Lush Haul: Christmas Collection 2017

Hey lovelies.…I’m so late to join the lush bandwagon! I did a post quite recently on my 1st ever Lush Haul and that was for the 2017 halloween collection. You can see what I picked up here guys 🙂 I was smitten with it and I think seeing all there products on Instagram turned into impulse buys. I was not disappointed, they smell incredible. Why have I not bought anything sooner??.  When I bought some of the halloween range I also picked up some items from this years christmas collection too. I wanted to try “Snow Fairy” as this seems to be very popular. I scooped it up straight away it smells like candyfloss heaven 🙂  Take a look at what I picked up from this year’s christmas range guys…enjoy xo

Snow Fairy 250g Shower Gel

This was the first item I looked for when I visited the LushChester store. I wanted to see what it smelt like and I was not disappointed. I put the 250g bottle in my basket straight away. I had of course browsed the lush website and watched tons of youtube videos before making my wishlist. i didn’t want to go too over the top with bottles of snow fairy so just picked up the one in this haul. I love the design, packaging and name of this product and I’m sure I will continue to purchase more. It’s a very sweet smell almost reminds me of vanilla and bubblegum too. The 250g bottle retails for £8.50..

Snow Fairy Gift Set

I ended up going around the store putting in so many “Snow Fairy” bath bombs and products. I wanted to pick up the Snow Fairy gifts set I had saw online for £24.95. You get four items in the gift set so I made it easier for myself. I decided to pick up this set rather than buying individual Snow Fairy products. You also get a 100g of the Snow Fairy shower gel in this set too so that’s why I did not pick up another bottle.  I want to do a separate post for this set so keep your eyes peeled for it’s contents…

Whilst I was in store I also picked up some more items from the Christmas range and also some items in the Lush line.  I couldn’t resist some of the items. I got drawn in by the colour as well. I’m drawn to everything pink more or less.  I wanted to smell everything and besides getting covered in glitter I was happy with my purchases. I can’t believe all of these products have been handmade as well…

The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble bar

I obviously did my research first on Lush’s popular christmas products. This was one of them. I have seen The Magic Christmas Bubble Bar all over youtube, twitter, pinterest and Instagram.  I read up on what bubble bars do and its ingredients. I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon but I couldn’t pass on this. It’s so christmassy and I wanted to give it a go. I’m sure I’ll get used to the scent sooner or later. This bubble bar is also reusable and I love the design of it. The star is adorable and the little bell is just too cute. The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar retails for £5.95…

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb

When I seen this online I thought it was so so cute. I read up on it’s ingredients and it contains cocoa butter, vanilla and ylang ylang. All my three favourite scents in one product. I love vanilla at christmas time and can’t wait to use this in the bath. I love the design of the Butterbear. I love how it has a scarf as well,  the attention to detail is insane.  I’m so surprised by its price as well at just £2.50 I’ll probably pick up some more..

Starlight Star Bright Bathmelt

I watched the demo for this on the Lush website. I was so intrigued by it. I love the star design especially for Christmas. i wanted to get my hands on it straight away. Be warned though it is so glittery. I got it everywhere just one #hotglittermess. I was so surprised by the demo online I didn’t think there would be so many different colours in this bath melt. It looks gorgeous on the site so I added it to my wishlist. It has almond and ginger in it too so perfect for the holiday season. I think this was one of my favourite buys in this haul I’m so excited to use it. Starlight Starbright retails for £4.25..

Plum Snow Bubble Bar

As soon as I saw this I loved it. Purple is one of my favourite colours and the snowflake design is lovely. Snowflakes are associated with christmas and I thought this would be ideal for this time of year. I love how creative the designs are in Lush.  Plum Snow is another Bubble bar which includes plum and Sicilian mandarin and turns your bath a gorgeous purple colour. It’s quite a nice size as well and very well made. I only picked up one of these and think I might break it in half to get a couple of uses out of it. When I picked this up there was loads going crazy for this I think everyone in the queue had one. I think this is going to be one of my favourites too. Plum Snow Bubble Bar retails for £5.95. I believe Plum Snow is also part of the Plumrain line. I have seen so many talk about Plumrain on youtube and it sounds like my sort of product. It’s such a shame though as I can’t see it online. Has Plumrain been discontinued guys??…

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I absolutely love lip scrubs and love exfoliating them before applying a balm or lipstick. I seriously do not know where I have been to not have this product in my life. I seen it doing it’s rounds on Instagram in the last few weeks and wanted to try it out. I waited until I went to the store and instantly loved it. I read so many reviews on the Lush website and some said they preferred this over the santa lip scrub. I believe the lip scrub is part of the plum range and retails for £5.95. I have seen reviews where they said they have tasted this product, is it edible you guys??…

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar

When I seen this BubbleBar on youtube and Instagram I was hooked straight away. Firstly it’s pink and that sold me. Secondly it smells like berries. It has cassis in it which makes it smell like blackcurrant juice. I believe the shower gel in this scent has now been discontinued. I can’t believe it as I love berry scents especially at christmas time. I was so happy to find that they still sold The Comforter Bubble Bar and the demo online looks so nice. I can’t wait to see how this looks in the bath. The Comforter Bubble Bar retails for £4.95. Lush if your read this please bring The Comforter shower gel back, there are still those that need to try it 🙂 

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

I love sleep. I love anything that makes me fall asleep but then again who doesn’t?. I love coming home after a long day in work and just relaxing in the bath followed by evening skincare. I have always been a body lotion junkie and I feel it conditions your skin after bathing.  The amount of body lotions I own is unreal guys. I wanted to give Lush’s body lotions a try as I heard there really good.  The one I wanted to try first was Sleepy. I have seen this all over social media platforms and so many had said it helps them sleep much better. It has Lavender inside which is known for its relaxing and calming properties, Cocoa Butter, Tonka and Oatmeal. I love the smell of Tonka, it’s so sweet and I love very sweet scents. I suffer with anxiety and love lavender based products. I’m happy I have finally got one of these. Looking forward to giving it a go now I have photographed it. I love how it has a Lavender base colour to it when applied to the skin. I picked up the 95g tub for £7.95 to see how I get on with it. Keep you posted guys…

I wanted to add this youtube video to my post to show you guys some of the halloween and christmas range. You will be able to see what it likes in a video format rather than looking at a picture. Pictures are always cute but some say videos make the product much more appealing too. I decided to add a video from Jaz Loves Lush you tube channel. I found her channel quite recently and I love her videos. She has the most amazing Lush collection. Lets get Jaz to at least 1K on youtube!!  I urge you go give her a follow not only on youtube but on her social media accounts too. Her social links are in the description of her video.  Take a look at her Halloween and Christmas haul for 2017, enjoy xo

Video Credit to @Jazloveslush youtube channel

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