Kylie Cosmetics: The Autumn Nudes


Hey lovelies….Seeing as were in Autumn now I have been trying to change my makeup looks a little bit and use more of what I have. I love wearing nude shades all year round but somehow they compliment a bronze and gold eye so nicely at this time of the year too. As I am writing this Kylie Cosmetics have just announced their new autumn/fall shades for 2017. The new packaging has the signature dripping lip logo with Kylie’s name on a new BLACK packaging. I just took a look at the shades on @trendmood1 instagram page and I adore the shades Autumn, Hazel and Libra 🙂 Those shades are right up my street.  The other shades are Butternut and Wicked. The new shades and of course the NEW “the purple palette” will be available on OCTOBER 6TH on the website at 3pm PST/11pm GMT time guys. My ideas to write this post came before Kylie announced the new autumn shades as I had been looking through my liquid lipstick collection and the shades I own are perfect for the fall season. I wanted to show you guys the shades I already have and love….xo

Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are retailed as lip kits. This means you get a liquid lipstick and a lip liner usually for $29.00. So if you convert that into English pounds that’s around £21.00 depending on what the exchange rate is at the time of purchase. If you have not tried Kylie’s lip kits I recommend you do. I love the formula of the lip pencil, it’s so so creamy too. Now the mattes have been known to be a little drying and I have to admit I did notice this with some of the shades but not all of them. When you apply these you only need one coat guys. I have a fair few of her lip kits which are mostly matte liquid lipsticks. I decided to go through my collection and find the shades I’m going to love again for the fall season…

Maliboo Lip Kit

Maliboo is described as a light cool toned nude. Maliboo is one of my favourite shades from her line. This is the shade that can look beautiful with any eye look. The picture on the website looks a little more browny nude to me. I love wearing maliboo with a smokey eye look or a cool toned eyelook…

Candy K Lip Kit

Candy K is described as a warm pinky nude. I’m not a huge fan of pinky nude shades but candy k somehow works with the makeup look I wear with it. I like to wear a cool toned matte look and apply candy k for a bold lip colour…

From T-B are the lip kits in Maliboo, Candy K, Dolce K and Charm

Dolce K Lip Kit

Dolce K is one of the very first Kylie lip kits I bought. I love colours like Dolce K especially for the fall. Dolce K is described as a deep beige nude. This is definitely one of my favourite shades in my collection. I believe Dolce K is also a popular shade in her line. I love wearing Dolce K with a warm toned eye look. It looks absolutely beautiful guys. You know what I may even give it a go with Kylie’s “the burgundy palette” and see how it looks…

Charm Velvet Lip Kit

Kylie released a new formula in some of her lip kits earlier on this year.  There are 7 velvet lip kits available for purchase right now. When Kylie announced her first few shades which were Charm, Harmony, Rosie and Dazzle I was attracted more to the shade Charm. Charm is described as a dusty pink rose. I liked the idea of the velvet formula. Kylie was describing them as a creamy matte formula, so I picked up a shade i knew I couldn’t go wrong with. Charm was the lightest out of all the first four she released. I absolutely love this formula and prefer it too the matte formula. The velvet lip kits retail slightly cheaper at $27.00. This works out at around £20.17, again dependent on exchange rates..

I know I’m going to want to try some of her new shades in the matte formula, there are three I’m attracted too so I have decided to add the NEW video from the @KylieCosmetics you tube channel for you guys to take a look…let me know which lip kits do you already love??  Will you be purchasing any of the new autumn shades…let me know in the comments guys….xo

Video credit to @KYLIECOSMETICS youtube channel  (Kylie Jenner and her best friend Jordyn Woods)

Thank you so much for reading guys….

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