January To Do List And My 2019 Goals

January To Do List

I can’t believe how quick 2018 came and went! We’re back in January but it’s a new year so new year means new lists and new goals rights! I am quite aware that were now in the second week of January but I still wanted to get this post up. Here’s a rundown of what I’m hoping to do this month and the goals I’m aiming towards this year….xo

Decorate and revamp my bedroom |  I have to admit the last time I painted my bedroom must have been over four years ago maybe five, yes that is a long time I know! Back then I painted my walls grey, picked up some black curtains and grey/silver decorative items. This year I’ve decided to go for a pink theme as my Instagram is pink and I’m all about those vibes now! A week into the new month and I’ve already started painting, looking at new furnishings and some pink decor, what stores do you love for home furnishings?

Take some time out for self care | I want to be able to have more me time this month! What I mean by that is not scrolling too much on social media and having some time for self love. More pampers are needed, more reading is to be done, more candles are to be burnt, more family days, seeing my friends more and just simple enjoying the little things! 

Have a HUGE makeup declutter |  Yes I am saying DECLUTTER! I have such a huge makeup collection, too much in fact! I love makeup, I love collecting makeup but there are limits! Recently I started thinking to myself what do I actually need against what I want! The old me would just buy buy buy. This month I’m going to start thinking more realistically about what I’ll use instead of hoarding at the back of a drawer. I have lots of other plans this year and not buying as much makeup will help us get there I think. I will be going through my makeup collection this month, only hardest thing will be palette’s as I’m such a lover of eyeshadows…

2019 Goals

Looking back at my 2018 goals I pretty much managed to achieve three to four of the goals I set for myself. I picked up some bits from Makeup Forever, I reached 3K on Instagram, I’ve grown my blog a little bit more and learnt to appreciate the little things! There were goals from last year that I’m still aiming for so will include those in this year’s goals too…

Practice my photography and write more for my blog | When I first started taking photos for my blog I had no idea about photography, style, composition etc.  Over time you try different ways of placing products in a photo, you learn what type of props are best, you research ways of styling photos, you take inspiration from others and eventually you find your niche! I must admit taking flatlays are my favourite kind of photo to take! I just love creating them and I’m so happy when you guys say you love them! I also want to write more for my blog, I work full time too so hoping I can schedule some more posts in as I just love to write! I also want to change my blog template this year too as I’ve seen a style I really love….

To experience pregnancy and become a mummy | This is quite a personal goal and an important goal to have, you know what I wouldn’t call it a goal I would call it a dream. It’s something I’ve wanted for such a long time. Being in a corruptive relationship all those years ago to finally finding someone who loves me for me is the best thing ever! You can kinda say the “honeymoon” period is over now and I’ve started thinking more about having a family than thinking of myself. We started receiving treatment recently so hoping we experience what we long for the most…

To not follow the crowd | Being a beauty blogger is the most expensive hobby, you think that you have to get everything that’s new to follow the trends! But you know what I’ve learned you really don’t have to do this! You don’t need to follow the latest trends, you don’t need to buy something to impress others, you don’t need to follow what everybody else is doing so with saying that I’ve decided to shop my stash more and talk about products I truly love rather than those I’ve tried for a week. Your writing is so much better when your familiar with a product than those things your not…

To reach 5K on Instagram | I’m more quality over quantity but recently my Instagram has grown, how I have no clue. I’m still the person I was a year or so ago, I’m that same person who started taking shots merely as a hobby. Now my hobby has turned into something so much more and I’m so thankful for all of you follow and support what I love to do. I didn’t even think my Insta would turn into what it has become and I’m enjoying the journey so far…xo

To buy our first home | This year or should I say this month we have decided to start saving more for our first home. This is such a big goal to have but it’s something that NEEDS to happen. With us both wanting a family we need space of our own. We have already started buying items for when that time comes because it’s so much better having items to move with than not having anything at all! I also feel like it’s the start of a new chapter in our lives and I’m so excited….

Do you have anything your hoping to achieve this month or this year?

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