stock new releases too 🙂 

Natasha Denona Lila Palette

Natasha Denona is a brand I have been wanting to try for such a long time. I have heard her shadows are one of the best on the market, they should be for the price in my opinion. I have always stalked the website and never really picked anything up as I can’t justify £40 for five shades (5 pan palette cost). When I was looking at the five pan palettes they were stocked on Beauty Bay now I can’t find them on the site. I have seen so many pictures of the brand new Lila palette and feel like it’s so similar to Huda’s new desert dusk palette. I believe it also released around the same time too. Natasha Denona as a brand is high end to me so I took a look at some videos on youtube and was mesmerised by the swatches. The plums colours look so beautiful which tempts me to pick it up. I have never bought anything from her brand due to the cost really. As much as this palette looks like ultimate goals I’ll be passing on it. The $129 dollar price point puts me off A LOT. I don’t know how someone can pay that amount for an eyeshadow palette. It’s available NOW on her website if you want to try it out. Plus you don’t get free international shipping unless you spend $200 or more….WHAT!!…no thank you

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

In saying that this brings me onto the next palette. I am a huge fan of Huda Kattan, she’s such an inspiring role model for all women. I have some products from her Huda beauty line and love them. Unfortunately I don’t own the rose gold palette YET but I do want to try that one. I believe it’s getting discontinued too so i’m not sure I’ll pick that up. Huda’s palette’s retail for £56 on cult beauty. When I seen the announcement of her new DESERT DUSK PALETTE I fell in love instantly. The huge trend right now in eyeshadow palettes are metallics, plums and pinks. I absolutely love the look of this palette. It has 18 shades in the palette of which 8 are mattes, 6 are pressed pearls, 3 are duo chrome and 1 is a pure glitter. 10 out of those 18 shades look gorgeous. I really want to pick this up and give it a try. Has anyone tried this palette yet, what do you guys think of it??..

Video credit to @Jazzi Filipek Youtube channel

Laura Lee Cat’s Pajamas Palette

Laura Lee is by far one of my favourite youtubers.  Laura Lee has quite a following on this platform and also owns the brand Laura Lee Los Angeles. Laura announced her makeup line was coming out and it’s first product was of course an eyeshadow palette.  It had to be right though who else agrees? When I first seen this palette I was like OMG Laura is releasing her own palette. I then watched Laura’s video on her youtube and thought her swatches were amazing. I instantly put this on my wishlist. There a few mixed reviews on this palette on youtube at the moment. The more and more videos I have seen slating Laura on this release is beyond pathetic.  I seriously don’t understand why people bring her down. Yes she’s a youtuber, yes she has her own personality, yes she will defend herself and more importantly she’s human. I just wish internet trolls would seriously grow up. I applaud Laura for having the guts to start her own cosmetic line because you know what it’s hard work. No I’m not a makeup expert in that field but you can see just how much hard work goes into creating a product you love and want your viewers to love. I have watched Laura on youtube for years and I’m happy for her and excited on this release. Cat’s Pajamas is released TODAY you guys for $40 🙂 

Video credit to @Lauralee youtube channel 🙂

Anastasia Beverley Hills Prism Palette

Now this is a release I’m sitting tight for. I really like ABH as a brand and love the modern renaissance and master palette by mario products. The subculture I’m still on the fence about as most of you know it had quite a bad reaction to it from fans of her brand. The subculture’s formula was apparently different to the modern renaissance so the shades appeared unblendable, appeared patchy and had huge fallout. From the videos I seen on youtube at least 75% were slating the subculture palette. Yes I have to admit I was influenced by those results and didn’t pick it up. Recently I’ve seen reviews where people have made it work and they say if your a beginner it’s not a palette for you. It’s on my wishlist but at the moment I’m just going to wait and see if my opinion on it changes. RECENTLY ABH announced their new holiday palette for 2017. It’s the PRISM PALETTE. I am absolutely in love with the design, it’s packaging and the shades in this palette. I seen the clip from Norvina that is circulating on youtube right now and knew I wanted to pick this up. There have been reviews saying that it’s similar to the subculture and there have been reviews that have genuinely liked it. From what I have seen myself Im excited for this palette’s release. It is out on the US ABH website at the moment but I’m waiting for it’s release on the UK website. I did a poll on my Instagram asking you guys if you wanted a post on this and YES I will be picking it up once it’s for sale here in the UK. You can purchase the palette here guys. I’m not to sure on the UK release date either. I absolutely love the shades in this palette, Dimension, Pyramid and Throne look amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on this…

Video credit to @Anastasia Beverly Hills Youtube channel

Video credit to @Kendall Alfred Youtube channel 

Kat Von D Saint And Sinner Palette

Kat Von D makeup is a brand I have not yet tried…EVER!! I don’t know what it is I’m just not drawn to her products. I think she’s an incredible person and would be willing to give her brand a go. i believe Bow And Arrow is quite a popular shade form her liquid lipsticks. I love liquid lipsticks so if I do pick up anything from her brand it would be that shade. I have also heard her lock it foundation and concealer are meant to be good too.  When I seen her NEW saint and sinner palette on trendmood I have to admit I liked the look of it. The design and her packaging is unreal. I believe Kat also designs her products herself which is amazing. I decided to watch some reviews on it from some of my favourite youtubers in the US. I believe it’s already out over there and here in the UK it has just been released on Debenhams for £52.00.  I watched quite a few videos on this and seen so many mixed reviews on it. When I took a look at the swatches I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I felt like the colours didn’t look right together and the palette just doesn’t cut it for me. At £52.00 this palette is the perfect collector’s item gift but i’ll be passing on this I’m also looks like the ABH prism palette above!

