Kylie X Kris Jenner Collection

Kylie X Kris Jenner Collection 

Kylie Jenner recently collaborated with her mum on a collection for Kylie Cosmetics. Kris Jenner recently took over Kylie’s Instagram account for a week to promote her MOTHERS DAY collection with Kylie’s cosmetic line. I believe mothers day in the USA was in May where as here in the UK it was in March.  I absolutely loved what they did to promote this collection, honestly loved the KRIS takeover!! I absolutely think that KRIS is amazing and killed it with this collection…

The Kylie X Kris Jenner collection included 5 products, a lipstick, a lipliner, a face palette, a liquid lipstick set and an eyeshadow palette. The products were also available in a bundle….I decided to pick up the bundle which was $150.00! If you were to buy the products individually it would cost around $161.00 so buying the bundle was a better option for me. Obviously shipping was free but I also had to pay a customs fee of around £30.00 once it arrived in the mail. I’ve never been lucky enough to not get a customs fee but you sorta of expect it when you order from overseas….

For todays post I decided to swatch just the eyeshadow palette as I feel most of these products have been swatched on you tube and social media. I will add some videos from Kylie’s youtube channel of the swatches if your interested more in the lipsticks etc…As you all know eyeshadow palettes are my favourite and I will have the swatches in a photo below for you…

What I did want to pinpoint on was how amazing is the packaging on this collection. I absolutely love it, it has to be one of my favourite designs Kylie has done. I love the black and white and how the products have Kris’s name on them. The promotional videos for this collection were really good and Kris doing tutorials on youtube was INSANE…!

Obviously I’m going to say my favourite product in this bundle has to be the eyeshadow palette. I love all the names in the palette and how there very KRIS related.  Some of the names just make me laugh especially the shade “It’s snowing pussy willows” from the face palette. If your a die hard “Keeping up with the Kardashians’ fan like me you will know what that’s about!! When I first saw this palette it reminded me of the sigma beauty palettes. I don’t own anything from sigma so I can’t really compare eyeshadow quality…

With this collection being released in May(in the USA) and it arriving so many weeks later here it’s took a while for me to get this post up. The palette itself is actually smaller than I thought it would be. On it’s own the palette retails for $42.00 and its a cool toned palette too. I did want to make the palette the HIGHLIGHT though so the shades from the palette are in the pics loves…..

From T-B are the shades I love myself, Gorgeous, It’s an emergency, Very Nice, Haters, Vodka Tonic, Paybacks a bitch and Impressed 

The shades that stand out to me the most in the first two rows are Gorgeous and Very nice. I found these to be more vibrant except the mattes do blend nicely. As long as you have time to build it up you can get some really nice looks from this palette…

From T-B the shades are 10%, I’m watching you, Talent and Does it come in Black

I found the first 3 shades of this row to swatch beautifully however the black shade looked really patchy to me. I don’t really use black eyeshadows so it doesn’t really bother me much..

As I said before I wanted to add this video so you can see other swatches if your not here to see the palette….;)

Video owned by @Kylie Cosmetics/ Kylie Jenner/ Kris Jenner

If your interested in anything from this collection you can still get some products, click the link HERE which will take you to Kylie’s website….

Did you pick anything up from this collection?

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