Mini Spring Primark Haul

Hello lovelies!! I decided to do a primark haul recently as I have been hearing some really good things about the store at the moment. We don’t live near a primark so travelled two hours away from home to pick up some goodies!! However there is a primark store opening soon near where I live so I can’t wait for that 🙂 As you can see from the photo I did a mini haul and brought home some lovely new purchases, especially from the beauty and homeware sections…

Primark throw and heart cushion

In the homeware section I picked up this cushion and throw, they are so soft and the quality is amazing. I think the cushion was £3 and the throw was £6 🙂 I have been changing some decor in my bedroom and put more of a spring vibe into it. I recently got some new bed linen if you can see, its got lots of pineapples all over it in different colours. I was in love with this the first time I saw it as pineapple designs are such a HUGE trend right now!! It matches my furniture now, YAY i get so so excited about the smallest things, that’s just me lol. I picked up the bed linen from studio if you want to pick it up for yourself…

Ps love Angled Brow brush, hairbrush and PS pro powder

FOR anyone that loves doing their brows with a powder or pomade you can get an angled brow brush for just £1. I usually use a spoolie to brush my brows into place and then choose a product to fill them in with. I have been using brow pencils recently and thought I would give an angled brush a try. I have tried using pomades in the past and I must say I prefer pencil application. However I am trying to use different products for my brows recently so this angled brush will come in handy for that. It just takes practice to get them how you want them, after all I’m no expert..

I couldn’t help walking past the beauty section in primark so when I swatched the tester of the mattifying pressed powder I was shook!! OMG the pigment is amazing and I thought I’m definitely purchasing this as it would be perfect for everyday make up looks or even makeup looks for work, school etc It retails for £5 which is absolutely amazing for a pressed powder. It’s part of the PS PRO range. I picked up the shade nude beige and it also contains an spf of 15 with it. Not bad for the price really so you can’t complain. It also claims to have a longevity of 16 hours wear, we will see but who wears makeup for 16 hours…

I also picked up a mini brush for my handbag as I hate carrying huge brushes with me. The rose gold design of this product got me straight away and for £1.50 it’s bloody brilliant. Primark really are improving with their designs and products. They had a selection of combs and brushes too and for this price who is going to want to pay anything more for a hairbrush..

PS micellar cleansing water

I knew i had to pick up a micellar water on my trip so seen this ps micellar cleansing water in store. The packaging I love, it’s got a pink top and looks super girly. Very pastel themed and spring inspired. There was a tester on the shelf and it claims to have contain rose and vitamin e. I could definitely smell rose in the product. It reminds me of the new rose cleansing skincare range from loreal too. For just £2 and for all skin types it will do the job it’s designed for. Micellar cleansing waters are used for removal of makeup so this is a perfect find..

Trinket dish and sandalwood rose candle

In the homeware section I come across these two finds. The trinket dish is in the shape of a shell and I loved it straight away. For £3 I thought this will look beautiful with the decor in my bedroom and also perfect for blog and instagram photos. It’s def on TREND and reminds me of the unicorn/mermaid vibes that everyone is loving right now. The scented candle smells gorgeous and the packaging it comes with is again spring inspired and looks so luxurious even though it was just £2.  Primark really do have a huge selection when it comes to candles, I love candles all year round and at this price the quality is FAB!!

Primark Unicorn Kisses perfume

Again with the unicorn trend Primark have their own versions of perfumes and body sprays. I tend to usually buy perfumes such as marc jacobs, chloe, chanel you get my drift. I couldn’t help taking a look at these as the packaging is so lovely. For just £2 it smells very sweet, it kind of reminds me of bubblegum or sweets. I thought this would be great for an everyday perfume especially for work or school, that’s if you don’t want to use expensive perfume for a shift or a school day.  PLUS it also has little images of unicorns on the back, so so cute…

SO thats’s a wrap for today’s post….I was never a huge fan of primark products until quite recently actually. I feel that they are improving with their lines and appeal to a much more broader audience. plus if your on a budget primark is perfect and I feel that the more products they release I feel that high street stores may lose custom. I’m not sure I don’t know all the analytics but I can see myself popping into our new store very soon for anything beauty and homeware related. It’s a HUGE plus one from me and I can see myself visiting primark very soon…

Hope you are all well and having a lovely day. Have you been into your local primark store, what did you guys pick up???….

Thanks so much for reading

Leighanne xoxo

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