Kylie X Jordyn Collection

Kylie X Jordyn Collection 

It’s been a while since I shared a Kylie Cosmetics Collection on my blog! So thought that I would talk about one of her latest releases, it’s long overdue! Kylie collaborated with her best friend Jordyn Woods on this stunning collection 🙂 Take a look at my thoughts below…

Photo credit to Kylie Jenner/ Kylie cosmetics 

The First Impression 

When I first saw this collection on Kylie’s Instagram stories I wanted to see more! We all knew she was eventually going to collaborate with Jordyn. If your unsure who Jordyn is here’s her Instagram Profile below for you to take a look 🙂 

I have watched Kylie on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and of course the Life Of Kylie, Jordyn features in those a lot! I absolutely fell in love with the packaging first and thought it was so different yet beautiful at the same time. A lot of people said the design reminds them of the Bratz dolls and I believe Kylie had her and Jordyn created very similar to them. I think the design is amazing and it’s something I’ve never seen from a cosmetics brand before. I knew Kylie was going to create an eyeshadow palette because she does every time, I was very much excited about this collection before it even came out! The packaging is just goals isn’t it! I love how feminine and girly it is, I’m all for packaging like that! The design also screams autumn to me so this is why I decided to write about this collection a little bit later. The browns, rose golds, whites and little rose gold hearts are adorable. You can definitely see how hard they have worked on the design but then again Kylie always nails her packaging!

The Collection 

In the Kylie X Jordyn Collection there is an eyeshadow palette, two lip glosses, one lipstick and a highlighter palette. Of course I knew I wanted to get the eyeshadow palette but I wanted to pick up the lipstick and highlighter palette too! I’m not a huge fan of glosses in general but it was cheaper for me to pick up the bundle than it was to get them all individually. I had tried some of Kylie’s previous glosses but wasn’t a huge fan of them but surprisingly these new glosses are actually better! They must have changed the formula or something but Kylie definitely stick with it as it’s much more comfortable on the lips (realises I’m doing a mini review haha)

The Jordyn Palette 

The eyeshadow in this collection is called the Jordyn Palette after Jordyn of course 🙂 It is a 12 pan palette retailing for $45 USD. At the moment it’s currently sold out but keep checking the site to see if it restocks! I absolutely love the colour scheme of this palette, it has neutrals and brights with some metallics. I feel like half of this palette was chosen by Kylie and half by Jordyn perhaps! I am a HUGE fan of Kylie’s palette’s, if you see my Instagram(Leighanne Sheila) you’ll see a lot of Kylie’s palettes on there…

I have also included the swatches I did on this palette for you to take a look below. All swatches are done with one finger swatches, no setting sprays are used. I generally prefer to do arm swatches so you can see the colour first off before it applies to the eyes. I know a lot of others prefer to do eye swatches too but I’m comfortable with arm swatches as I love to show you guys what the eyeshadow looks like on my skin tone..

From top to bottom the shades are Wife Life, Loyal, True Love, Peru, Soul Mate and My Heart 

I was absolutely surprised with how well these shadows swatched! Those warm tones are just gorgeous, definitely my type of colour scheme 🙂 I found Soul Mate to be quite patchy with just one swatch but if I was to build that up I think I could make it work. How stunning is the shade My Heart!! A lot of you guys on Instagram said you loved this shade and I can definitely see why…

From top the bottom the shades are Don’t Ever Leave Me, Sister, Ride Or Die, Marry Me, Wild Love and Love You B*tch

I love this row too, the first five shadows swatched so nicely!! Look at those first three shades, ow pigmented are those! I wasn’t so keen on how Love You B*tch swatched, you can see it’s a little patchy there! I haven’t used that shade on my eyes yet but I have a look in mind for it…

On Kylie’s website they describe the shades as….

Wife Life (matte pastel peach) 

Don’t Ever Leave Me (metallic vibrant rose gold)

Loyal (metallic bronzey gold)

Sister (matte warm brown)

True Love (satin terracotta with gold flecks)

Ride Or Die (metallic copper)

Peru (matte soft yellow-orange)

Marry Me (metallic warm silver)

Soul Mate (matte dusty lavender)

Wild Love (metallic olive with violet flip)

My Heart (matte vivid purple)

Love You B*tch (matte deep plum)

Photo credit to Kylie Jenner/ Kylie cosmetics 

The Highlighter Palette 

On Kylie’s website the highlighter quad is described as silky smooth and pigmented in one stroke. The quad has four highlighters No New Friends, Inseparable, Best Life and Together Forever! No New Friends is described as a frosty pearl, Inseparable is described as a pinky peach, Best Life is described as a warm champagne and Together Forever is described as a icy lavender!

The highlighter palette retails for $40 so thats $10 a highlighter which is pretty good in my opinion 🙂 I love Kylie’s highlighters as they really are pigmented, they look so gorgeous on the skin. When I first saw this palette on Kylie’s stories it looked bigger than it actually is. I was surprised to see how small it was compared to The Wet Set quads, those are so much bigger! However the design on the packaging for the highlighter quad is so beautiful. It shows Kylie and Jordyn on the outside packaging and then Kylie (heart) Jordyn on the actual sleeve of the palette. I love how the outside packaging is white with those rose gold hearts and then the actual palette has brown tones to it, it’s so just too gorgeous! 

Photo credit to Kylie Jenner/ Kylie cosmetics 

The Highlighter Palette Swatches 

From top the bottom shades are No New Friends, Inseparable, Best Life and Together Forever

The Kylie X Jordyn Lip Products 

How cute is the packaging for the two glosses and lipstick! 🙂 I didn’t swatch any of these products and only realised I hadn’t when I was writing this post! If you want to see swatches you can click on Kylie’s website to see them! I was so excited about the lipstick that I took it out of the box straight away just to get the photo below! I am in love with the lipstick shade though, it’s called Woods after Jordyn obviously. Woods is described as a Matte Warm Deepened Rose! On application it applies just like the rest of Kylie’s lipsticks. Her I adore how the packaging for the lip products has brown tones and the little rose gold hearts again too! Kylie’s lipstick formula is one of my favourites! 

The two glosses in this collection are called Partner In Crime and 23! Partner In Crime is described as a Pinky nude and 23 is described as a Sheer Bright Gold Glitter

What I did notice with the glosses is the formula and the applicator seem to have changed. Like I said earlier in the post I much prefer this formula, whatever they have done I’d say this an improvement! On Kylie’s website it says her newer glosses are high shine glosses! This is her new formula I believe which are meant to be ultra glossy with shea butter to add radiance and shine! I also love the applicator has changed from the tiny brush to a proper doe-foot applicator. It kinda reminds me of the Tarte Shape Tape applicator. It’s actually more comfortable to put the gloss on too… 

The Collection On You Tube

With a lot of my collection posts I like to include videos of the collection either from the brand or from other influencers! I feel that some collection videos will finish off this post quite nicely! I have included some behind the scenes and influencer videos for you to take a look at!

First 2 videos are from Kylie Jenner’s Youtube Channel

One of my favourite influencers Nicol Concilio talking about the Kylie X Jordyn Collection

Photo credit to Kylie Jenner

And that brings us to the end of this collection post, god that was a long one! I love to do these types of posts though and hope you stayed ’til the end! 😉 I absolutely love Kylie Cosmetics and can’t wait to see what her holiday collection looks like! 

Have you ever tried Kylie Cosmetics?

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