Lush Halloween And Christmas Additions

Hello lovelies…Recently I did my first LUSH HAUL crazy I know!! I decided to write about what I picked up and I think it’s safe to say I have now become a Lush addict 🙂 You can see both my halloween haul and christmas posts on these links guys 🙂 Halloween Haul and My Christmas Haul. I fell instantly in love with the new halloween and christmas launches that I wanted to pick up some more. Here’s a roundup of products that arrived at my doorstep quite recently….enjoy xo

Lush Monsters Ball Bath Bomb

I just thought that this was just too cute not to have. When I seen it in store I wasn’t so keen because one I couldn’t smell properly due to having a cold and two I just wasn’t feeling the whole shopping thing at the time. When I got home I knew I wanted to see what it was like and ordered it online. The one thing that got me with this was its pink and it looks like mike from monsters inc. I couldn’t pass on this I absolutely love the fact it has neroli oil inside as this is perfect for smoothing and toning the skin. I also think it has a quirky side to it too, I can’t wait to use this in the bath. Monsters Ball retails for £4.50 guys..

Lush Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar

I had no clue what a bubble bar was when I picked up my first one. I just went with it smells good and I want it kinda thing. The sparkly pumpkin is so nice except its covered with lots of glitter expect the same with this one guys. I love how they have created a pink pumpkin in the halloween range, it also smells quite floral too it has jasmine, geranium and bergamot oil in it. I also like how you can use as little or as much as you want with a bubble bar too. Pink Pumpkin retails for £4.25…

Lush Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb

When I researched what a Jelly Bomb was I was excited actually because it’s so different to the bubble bar and bath bombs apparently. The jelly bombs leave like a jelly residue on the surface of your bath yet still fizzes like a bath bomb would. I had seen Ectoplasm all over social media and wanted to give it a go myself. Plus I was drawn in by its colours, design and the cute little ghost on it too. I believe some have trouble with their jelly bomb dissolving and people say the bath water has to be hot enough for it do its job. I love hot baths so theres no doubt mine will dissolve, well I’m hoping it will. I’d love to do a demo on this and if I do I would love to put it up on my Instagram stories. Ectoplasm has grapefruit oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil and Tangerine Oil. All of those to me sound very fruity so I’m intrigued to see how it works. Ectoplasm retails for £4.95 guys…

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

I know Twilight is a very popular product in Lush and when I saw the Twilight Bath Bomb I wanted it straight away. Its pink and has stars all over it enough said in my opinion 😉 Twilight Bath Bomb is infused with tonka, lavendar, ylang ylang oil and more. I love Lavendar and it’s mainly an ingredient used in sleep sprays you know the ones you spritz your pillow with before falling asleep. I have never tried Twilight bath bomb yet and can’t wait to see if it helps my sleep. I can be quite restless at times but on the other hand I love a good hot soak in the bath too. Im not sure if this bath bomb  is permanent, whether it’s out for halloween or even the christmas season. Have any of you tried Twilight before?? Twilight retails for £3.95 guys..

Those were all the products I picked up in the Halloween Haul. I may even get extras of the pink pumpkin as I love that scent. I also purchased some more christmas products to add to my collection…

Lush Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb

Now it wouldn’t be a christmas haul without a Christmas sweater included right?? Well obviously in the bath bomb kind. I picked up Christmas Sweater as I loved the fact that its pink and has two reindeers on the front. Just how frikkin adorable is this bath bomb though 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of one of it’s ingredients which is mustard but I knew I wanted to give the bath bomb a go. It’s so christmassy and I’m hoping the corriander will throw the mustard scent off a little bit. I took a look at some demos on this and the colours are beautiful. Christmas Sweater retails for £4.50…

Lush Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

I absolutely love the design of this bath bomb. I have seen that a lot of people have said this is similar to the twilight scent. That wouldn’t bother me at all I just think it’s too cute especially for the holiday season. When I have watched the demo online I was intrigued by all the different colours it has and I feel the colours are slightly different to the twilight bath bomb. I don’t want to use it yet I’m waiting until all the festivities start. Lush Pud retails for £4.50 guys..