Too Faced Boss Lady Palette

Too Faced are one of my favourite brands in makeup. I absolutely love the iconic chocolate bar and the sweet peach palette. Last year I picked up of two of their holiday releases from Debenhams and was so lucky to get my hands on them. This year they have brought out three collector’s edition palettes with a prep diary planner sort of theme. To be honest I’m not too keen on this year’s design or packaging. As cute as it may look I’m just a bit disappointed.  I believe Too Faced have released a Sephora Exclusive called The Boss Lady Beauty Agenda.  Here in the UK we don’t have a Sephora store but you can pick it up online. The Boss Lady palette retails for $58.00 and you get the palette with a melted matte liquid lipstick and a mini size version of their popular too faced better than sex masacra. At first I wasn’t so keen on the idea of this palette but I’ve seen more videos now that state this palette is a lot better than some of their previous holiday palettes. What I mean by that is the formula is better. A lot have said there not as chalky or have incredible fallout. To me it makes me want to pick it up now but i’m going to wait and see what others have to say first. I believe that Debenhams don’t normally stock sephora exclusives either so if you want it I’m afraid it’s shipping and customs guys..

Too Faced Best Year Ever Palette Collection

Now this is a collection you can purchase here in the UK. This collection is called Best Year Ever and it comes with a mini too faced better than sex mascara and a makeup bag.  When I first seen this again I was incredibly disappointed with it. How can a brand go from last year’s collection to this one. I feel like this is more childlike I don’t know why it just is. It’s perfect for teenagers in my opinion, those in school and college. The idea is cute but i don’t think I’ll be picking it up. For £46.00 as well I feel like that’s a bit steep for what your getting. I feel like there a lot of repeated shades in this collection too. Not much more to say on this but it’s totally up to yourself what you think about it..

Kylie Cosmetics The Purple Palette

Now i know this is not a holiday palette but I wanted to include it in this post because it has released during the Autumn season. Kylie Cosmetics is another brand I like to purchase from again you can get hit with shipping and customs but it’s totally worth it. There are some products I genuinely enjoy from her brand. Recently Kylie released her fall collection and in it is her purple palette. I feel like there are so many brands releasing purple toned palette’s this year and I love that. I don’t think she’s ever released a palette for fall and when I seen this one I wanted it straight away. BUT then there was so many people saying that it reminded them of last years holiday palette. To be honest it does slightly but that would never stop me form purchasing it. I really want to get this palette and it’s on my beauty wishlist. For $42.00 it’s the same price as her bronze and burgundy palette’s. Kylie revealed the palette on her snapchat and then trendmood posted it on their Instagram page. I really like the look of this palette but again I want to see more reviews on it first…

Tarte Cosmetics TreasureBox Palette

With Tarte being a recent brand added to my makeup collection I have never bought anything from their holiday lines. At first when I seen this year’s collection I wasn’t highly impressed with it.  I just wasn’t drawn to the design of the palette. NOW I have seen more reviews on this I’m a bit on the fence, the colours in the palette look stunning though. I mean once again there are more warm tones, I’m just thinking do I need to get another warm toned palette that looks similar to the upcoming tartelette toasted. This palette has 24 shades, 11 appear to look like shimmer shades and the remaining 13 look like mattes. Tarte also ship to the UK now guys and so the products will have an english pound attached to them. I believe this one retails for £57 and you get free shipping if you spend over £40 so that’s good.  I would love this for christmas if I don’t own anything from Tarte at all so it’s perfect if you want to treat yourself or a love done this christmas. It’s also limited edition too..

Tarte Magic Star Collector’s Set

Now this one I like the look of to be honest. Yes I’m fussy when it comes to palette’s but this one is so cute and for £42 it’s much more affordable in my opinion.  The colour scheme is slightly different to the treasure box and this one has 25 shades, 9 are shimmers and the remaining 16 are mattes. You also get two lip paints, an eyeliner and a mascara in this set. To me the packaging looks bulky and the sort you would have sitting on your dressing table rather than in a drawer. The palette also a bronzer, highlighters and blushes so it’s ideal as a gift for those that have never tried tarte makeup before. I’m not sure if I’m going to pick this up as i don’t fancy spending huge on customs this year, I might wait and see if QVC uk stock anything from their new holiday range. This palette is also limited edition guys..

