“It’s all in the details”….May Birchbox

As the old saying goes “it’s the little things” and this month’s birchbox contains just that!! “We really want to zoom in on all aspects of life where the small things matter” by that i’m thinking they must mean what products  we all love and use as our basic staples 🙂

I love how birchbox keep things simple and add  some small content from jess and their team. I think it adds a nice touch to the box and the design this month is stunning, it’s like a marble effect with a hint of gold/bronze…perfect for this time of year!! 🙂 Birchbox usually present their boxes with a pull out drawer so these boxes can be kept for storage purposes. Looking through the box its a mixture of beauty , skincare and hair products.  These types of products are a must for your everyday go to’s 🙂 

I receive birchbox monthly and sign up for a subscription fee of £12.95 a month. If you are interested in taking a look at birchbox you can sign up here 

I love eyeshadow and mascara so can’t wait to try the marsk and doucce products. To be honest I have never heard of these brands at all. That is why I love beauty boxes as they can introduce you to brands too and totally change the ball game!! I’m a huge fan of mascara and any mascara that gives my current lashes much more volume i’m ALL FOR…

Same with eyeshadow weather mineral, powder or liquid i know when i have a good eyeshadow in my hands..that first swipe/swatch will instantly tell me if i’ve found a new love…

Birchbox describe this marsk shadow as a mineral eyeshadow and is provided in the shades fifty shades or vanilla frosting. I got vanilla frosting and can’t wait to try it as i love light, beige, champayne colours mainly used as an eye base. They retail for £14.49 and can be put on the lid using an eyeshadow brush, i may try a little fix plus or a setting spray to enhance the shade even more (if necessary lol)

A birchbox EXCLUSIVE this month is the doucce punk volumizer mascara. It retails for £18 and has a jumbo wand that define each individual lash. This then adds volume and thickness to mimic even your best set of lashes. Any mascara that says it adds volume i expect VOLUME there’s nothing worse than a mascara with a poor wand especially if you want fluttering lashes. The only thing I hate with beauty boxes is when they send mascara’s sometimes the bottles look empty or the product has dried up however when I’ve checked this one it appears ok..theres actually mascara on the wand lol. I’ll give it a go though…

I absolutely LOVE SKINCARE products and getting them in beauty boxes is even better. Most of these products are sample size but it allows you to determine whether your going to buy the full size product or not. Im quite strict with my skincare routine…i hate changing it because i know what works best for my skin.  As we age our skin changes and trust me i’ve even noticed some fine lines appearing lol.. GOD NO!!  I enjoy using skin exfoliators before my facial wash and this sample from Dr.Brandt is a microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. It retails for £67(full size) and contains pharmaceutical grade crystals with lactic acid to polish skin and refine texture. It also diminishes fine lines and reduces scarring…WELL THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE WHAT I NEED LOL…i think i may try this and see how i get on..

I’ve always looked after my hair however it has changed over time, my hair used to be quite fine and now its quite thick..but there’s a lot of it. I have never really had a problem with keeping my hair shiny a general shampoo and condition is all it needs. I do colour my hair from time to time so i like to use products for coloured and highlighted hair. When i’m stressed though or it gets to those horrible monthly experiences all us girls have to tackle…my hair can take a battering, it looks dull  so using this product my give it a little pick me up. I barely use straighteners on my hair(now that i’m working 24/7 lol) and just throw it up in a bun or ponytail. On off duty days i like to give it a little pamper so i may pop this product in the bathroom otherwise ill forget lol. ..

The product above is from a brand called KUESHI and it retails for £10.50. It contains strengthening ice protein, hydrating jojoba oil, moisturising shea butter and and can protect and add shine to all hair types. Thats’s a great right, however i’m sure my hair must change its hair type daily lol…

Last but not least in the box is a skincare item. It’s from Whish and is described as a firming body cream. It retails for £27 and is said to soften and protect skin. With its hardworking blend of organic shea butter, cocoa seed butter and green tea it helps to firm and smooth for toned, even skin. It actually smells quite nice as i’ve noticed with a lot of body creams sometimes the smell can put people off…again all the more to try BEAUTY BOXES like this one!!

All of the prices stated above are all on products within the birchbox online shop. Now i’m going to get myself a nice hot cup of tea, grab a copy of cosmo or glamour and go onto the next unboxing…..BE BACK SOON

Thanks for reading

Leighanne xoxo

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