Kylie Cosmetics | Creme Lipsticks

Who doesn’t love a new lipstick?

Besides eyeshadow palette’s lipsticks are some of my my favourite items in makeup. I much prefer a lipstick to a liquid lipstick and when Kylie announced she was releasing lipsticks I freaked out!! Kylie released these lipsticks in December 2017 just in time for the holidays. Kylie’s lipsticks are all part of her silver series which includes brushes and concealers. As soon as I saw them I wanted every shade but I was bit ruthless and only picked up 4 shades all of which are nudes. Im a sucker for nude shades and knew I had to have these in my collection. Kylie’s lipsticks retail for $17 each. There are 20 shades in her lipstick collection. When Kylie released these on her site they sold out pretty quickly and unfortunately I missed out. I finally got the shades I wanted on her restock. At the moment most of the shades are currently sold out and I’m not sure when the next restock is. Keep checking Kylie’s website HERE.. I wanted to show you what shades I managed to get my hands on….

Dulce De Leche- This is such a gorgeous shade. On Kylie’s website it is described as a midtone toffee. I can see myself wearing this with a neutral eye. I love shades like this, it reminds me of a honey shade I have in my collection but with a much more deeper undertone..

Butterskotch- I am in love with this shade. This is perfect for everyday. It’s a gorgeous nude shade and on the her site it’s described as a soft peach nude. I love nude shades with a peach undertone. I feel they complement my skin tone very well. Above all else this is the kinda shade I know I will reach for if i’m unsure what shade to throw on…

Creme Brulee- This is described as a muted pink on Kylie’s website. This shade reminds me of CT’s Penelope Pink a little bit. I love wearing these type of shades if you want a little bit of a colour on your lips but nothing too striking. This would be ideal for “lazy day makeup” or even work. I always like to have a lipstick with me when I’m working and Creme Brulee has been my go to recently..

Mont Blanc- This is described as a mid tone nude. I would say it has a much deeper undertone for this to be a nude. It reminds me of Mac’s Whirl and Hug Me a little bit. I could be wrong but the colour is so similar….

Besides the lipstick shades I absolutely love Kylie’s packaging. How stunning is the silver with the lips??? I always love Kylie’s packaging for her products but I have to admit this is one of my favourite’s so far. It’s also very hard to photograph as it’s so reflective. The actual lipstick itself is so sleek. I love how they all have Kylie’s name engraved on the lipstick.So impressed with how that’s been done. Overall when there on the lips they feel so comfortable to wear and have a creamy satin finish. I really want to pick up some more shades I have my eyes on, hopefully they won’t be nudes.  I have also inserted one of my favourite influencers talking about all of the shades from Kylie’s Silver Series. Please check out “Nicol Concillio’s” channel on youtube..

Video is owned by Nicol Concilio 

Have you tried Kylie’s lipsticks yet? Will you be picking any up on the next restock?