Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition First Look

Hey lovelies…Hope your well! Today’s post is a post I have wanted to share with you guys for quite some time. I have been a HUGE fan of Kylie’s cosmetic line since I can remember. I was so gutted I missed out on her birthday collection from last year as the rose gold packaging looked just like something I would want in my collection. In saying that all of Kylie’s packaging I find is appealing to the eye but of course it has to be it’s content too right. When I seen Kylie’s announcement on her snapchat with the products from this year’s summer collection I was blown away. The packaging for sure is the most beautiful Kylie has ever done in her brand. This collection is called the VACATION EDITION and Kylie wanted to create products you could take on your vacation/holiday. The collection came with an eyeshadow palette, a four pan highlighting set called the wet set, 3 ultra glow loose highlighters, a matte liquid lipstick and velvet liquid lipstick set, a face duo called skinny dip, a new lip kit called june bug and two glosses 🙂

Kylie’s vacation edition collection launched on her website June 15th I think and the most popular product the wet set must have sold out in under two minutes. I was lucky enough to add it into my cart however when I got to check out it had sold out so I managed to pick up another two products that were on my wishlist. I was so so happy that I was able to get the liquid lipsticks in the velvet formula and two of the ultra glow loose highlighting powders. There are 3 loose powders in this collection called Fiji, Santorini and Tahiti. The velvet liquid lipstick set had 4 new liquid lipsticks (all nude shades). I was looking forward so much to trying these as I’m all about nude shades even though I own more than I need.  There was some criticism on these though as many said they looked like the KKW collaboration that released shortly before this one. If you own that set you will certainly notice that these shades are different and the formula is different too. I did see so many comparison posts on instagram that HIGHLIGHTED the difference between the two. If you want to see my post on the KKW release click here guys 🙂 

 Now I absolutely adore the design in this collection. To me it looks like a beige/gold camo effect.  If you can remember when Kylie first launched her brand a lot of her promo cards had a camo effect on them and to be honest I actually like this design better. You can see how far Kylie’s brand has come with this collection.  The velvet liquid lipstick retails online for $45. As described on Kylie’s website the the velvet liquid lipstick has a high intensity pigment for a full coverage lip. I adore the velvet formula as it doesn’t dry down as much as her regular liquid lipsticks. I like the original formula don’t get me wrong but I must admit I think the velvet formula is a lot more comfortable and a lot more long wearing too. Kylie you have my heart with this collection. It is absolutely STUNNING.  However the shade names are something we have seen with other brand names before but who cares they suit this collection down to the ground.  That’s the only thing I find with makeup brands is that they all use the same shade names but it’s very much the same as high street retailers stocking the same trends as other stores, yet we all continue to buy from them…who agrees?? I have done swatches below of the velvet liquid set so you guys can see the colour difference. When I swatched these they felt a lot more creamier than the original lip kit so I’m really impressed with these. I think the velvet formula is going to be very popular 🙂

Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipsticks from T-B are the shades Naked, Birthday Suit, Commando and Bare

GUYS I was so EXCITED to pick these up when Kylie shown the swatches on her snapchat. These are new products in Kylie’s brand and I’m sure are the most popular along with the wet set. I mean loose powder highlighters sound too good to be true right. These retail online for $14.00 each. There are three in the collection but I actually only wanted two of them. So I chose the two rose gold shades rather than the light one.  The packaging again is in a beige/rose gold camo effect and when you open them they have a seal you need to pull off. When I swatched these I didn’t want to use too much product so just tapped it lightly onto my arm and WOW I was definitely amazed by the pigmentation of these. I barely touched the product and in just one swipe you can see the colour pays off extremely well. I am pleasantly surprised by these and hope Kylie stocks these permanently as I think they will continue to sell.  I would happily purchase these again if she brings these out in different shades too. I also love how her name is displayed in rose gold on the front of the packaging. It really gives a chic and elegant look to the product. As you can see I picked up the shades Fiji and Tahiti. Fiji is described as a shimmering soft gold and Tahiti is described as a shimmering light rose gold. Swatches are shown below for you guys…

T-B are the shades Tahiti and Fiji (Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow Highlighters) 

With this collection the only thing I had an issue with was that when Kylie does these releases she also has the promo cards that come with them. For some reason I didn’t get one of the NEW promotion cards instead I got a regular Kylie lip kit card with the standard lips on them (black, pink and white one). Now I don’t know if this was by mistake or they they didn’t have any left but it would have been nice to have the card as there perfect  collector items too. I have a lot of the others too and they look nice when displayed on your vanity/beauty room set up…

 I really hope to pick up the wet set if she restocks AGAIN as I missed out on the first restock of this. Overall I must say i’m IMPRESSED with this collection and really excited to see what Kylie has in store for us next 🙂 Did you pick up any of this collection or hoping to when it restocks??

Thanks for reading guys 

Leighanne xo

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