La Vie Est Belle, A Beauty And Lifestyle Wishlist*

La Vie Est Belle, Life Is Beautiful 


Hello loves! Who else has been feeling inspired lately! I’ve definitely been more motivated and encouraged to do things recently and no it has nothing to do with the warmer weather we have been having lol! Over the last month or so I had been buying new decor for my bedroom because I wanted to change things up a bit, firstly make it brighter and more ME (That post will be coming soon!).  I’ve also been eyeing up so many pretty pink items like you wouldn’t believe so thought it would be lovely to write up a wish list, something I don’t do a lot of. From beauty and skincare to accessories and homeware hope you like this new style of post…..xo

Ted Baker | Caffara Bow Detail Wash Bag

I am absolutely in love with this wash bag just because it’s pink right! I have been wanting to pick up a Ted Baker wash bag for the longest time. I love the pastel pink and rose gold design, the delicate bow is just gorgeous! I would use this for makeup, makeup brushes, toiletries and all sorts, it’s just so beautiful and would look gorgeous with my new decor in my bedroom…

Ted Baker | Carabel Mini Ballerina Pendant

I could talk about this necklace for days, it’s so delicately stunning! I am a huge fan of ballerina’s whether that’s in jewellery, canvas or even film form, I just love them so much. I absolutely love watching ballet’s especially the nutcracker too…

Ted Baker | Evlina Pink Bow Detail Vanity Case

You can never have too many vanity cases right! I absolutely love these for travel. I already own the white vanity case and I absolutely love it. I also think I need to add the pink one to my collection as it’s just so perfect! How could I not?….

Glow Recipe | Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

I have had this on my wish list (in my head of course! lol) for the longest time. I have seen it all over Instagram and heard so many good things. I just love how it contains watermelon and hyaluronic acid inside, those two combined must be heavenly! I am a huge fan of products you can use at night and this mask sounds right up my street….

Glow Recipe | Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser

Unfortunately I’m one of those that has oily to combo skin so one minute I could look like an oily mess and then the next minute so dry.  When I heard how this could help my skin type I was over the moon! My skin can become very irritated if I use anything too harsh with my skin, I can flare up and it doesn’t look good! I can’t wait to pick this up and see what all the fuss is about!..


“Don’t be like the rest of them darling” Coco Chanel


Dior | Miss Dior Perfume

If you have followed my socials for a while now you will know that I love floral fragrances so there’s no surprise I’m lusting over this one. Dior have released Miss Dior which I think has been out for a while now but I still have it on my wish list! It comes in the prettiest bottle and has the most daintiest bow on the lid, how beautiful is that though!..

Diptique | Roses Candle

I have always been a candle lover whether that’s from the good old supermarket or designer! One that has been taking my eye for a while now is Roses from Diptique. The name says it all, if it’s rose infused I’m all for it! I keep seeing Diptique all over social media, I must remember to try and pick one up in 2019 for sure!!…

Venus Et Fleur | Pink Eternity Flowers 

Im going to become all “boujee” now and admit yes I do have some long lasting flowers on my wish list. With us having sunshine recently I have been enjoying having flowers in my room, it just brings a nice touch to the decor and brightens the room up so much. I have been eyeing up some pink flowers from Venus Et Fleur, the ones that last a year or so. Hoping I can try out some of these at least once in my lifetime….

Fresh Beauty | Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream 

I first tried Fresh Beauty products when I was gifted a lip Balm from World Duty Free. I fell in love straight away and I’ve been wanting to try more from Fresh recently. Their rose collection really takes my eye and this face cream sounds so so dreamy! Again I love rose infused products, they smell so good and really help my skin from breaking out and becoming blemish prone. When I read the description for this cream a radiant glow sounds amazing so yes please fresh….

Charlotte Tilbury | Luxury Palette In Pillowtalk

Of course this can’t be a wish list without some Charlotte Tilbury in it right! You probably thinking girl you must own everything from Charlotte and to be honest I don’t. When the Pillowtalk palette first released it sold out so fast before I could pick one up. It is now part of Charlotte’s permanent line and looks incredibly gorgeous for the upcoming spring season! The colours in it are so me and I can’t wait to have this beauty in my makeup collection…


“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” Coco Chanel


Kate Spade | Cameron Street Lottie Pink

I absolutely love handbags that you can wear over the shoulder and of course on your arm. I have recently taking a liking towards Kate Spade bags, I have never owned one before from KS or designer for that matter! This pink bag though is at the top of my accessory wish list right now, it’s quite pricey but it looks absolutely gorgeous online. If I had a fairy godmother I would make this one of my wishes….


Olivia Burton | Painterly Prints Big Dial Dusty Pink & Rose Gold

I was recently gifted the most prettiest necklace at christmas time and it’s kinda sparked my love for Olivia Burton Jewellery. How beautiful is this pink and rose gold watch, I absolutely love it’s design, the hummingbird is so spring like! It kinda has a botanical feel to it, it’s elegance and simplicity just makes it that much more dreamy…


Jo Malone | Peony And Blush Suede Cologne

Of course it’s not a wish list without Jo Malone right! I had never truly had the chance of trying out Jo Malone products until christmas time. I had always been drawn to a store and always trying out the Pomegranate Noir scent. I finally caved in and asked for that fragrance for christmas, one word…perfection! The gift I received was the most loveliest christmas present I have ever gotten and it’s truly started my love for all things Jo Malone! Peony and Blush suede is next on my list as jasmine, red apple, gillyflower and rose sounds so heavenly, if you ever want to send me some I’ll love you forever!…


SL Miss Glam Beauty | Pink Princess Brush Book

I absolutely adore Stephanie’s youtube channel, her and Ryan are the most loveliest parents to their twin girls Mia and Sophia! Steph knows how much I love her channel and of course her brand. I have been wanting to try her brushes for the longest time and I literally stare at the Princess Brush Book for the longest time. How stunning are these brushes though, I have so many makeup brushes but none are like these! They come in their own glam book and look absolutely beautiful! I would love to own one these brush books cos why the hell not! Who wouldn’t want to own one of these, there gorgeous…


I could literally go on more and more and continue this list but I have to draw the line somewhere. Of course I couldn’t possibly afford all of these myself it’s just sometimes it’s nice to wish upon a star and dream right! I’ll leave you with another Chanel quote loves….


” To achieve great things, we must first dream” Coco Chanel


That’s always been one of my favourite quotes from Chanel because it’s absolutely true, there is no life without a dream….xo

* Pixi Beauty products in the post photo were gifted to me with no obligation to share…