Kylie Cosmetics Haul | Blue, Purple and Bronze Palettes

Blue, Purple or Bronze????…..

I asked on instagram recently if you guys wanted to see what I picked up in my recent Kylie Cosmetics Haul. The majority of you said yes, yes to another palette purchase. I just can’t help it but eyeshadow palette’s are my obsession. I have to admit that I probably own more eyeshadow palettes than I need but the three I recently picked up have been on my wishlist for a while and when I seen the latest one I knew I had to get it….

We all know who Kylie Jenner is and her brand Kylie Cosmetics. I have been a HUGE fan of Kylie’s makeup line since she started and I adore her packaging and eyeshadow products the most. I feel like a lot of my posts on my blog are eyeshadow based because that is what I love to talk about. I do have other posts on Kylie’s products if you take a look in my archives on the site. I wanted to make this post simple and straight to the point so below I have included swatches of each palette and my thoughts on the shades…..enjoy xx

Kylie cosmetics | Blue Honey Palette

From T-B the shades are Raw, Buzz Off, Sweet Like Honey, Bumble, Blue Honey, Royal Jelly, Busy Bee, Sweet Thing and Honeymoon

The Blue Honey palette is a 9 pan eyeshadow palette. I absolutely love the colour scheme in this palette and what attracted me to this palette was the looks I seen on social media and of course those blue shades. The packaging of this palette is lovely, I adore the eyes on the packaging which has a blue reflect too. The Blue Honey palette retails for $38.00 USD. As you can see in the photo above I have swatched all the shades from the palette. I am actually pleasantly surprised by the pigment in this palette as I had heard mixed reviews. As I swatched them I thought some shades swatched better than others but we all know it’s how they look on the eyes. A little fix plus will do the trick…

You can pick up The Blue Honey palette HERE….

Kylie Cosmetics | The Purple Palette

From T-B the shades are Periwinkle, Trophy, Stone, Lilac, Amethyst, Turning Violet, Wine n’ Dine, Purple Smoke and Blueberry

Again The Purple Palette is another 9 pan eyeshadow palette. The colours in this palette are absolutely stunning and I am loving purple shadows at the moment. I find it to be a colour anyone can wear and if your looking for a pop of colour instead of your neutrals this palette is perfect. The Purple Palette retails for $42.00 USD. I believe this palette came out around autumn last year I think. The Purple Palette is the one with the black outside packaging. I loved how Kylie created the black packaging, it looks really sleek too. I am a huge fan of the shade “Trophy” its so beautiful and the name of the shade “Turning violet” reminds me of the bubblegum scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (The original of course). If you remember the scene they say “Your turning violet, violet!”. Loved that movie as a kid…

You can pick up The Purple Palette HERE….

Kylie Cosmetics | The Bronze Extended Palette

1st row in The Bronze Extended

From T-B the shades are Jasper, Tiger Eye, Quartz, Topaz, Citrine and Amber

2nd row in The Bronze Extended

From T-B the shades are Chakra, Copper, Goddess, Hematite, Pyrite and Bronzite

The Bronze Extended Palette is a bigger version of Kylie’s original release “The Bronze Palette”. I don’t own that palette so wanted to pick this up as soon as I saw it.  The Bronze Extended palette is a 12 pan eyeshadow palette and retails for $45.00 USD. At the moment it’s currently sold out so hopefully it will restock soon. When you look at The Bronze palette online you can see the difference with this palette and I much preferred the look of this one so decided to go with the extended version. I’m so glad I did because everything from the outside packaging to inside the box itself, the outside of the palette and inside the palette is gorgeous. I think Kylie has done a really good job designing this palette and I would recommend this to anyone. Im impressed with the pigmentation of this palette and the metallics swatched beautifully. Im a sucker for metallic shades so Kylie if you were to do an all metallic palette(hint, hint!!), I’ll be up for that (Sat here writing this wishing Kylie could read it…wishful thinking eh lol)…

You can purchase The Bronze Extended HERE….

I can’t wait to see Kylie’s upcoming summer collection and any future collections she has for us. I will continue to support Kylie’s brand and excited for her next release…

Have you tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics?

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