Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette First Impressions

Hey lovelies….I’m so excited to write this post for you guys!! Hope your all well and having a fab weekend 🙂 Recently I have done so many hauls, opened lots of parcels and put lots of ideas together for my blog posts. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed my instagram story(boomerang) on this beautiful palette!!! Eeeekkkk….I screamed when I got this in my hands, i’d waited so long for Jaclyn to announce her release date and when she did I thought to myself I’ve got to get my hands on this palette….and HERE SHE IS!! How pretty is the packaging though, the only thing some people may have an issue with is that it’s WHITE and it’s possible you could get eyeshadow all over this but i’m OCD and try not to..so far i’m lucky…

I’m absolutely in love with Jaclyn’s packaging on her palette, the front of the packaging has her “signature” on and the back has photos of jaclyn with a message from her. If you are a follower of Jaclyn on her youtube channel the day the “reveal” video went up on this palette she had actually said that these photos were taken some time ago when she had red hair. Jaclyn also said she had other photos too but at the time the packaging was made her hair colour was red and so they went with these for the release. It’s so so pretty and is clearly very picturesque especially for social platforms. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging but for me the product is just as fantastic as it’s design!! You also get a promotional card with the morphe x promotion photos. This card is just a small one though, in videos I watched on youtube some influencers got a bigger card. This card actually has the names of the shades on the back too 🙂 

NOW how frikkin beautiful is this palette!!! Girl i’m just in shock at how pretty this is (have i said that already…lol). When I opened this palette I literally gasped the shade selection is unreal and the ones that I was drawn to the most were all the shimmers and metallic shades. Obviously I had watched Jaclyn’s reveal video first before this palette launched and I knew I was going to get it and honestly I’M IMPRESSED!! When Jaclyn swatched the shades she had said she never used any setting spray or primer beforehand and the shades looked GORGEOUS!! I needed to see these results for my self!! This is actually my first Morphe palette and to be created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill , I had high hopes because I know how hardworking Jaclyn is and knew she wanted to create a palette her subscribers would LOVE and she’s got me with this!! With this being my first morphe palette I can’t compare what the quality is like to the regular palettes however hearing mixed reviews I would be open to trying them. I think Morphe released the 35r palette which I’m going to try and get my hands on too, maybe for a comparison post. Im literally so so so HAPPY that the design, the shades, the pigmentation, the quality and my overall FIRST IMPRESSION is 110% in my eyes 🙂 Jaclyn Hill has to be one of my most favourite influencers on youtube however in saying that I look up to Jaclyn as a person too, she’s such a HUGE inspiration to me..SO SO PROUD OF YOU JACLYN CONGRATULATIONS…when is the next palette coming out????…

I swatched all rows for you guys so you can see what I mean about this palette living up to the HYPE. These are all swatched with no primer or sprays, just swatched dry so you guys can see the colour pay off. Did any of you manage to pick this up on it’s first release or are you going to try and get it on it’s restock. If you haven’t already I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS 🙂 

Row one (Jaclyn Hill X Morphe)

Row 2 (Jaclyn Hill X Morphe)

Row 3 (Jaclyn Hill X Morphe)

Row 4 (Jaclyn Hill X Morphe)

 Row 5 (Jaclyn Hill X Morphe)

If you wish to see Jaclyn’s reveal on this palette I have added her youtube video below for you guys….ENJOY and have a happy sunday!! Thanks for reading…..

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