Tarte Buried Treasure Palette

Again I’m not fond on the look of this palette either. This palette has 10 shades and is their new rainforest of the sea formula.  I’m not too keen on the design of this product being mosaic themed. I believe this year’s collection is all mosaic themed too. The colours don’t look like anything new, the pricepoint is good for £30 and the shade names are cute but that’s it. I just don’t feel the shades look good together and don’t feel inspired by it. I think I’m going to pass on this one guys…

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar

I got a glimpse of this on trendmood over on Instagram. This is what happens when you look out for new releases. I don’t think Too Faced have publicly announced this yet but they are going to be releasing a white chocolate bar palette. This is part of their chocolate bar palette line. I believe that this palette is going to be out this year but I’m not sure when. Apparently it’s part of their holiday collection but i can’t see it on their site or Debenhams yet. In Debenhams the chocolate bar palette’s retail  for £39 and you get 16 shades.  I feel like this palette looks pretty pastel with the odd chocolate brown and black thrown in. I’m not sure on the green shade but Too Faced are known for just throwing one wacky colour in their palette’s.  I really like the look of the shades exotica and black sugar. Because  love the chocolate bar palette’s I feel like i have to get this to complete the family. Can’t wait for a release date..once I know I’ll update you guys..

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Day And Night Palette’s

Now all of you know how much I love Tanya and her cosmetics line.  Recently I did a post on her new holiday collection for 2017. The collection is all chocolate box shop themed and I absolutely love it. You can find my post here guys 🙂 This year Tanya has released two palette’s one for the day and one for the night. The day palette is called A Season To Sparkle and the night palette is called Jingle And Mingle. Both palette’s are perfect for the holiday season and retail for £16.00 and £14.00. They are currently stocked on Superdrug and Feel Unique here in the UK. The day palette is £14.00 and the night palette is £16.00. I absolutely love the design of the palette’s they look more high end than drugstore.  They feel so luxurious and the products are beautiful. If your in the UK I highly recommend you go into your nearest superdrug store and pick them up. If your international feel unique ship worldwide too..

Becca Cosmetics Apres Ski Eyelights Palette

I absolutely love the look of this years Becca Holiday Collection. I own a few products from Becca but never bought anything from their holiday lines.  I believe this eyeshadow palette is in the shimmering skin perfector formula. So if your a  fan of moonstone, opal or champagne pop you will like this palette. The product has 7 eyeshadows in two finishes, satin and shimmer.  I really like the design of this product, it’s packaging is beautiful and the shades are very neutral but still stunning.  I love how Becca describe it as warm fireside inspired shades. Moonstone, Topaz, Opal, Rose Quartz are the palette’s shimmer shades and Hot Cocoa, Toasted Marshmallow and Pearl are the satin shades in the palette. At first I didn’t really like the look of the palette but the more and more I look at it I fall in love. It’s the design I think and how perfect it is for the winter season. I love the ski feel it gives and it definitely reminds me of the french alps for sure. It makes me want to go and stay in a cabin surrounded by a roaring fire and toasted marshamllows. I really want to pick this up as well. On the Becca website it retails for $45.00 and on cult beauty here in the UK it retails for £40.00 guys. I would pick this up straight away If I saw it in a store..

Too Faced Gold Chocolate Bar

Again I saw a glimpse of this palette on trendmood. I believe Jerrod Blandino apparently said that Jackie Aina (you tube star)  released a sneak peek of this palette.  I’m not sure when this palette is being released but have heard it could be over the fall or holiday season. I am in love with this palette as most of the shades look like shimmers. I absolutely love shimmer shadows and the chocolate gold shade looks stunning. I think it may be a similar price to the regular chocolate bar palette which is £39 guys. I also like the look of the shades gold dipped and famous.  There’s not much more I can on this one until more information is released but I know I want to pick this up already…

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette

Now this would not be a palette collection post without a little Charlotte Tilbury thrown in. Now most of you know how much I love Charlotte Tilbury and I was so excited about this palette. Charlotte announced a presale on her new palette and allowed everyone to get there hands on it for 24 hours only. By the time the presale was live I had gone off this palette. I watched so many videos on it and most say that the shadows were not pigmented as her regular quads are. It’s also a very neutral palette and it’s Charlotte’s first 12 pan shadow palette. Now I agree this palette is ideal for any of you that don’t own any of Charlotte’s 4 pan palette’s and is perfect for christmas. I don’t think I’m going to pick this up and for £60.00 I don’t think I would have even if i didn’t own any of her palette’s. I just can’t justify the price for a very neutral palette. Charlotte Tilbury as a brand however is one of my favourites in the beauty community and I will continue to love the products I have..

So there you have it that’s my round up of eyeshadow palette’s that are are either out NOW or coming out for the holiday season. What I will say is don’t let my opinion of products stop you from picking up anything you like the look of. We all have different opinions on items and have our own thoughts about new releases….Hope you enjoyed this post guys, let me know if you own anything already, what are you going to pick up?? xo

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