July Beauty Favourites

Hey lovelies….can’t believe that were halfway through the year already!! July is over and another month has started. July was a really good month for me as it was my birthday in July. I had so many special gifts and time with friends, my partner and family 🙂 July has to be one of my favourite months of the year by far!! I received some really lovely products in the month of July and wanted to share with you how i got on with them…

Firstly on the end of everyone’s lips in recent months is the MorpheXJaclynHill palette.  OMG you guys this palette is so so beautiful!! I’m so glad I picked this up, it retailed for $38 and when it arrived it was delivered by fed ex straight to the door. This was the first palette I ordered from Morphe and I found it strange that there was no custom fee(at first…) then so many days letter I received a letter to pay a fee which was around £17 I think so not too bad really. Especially because this palette is amazing and the quality is fantastic for the price your paying. I got this palette on it’s first release which was June 21st and I spent about half an hour on the website to be able to get it. I believe it sold out in like 45 minutes on the first sale and then there was a restock that sold out in half hour. This palette truly is holy grail for me now, the colour pay off, the pigmentation, the quality just everything about the palette amazes me. The colours just glide on like butter, I’m so impressed with this product 🙂 This is the only palette I have been using recently especially when I want to play around with colour. The shade “queen” is one of my favourite shades in the palette. I really adore Jaclyn Hill and will continue to support her …:) You can take a look at my post about the palette here….

Who doesn’t love a healthy glow in the summer…when Charlotte Tilbury announced her new summer products I was blown away. I don’t normally wear tinted moisturisers but the #glowmo hashtag won me over. The product retails for £35.00 and you can wear this alone or underneath your foundation. I have been using just a small amount of this with my wonderglow primer and the effect it has is just beautiful. It gives your skin a nice dewy glowing look without being too over the top. It really is an amazing product and you can use this all year round not just in the summer. The fact that it morphs to your skin tone is brilliant. I have been wearing my usual foundation with this when I want more of a glow to my skin. You can actually see the tint it gives your skin so quickly and I really do recommend this if you hate that “orange” look some tanning products give you. This is really subtle guys 🙂 

Kylie Cosmetics released their summer collection called “the vacation collection”. When Kylie announced this on her snapchat and social platforms I thought the collection looked beautiful.  I was going to pick up the bundle but when you have other things to pay for it’s not always possible. Instead I picked up the velvet liquid lipsticks and two of her new ultra glow highlighting powders. I absolutely love the velvet formula and think I prefer this over her mattes. The shade I have been using the most from the send me more nudes velvet collection is the shade naked. Naked is a really light shade  and is described as a sandy beige. I’m so happy it matches my skin tone. I have quite olive skin and I love all nude shades. It’s not as drying as the mattes and feels so much more comfortable on the lips. I have actually been using this a lot when I don’t wish to wear a lipstick and I find you don’t need to keep applying it, the longevity of this product is fab 🙂 Really happy with the velvet set in this collection..

I also picked up two of the new ultra glow highlighters. The one I have been enjoying the most has to be the shadeFiji”. Fiji is described as a shimmering soft gold. The ultra glows are sold out at the moment on the website. I had never tried loose powder highlighters until I received these. You have to be so gentle with these powders as they can get everywhere pretty quickly. I just shake a little of the powder into the lid and sweep it gently across my cheekbones. Fiji really is a beautiful colour and perfect for summer. I have never tried her kylighters so I can’t really compare the ultra glows to those. I have also used these ultra glows as pigments onto the eyes. I sprayed my brush with a little fix plus and popped the smallest amount on my eyelids, it looks insane. I absolutely love these highlighters…:)  You can read my full review on the products I picked up from this collection here…

Lastly for my beauty favourites in July I have been loving an item from Tanya Burr’s chasing the sun collection. I am so impressed with the packaging, the quality, the pigmentation and colour pay off of this product. I was so so happy to see individual highlighters come out in this brand. Tanya announced her new collection in a GRWE video on her youtube channel. I absolutely love highlighters and the shade i have been using is “champagne sorbet”. This gives such a nice subtle glow to your skin and for £7.49 this a must have product. I have been using this item on work days as I don’t want my highlight to blind anyone especially if it’s just for work. It really is a lovely product and can’t wait to see more from Tanya’s brand 🙂 

So that’s my July favourites, a round up of products I have been loving last month, hope your all well and your having a fantastic August so far!!

Thank for reading guys and without fail here’s a favourite in music for me at the moment…

Enjoy xo

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