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

I really like the look of the bubble bars and this one again is pink so I knew I had to pick it up. Lush Candy Mountain looks similar to unicorn horn which sadly I have not tried yet(on my wishlist). I love the smell of anything sweet whether its actual sweets, marshmallow, vanilla or candy scented I’m all for. It leaves like a candy floss colour to to the water apparently. Candy Mountain is one I think I’m going to re purchase. Candy Mountain Bubble Bar retails for £3.25..

Lush Snowman Bubbleroon

I seen this in store and couldn’t pick up the scent very well. After I got rid of my cold  I went online and ordered one. I think he’s so cute for christmas how can anyone not pick this up??  When it got delivered I wanted to smell this one straight away and I could smell the shea butter in it. I love shea butter as it makes my skin so soft and is definitely an ingredient I look out for in a lot of products. To me this just looks like a bubble bar so does anyone know what the difference is between the bubble bars and the bubbleroons? The Lush Snowman Bubbleroon retails for £4.25 guys 🙂

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

I was tempted to pick this up in store but wanted to read more reviews on it first. I watched a few youtube videos on it and finally picked one up. The design of this is lovely, it’s a little present wrapped up in a bow and you can also purchase a bigger version of this too.  There’s not much I say about this one except again it is infused with cognac oil, lime oil and sweet orange oil. To me all those sound very fruity yet still very festive.I think I’m going to wait to use this when the weather gets  a lot more cooler. The ingredients sound like there perfect for December. Golden Wonder retails for £4.50..

Lush Rose Jam Showel Gel

I am such a BIG BIG lover of anything sweet as you may have guessed by now!! I regretted not picking up Rose Jam in store and so I ordered it online. Argan Oil, Berry, Vanilla and Rose is just heaven in a bottle to me. I know a lot of people do not like floral scents or am I just old before my time lol. I love the scent of this its gorgeous. It smells too beautiful, I really don’t want to use it. I only have one bottle so far which is the 250 g version. This one retails for £10.95 however I do want to pick up some of the 500g bottles too. Those ones cost £17.95 each which I think is worth it. I believe it only comes out for christmas too so I need to go get some more. What do you guys think about Rose Jam? Do you love it or do you hate it??…

Lush My Two Front Teeth BubbleBar

I was not going to pick this up at first because I wasn’t keen on the design of it.  I gave into the hype and got one anyway. The name of this reminds me of the song “My two front teeth”, is it named that I don’t know. It kinda brings me back to my childhood and christmas time.  I love the colour of this bubble bar and it’s a fair size too. I think children will love this bubble bar too and again you can use as little or as much as you want. This bubblebar has vanilla, lavendar, tonka and neroli in it. Lush My two front teeth bubble bar retails for £3.95 guys…

Lush Snow Fairy Fun Bar

I wasn’t sure what a fun bar was until I researched it more. I love the concept of this and they sound amazing for children to use too. It allows children to still have that right of play however still be aware of skincare too. I love how can you can make your own bubblebar as such and it also comes with the little star sticker that you can put on when your finished. I love the scent of Snow Fairy so I knew I wanted to pick one of these up. I’m a big kid at heart and can’t wait to have a play with it.  You don’t have to create anything with it you could just break it away as normal. I think I’m going to have “fun” with this one…lame I know never mind haha. Snow Fairy Fun retails for £6.25..

Lush Rock Star Soap

I’m not sure if this was in the christmas range. I picked it up mainly because it was a star and it was pink. I didn’t even read its ingredients I just added it to my basket, does anyone else do that?? I did read that it’s very sweet in the reviews I’m looking at right now. It did smell very sweet too when I was unboxing it so I was happy to have it in my collection. I love the star design too perfect for christmas in my opinion. Im a huge soap lover and sometime prefer to use a soap than a shower gel or bubble bath. Rockstar retails  for £4.50..

So there you have it, those are my additions to my Lush Halloween and Christmas Haul. Have any of you picked up anything from this year’s range? Would you like to see demos of these on my Instagram stories? Let me know in the comments…

Thank you so much for reading xo

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