Kylie Cosmetics KKW creme liquid lipsticks

FINALLY the Kylie cosmetics KKW set arrived this morning in the mail!! I was too excited to swatch these so i thought i would get this post up pretty quickly!! Kylie announced the launch date of these on her snapchat and they went live on her site April 25th!! You can take a look at Kylie’s products here 🙂 Your probably thinking it’s now May 19th, YES it does take quite a while to receive products from Kylie Cosmetics but the wait is definitely worth it!! 🙂 You do have to pay shipping at the moment and then if your not lucky enough you end up with a customs charge too just to have them received here in the UK!! I think for international shipping it should be free especially if you order a bulk of products 🙂 Kylie’s site sometimes does have free international shipping especially when there are bug collections for sale!! Anyway the set was around $45 dollars i think which is good for four creme liquid lipsticks 🙂 

The design and packaging is GORGEOUS!! Such a beautiful baby pink colour perfect for the spring and summer season. The packaging of the lipsticks is beautiful and still has the signature Kylie drips on the bottles. I loved the colours as soon as i saw a sneek peak of it on social platforms, the nude shades screamed my name!! Kylie Jenner collaborated with her sister Kim Kardashian West on this product and apparently there is going to be another part of this collection announced SOON, so keep your eyes out for that!!..

I can’t wait to try these creme liquid lipsticks on my lips so i will be putting up another post about the wear and longevity of these throughout the day, keep out for that too!!  I am not quite sure if there is going to be another restock of these I know she did one already but Kylie cosmetics is usually pretty good with restocks!! 🙂 

As soon as these came out all the huge you tube beauty guru’s received this and my favourite review about these was from the gorg Jaclyn Hill!! Her video was the first review i seen about these lipsticks 🙂 I didn’t want to watch it at first until I received the product but i caved in!! I had to see these swatches on Jaclyn and GIRL she killed it!! I love Jaclyn Hill and been following her from her early days doing videos in her kitchen until NOW!! I think she’s absolutely amazing and i will continue to support her!!

Below i have added swatches of these shades and from top to bottom the shades are KIMMIE, KIMBERLEY, KIM AND KIKI 🙂

To me these shades are all STUNNING!! I can’t pick a favourite just yet 😉 When I swatched these on my arm i found that one coat was very sheer and you do have to put another coat on top, until i try these on my lips i will not know how they wear!! The formula is lovely, very creamy too as sometimes i don’t always want a matte lip and these are a great alternative!! 

KIM and KYLIE did a tease video for this release added below 🙂

Hope you enjoy this quick post on this product and I will be back with a more in depth review of these items on my lips real soon 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and here’s Jaclyn Hill’s review on this product to give you some insight ….

Thanks for reading

Leighanne xoxo 

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