My Belle Inspired Parisian Fairytale

My Belle Inspired Parisian Fairytale 


I have been so excited to share this post with you guys for the longest time. I had been wanting to redecorate my bedroom at home and I am so happy with how it turned out. I wanted to share this Belle inspired room with you on the blog as I know so many of you are going to love it. From Blush Pink, Parisian decor, ballerina’s and whimsical unicorns I’m sure this transformation will inspire you to get creative….xo


If you have been following me on Instagram for quite a while you will have known that my bedroom was very dark and gloomy (in my opinion anyway lol!). I hadn’t decorated for quite some time, my walls were a dark grey, my curtains were black and my bedroom furniture was white. It kinda looked ok but the only thing that brightened the room up was the odd sunshine and the white furniture. As much as I loved the grey walls and darker curtains(then!) I wanted to brighten the room up, make it more modern, girly and more me!

You would think that my bedroom matched my Instagram feed right but no my decor was completely different! I absolutely fell in love with the shade pink when I started my feed, it kinda just went in that direction. I sorta got inspiration from my own feed to be be honest (as silly as that sounds!). I started browsing Pinterest for some bedroom inspiration and felt slightly overwhelmed by all the choices there was. I literally typed in blush pink bedrooms and there was so many photos, I guess that became my chosen colour. I then started to think of ways I could inject a little more ME into the bedroom and it’s decor. I love Paris and everything about it so knew I wanted to find some decor and style my bedroom with fresh blooms and some french elegance! First thing that came to mind was Coco Chanel so of course I needed some prints! I love silk and velvet so this was going to be my choice for furnishings. I absolutely love Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she is one of my favourite disney princess’s so I wanted to add a little touch of fairytale to the decor and of course some magical unicorns as there just the cutest!

I started planning everything just after christmas so the last couple of months have been so busy, I had to think about the cost of everything, paint, decor, linen, decorative accessories you name it. I literally went all out and probably spent hundreds on redecorating my space! I searched online for hours, browsed in stores for days and finally found lots of things I knew I would love….


The Process

I have such a small bedroom so it’s quite surprising how much furniture I have in it! It kinda works out ok, yes it’s like an assault course to get around but it just goes you know…! Of course when it came to painting my room it was not as easy as choosing decor trust me! My ceiling needed doing again so I spent at least two days or more doing that, covering all the furnishings and trying to paint a ceiling with hardly any room is a nightmare! Lol somehow I managed to do it and it looked so much brighter! 🙂

If you guys remember me saying I had annual leave this month I spent the majority of that week painting my walls and glossing the skirting boards, yay fun week for me not! Of course I had to buy paint, painting equipment, gloss, rollers etc which was another cost to have! The walls needed cleaning, furniture needed moving and covering and after that it was time to paint the walls. I literally had spent two to three days painting mainly because the walls were grey so it took at least two to three coats with the new colour. Of course I could have just painted it white first then painted on top of that but I was just so inpatient and wanted to do it straight away. From paint in my hair to paint on the walls it got done, yes there was some errors, there was some touchups of course and finally I managed to do the glossing which included the window ledge and my bedroom door. I was so so so tired when I had that week off, felt so grubby because I spent most of the week covered in paint, not a pretty sight trust me! Trying to toggle moving bedroom furniture and painting at the same time is so hard…but it was time well spent….



This was the best part of transforming my bedroom (obviously!). By this time I already knew that I wanted it to be a Blush Pink, have a Parisian vibe, contain unicorns and of course still show my love for ballerinas! Yes there’s a bit of a mix but that’s just my personality lol! One minute I can be all about fantasy and fairytale than the next I’m craving waffles underneath the eiffel tower so there you have it! I got so many gorgeous items, I’m actually over the moon with them! I wanted to add more unicorns into my room decor and found so many decorative items from places like The Range, New Look, Next and even Asda! Most of them were all reasonably priced too, definitely check out all those stores if your looking for some unicorn inspiration for your home! A lot of them were mugs which I just used as decor, I’m planning to put makeup brushes into them as well 🙂

I absolutely love candles at home and always have done so there was no surprise that Yankee Candle would find it’s way into my space again. I wanted to update my candles to some more pink toned ones and fell in love with the scents I got. One of them was from the home inspiration collection that Yankee do in Asda. The scent I got was Pink Island Sunset which is very similar to Pink Sands in the original line up. I also picked up the Blush Bouquet candle from the new sunday brunch collection, it smells divine! It smells like lillies, peonies and citrus, so gorgeous! Plus it’s pink too which is even better! I also got some candles from The Range too and Next which are so beautiful and smell lovely too 🙂

I also wanted to add more prints to my bedroom, this came after I discarded the idea of putting shelves up. I just didn’t fancy drilling into my fresh painted walls to be honest and as much as me saying they would have looked good it was just too much hassle! The prints in my bedroom before were from Desenio, I didn’t get rid of these as I love them so much so I put them back up on the wall they were previously on. I did look on so many sites for prints and opted for Deluxe Prints and With Love Teddy! I’m so happy with the prints I got, I had already showed a sneak peek of some of them on my Instagram recently! Those were from With Love Teddy! 🙂 I think I found these sites via social media too so definitely take a look! The prints I bought were all very Parisian Inspired too which I’m so happy with!..

I added some flowers, trinket dishes, put some pr parcels on display and of course some of my favourite perfumes with a pastel hue to them! I also updated my bedside tale lamp, added some new bed linen and cushions, and of course changed my curtains! My bed linen is of course from Next and my curtains are from Catherine Lansfield!

For my vanity space I didn’t update much there apart from putting two prints on the wall above my mirror! There’s not a lot of space for me to put anything else in that area so just updated the space on the wall to give it a bit more oomph! I would like to get new dressers but right now the ones I have are ok. I had also been looking at the mirrors you can get with storage but not sure if one would fit where my mirror is now! I have also been looking at other storage options for the bottom of my bed pretty much just to take things off the floor, I’m lusting over these storage trunks from Beautify, that’s the only option I have!

There are some other bits I want to get but probably will over time but for now I think everything I have is plentiful…

The Outcome

After all the preparation, the painting, the shopping and redesigning it’s safe to say that my bedroom is a little more ME! I am so so happy with out it turned out, I didn’t think I would be able to get it to how I wanted it! I just had the idea of how I wanted it in my head and went from there! I just love how the blush pink makes everything look brighter and more girly! It has taken such a long time to get it to how I want it and I’m in love! 😉 Plus the colours are on trend too!

I also want to add some blush pink jewellery boxes or holders, get some new drawer handles and perhaps fill the room with some pink peonies, chrysanthemums and carnations cos why the hell not! Only wishing i had a big four poster bed, voiles up at the window, a rose in a jar and my very own beast lol! 🙂


Hope you have enjoyed reading through how I have completely changed my bedroom (as much as I can!) and hope it will you some inspiration to redecorate at home, thanks so much for being so patient with me whilst I did it all (on my own too!)….xo

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